Networking at the Cufflinks and Pearls event

I have recently been increasingly acknowledged for my graphic design skills. Over the past couple of weeks I have designed brochures, flyers, newsletters and presentations. I have a very big interest in branding and I am a person who is big on being consistent, as well as cohesive.

I guess you can say I’ve recently tried to re-brand them. I have created a new logo and given them colors to recognize them by. It is good to know that they recognize my effort and I am glad that I am able to continue to utilize my skill set.

Photo: If you are ready for the 7th Annual Cufflinks and Pearls Networking Mixer use this flyer to update your profile picture, tag a friend in this post or share on your social media. Let's build bridges and make connections! #FCC25 #LOTT #CP2014 #LetsNetwork

Last week I had to create a flyer to list the Liberty’s upcoming events for the 7th annual Cufflinks and Pearls event. I was very excited about this event in particular, because it allows people to network with entrepreneurs and business professionals. We printed over 150 flyers to promote the upcoming events and passed out just about all of them and it seemed like were able to generate some interest from them.

While I attended the event I was able to meet a woman who designed jewelry, someone who made beads for your bath, graphic design/ marketing consultants and more. It was nice mixing an mingling with professionals from the Columbus community.

They also had a speaker for that night, Jeff Johnson. People generally remember him from BET Networks. One thing that stuck out to me during his speech is when he said when we are trying to network lets stop just giving our business cards and actually build a relationship.

iNto Columbus: The Server, Part III

IMG_20141031_094429_702The Server seems to be one of my main internship duties of late. We film every Friday morning, and since Fridays are my main internship days, I generally get a chance to participate.

I took the lead in setting up both of the cameras and audio today since there were only two of us doing the filming. There were only three hosts again, so we set up both cameras and mic-ed up the three guys. Instead of trying to get everyone’s face in both shots, we angled each camera so that we would have full on shots for half the table and profile for the other half. The lighting was simple and already set up; all we had to do was turn it on. The mics were pretty simple until we got to the last wireless lavalier mic. It was very quiet when we did a mic check, so we opted for the wired lavalier, and plugged it right into the camera. It sounded much better. We filmed the three hosts talking about their “nerdy” topics for 30 minutes. It was a pretty easy, stress-free shoot.

After, I got to help edit last week’s episode, adding pictures and logos where necessary. We also fixed the audio, bleeped out any choice words, and made sure the exposure and lighting were okay.

The Server is definitely becoming one of my main jobs at NPACE, but I’m glad. It’s pretty fun and I get to learn new shooting and editing techniques. Oh, and Happy Halloween!


Back to the Editing Grind

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro

Once again I find myself being sucked back into the world of video editing. Don’t get me wrong, I love editing. I enjoy its intricacies and precision and artistic quality, but I never imagined myself back in the editing seat.

During high school, I was in a magnet program centered around mass media. We were required to take classes in speech, journalism, video production, marketing, and related areas. My main focus then was content creation, writing, and video editing for our weekly school news production. Just four years later, I am in the same position.

During my intern hours yesterday, I was asked to help edit audio for the in-house show, IntoColumbus. This wasn’t exceptionally difficult, but I enjoyed going through each clip, adjusting audio levels, checking which mic produced the best quality audio for each speaker, and cutting out stray and disrupting background noise.

I have to say, I think I may have missed my chair in the editing room these last few years.

Liberty Theatre

Here is a quick update: This past week at the Liberty Theatre was eventful. I worked on getting social media, putting together content for flyers,researching grants as well as getting pictures for the costume designer to refer to for the upcoming fall festival.  One thing that I am picking up on is not only is it important to have funds, but networking is key. There are some things the Liberty is not equipped in and it is good that they have built relationships with other organizations and businesses in the community to  help with their needs.


They are currently working with the Columbus Museum for the upcoming fall festival that will allow children to have a a safe Halloween as well as nurturing their creativity by providing them with art tools instead of candy. October will definitely be a busy month for the Liberty from the Fall Festival to there first show for the fall season. We are definitely preparing for that by utilizing social media, the monthly news letter as well as updating local news calendars online. This week I will be constructing a few press releases to raise some more awareness for the upcoming events.

First Week with WTVM

My first week with WTVM was interesting. I spent most of my first week getting to know a lot of the workers at the station and learning about the different types of software that they use at the station. One program that noticed that practically everyone uses at the station is called ENPS and I also noticed that the editing software that the editors used was called Edius. When I arrive at 9:30 am to the station, I browsed the internet for major news stories to discuss at the 9:45 am news meeting. After the news meeting, I partnered with different employees in different departments such as directors, editors, producers, assignment editors, etc and gain valuable insight on what each position entailed and the do’s and don’ts. Just from my initial experience in the production control room, I can tell that that’s probably going to be the most challenging department for me to learn but I’m ready!

Leaving Mississippi

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 1.24.27 PM

The first week for my internship was pretty busy. Being that it was the first week of classes and the fact that this is an organization that is rooted within our community. Upon our first meeting, I understood why they needed help. The Liberty Theatre is always doing something. Whether it is working with someone another organization,an event or a showing they are pretty busy.

For my first week, they started me off doing a news letter to keep everyone updated on their upcoming events, as well as, opportunities for people within the community to get get involved with the Liberty. Right now they have a partnership with our CSU Scwob for music prep classes and they are currently looking for instructors for dance classes.

They also asked me to get their shows added to news papers within a 100 miles of Columbus, as well as, local newspapers. They are are looking to expand their media contacts. Trying to raise awareness and increase diversity for their events are some of their goals they are looking to reach.

I ended my week of interning with them by attending the Cultural Alliance Committee meeting. They discussed all of their events and some new exciting things Columbus should look out for in the near future. I also attended Leaving Mississippi, which was a partnership with the Columbus Museum to showcase artwork created by Najee Dorsey. It was great experience and just this first week alone I never realized how much our community values art and creativity. The internship with the Liberty Theatre is opening my eyes to new things and I am looking forward to every experience.


Last Week Of Interning-WLTZ

I’ve enjoyed my internship and I’ve learned many duties of a production assistant. I’ve enhanced my editing skills and I’ve learned how tonier new software. I was shown how to perform camera operations for news broadcasts as well as how to use an audio board. New software I learned how to use includes Premier and After Effects. My internship was fairly short, being that it was only for the summer semester. However, I still feel as if I learned a great deal. I gained much insight into how broadcast news works and how fast paced it is. I look forward to using the skills I’ve learned to pursue a career in broadcast news.