Caleb Janney

Week 9

I did not submit a blog last week because of spring break. I was not sure if were expected to still submit one during that time. I did however go into the office and work a few hours last week. I recently had to make an RSVP form for a dinner that one of the other ministries is hosting from Grace this past week. I have been working to get that link out to potential attendees. I created the link last week and sent it in to the department that I thought was heading up this dinner, but it seems that I am responsible for all of the RSVPs. This is the most I have had to work outside of the House Church department to communicate effectively. The other events we have previously hosted, like fireside chats, has been what I am in control of, all of the communication and exactly the parameters for planning the event. But this event has been a little more difficult because I haven’t been the one organizing the event. Part of this means people are emailing me personally to RSVP and then I have to sign them up. I am going to be working on a better solution to this over the next week.

I also had a couple of updates to do over this past week with arena. Our system is rather large as far as house churches, which is now getting close to 60 or more and then with an average of four leaders per group, there is a lot of information to keep up to date. We often have new leaders that replace some leaders who may have moved on and so this maintenance can require a good bit of time occasionally. Besides updating arena, I sent out our weekly communications to all of our house church leaders this week. This time of year we are a lot to communicate. I feel like with the amount of information we are sending out I may send two emails and divide up the information, otherwise it might be too cumbersome.

Courtney Napier

Interning at the Chamber

This week at the Chamber it’s been pretty monotonous in the office. With our TRC campaign still under weigh, everyone’s been trying to get new memberships, and I’ve been stuffing membership and sponsorship packets as well as mailing past due invoices for current members and sponsors.

Every month the Chamber hosts an Eye Opener breakfast where they invite special guest speakers to come and it’s open to the public, not just Chamber members. Despite having to wake up at 5:30 to get there on time, I came to just have the experience of an EOB. This month the guest speakers were some candidates running for congress. But the highlight of the event for me was the southern breakfast spread…so worth putting on a dress at 7 a.m. for. Other than that it’s been envelope and folder packing for me. Fortunately, I have no paper cuts to report.

Until next time,

The Intern

Amita Lee

It’s that Time of Month

Well it is that time of month. The time when I edit the website. Over the past week I looked to see what helps to get kids reading. I looked at a couple of articles on child engagement and I found that creating a tangible connection to a story helps kids to enjoy the story as well as feel like they are part of the story. This month I am going to be trying a lot of new things. One of the things that I am adding is a page with crafts and activities that go with the book of the month, I think that one of the ways to make reading easier for parents and kids is when you make it hands on and let the kids be interactive with the story. Our Facebook posts that had creative content also tend to get a lot of traffic, so I think this will be a welcome addition to the website. I will be working to make the whole website more interactive for aren’t involvement. I feel like it could be an awesome tool for both parents and kids, if advertised more.


Brandi Phillips

Blog – March 27th, 2016

This week at PMB Broadcasting sped along pretty fast. I’m given the usual assignments repeatedly but this week they had me work on a specific assignment for Boomer 95.3 – an oldie station for people 60 and over. They created a 20-year timeline of facts and entertainment from 1966 until 1986. So, I did extensive research to complete this task. As I was researching, I found interesting facts about things that took place in the past. It was exciting doing this project and I am eager to hear what we put together over the radio.

Brandi Phillips

Blog – March 19, 2016

Today was the second annual Food Truck Festival from 10 – 7 p.m. in Woodruff Park. This event was an economical booster for Columbus and surrounding cities. There were vendors and supporters from the local area to Atlanta. My job for PMB Broadcasting was to control all social media pages for the ten radio stations. I was taking pictures of the scenery and crowd and uploading them to the social media sites. Other than that, the event was very successful.

Dave Arwood and midday Q 107.3 host, Jay King, were the disc jockeys and emcees for the food festival. What I love about PMB is the diverse music they play to accommodate the audience.


Brandon Moe

This week was a very busy week for the comm department and the radio station. As soon as I got back from spring break I had to get ready for all the events for comm week. I was involved in events like the talent show and the Spring speaker series. I also had to come up with liners for the events and talk about the events during my voice tracks for the EDM Block. I also noticed that we needed more country block liners so I started working on that with help from a volunteer. I also tried to do some YouTube research on Adobe Audition which you can see in the picture.


Louis Sanville

Internship Blog #8

Things are slow this week. First of all, I did not go to the station at all. I was told to not come to the station on Friday (March 25). So, it left me with some time to think about some other tasks I have to accomplish for the station. Second, not much of those tasks have been done since being assigned to them. To be honest, other work for classes have got in the way. Also, even if I had time for them, I wouldn’t feel like doing them. It’s a habit that I have to work myself out of. But since the week has been free, I can talk about the task in progress that has been a bit difficult for me.

Before I left for spring break, I was given the task to look over lyrics to British songs for editing. I use lyric websites, such as, as an aid in my work. I remember being attentive while checking the lyrics, because there were certain references that could slip through the cracks. Anything that I would find to be any sort of obscene language would be checked to go into editing. In my opinion, some of those songs didn’t need much editing (The word ‘high’ in Elton John’s “Rocket Man”, for example, is more subjective and less straightforward as a double entendre). But I know that it’s not my place to argue with FCC regulations. So, I would just have it marked for editing anyway. I have a lot more songs to check, and I plan to use some free time that I have to do it.

The semester ends in a little over a month, and I hope that my work throughout the timeframe would show. From song selection to mixing, there were certain lessons about the radio industry that I took to heart. Hopefully, this experience would help me find a job within radio or in the broadcast industry. Until then, I hope to continue my progress and education on the broadcasting industry, using my experience in WCUG.


Ansley Phillips

Internship Blog Week 8

This has been an interesting week for my internship as I got to assist with a restaurant opening. Tracey Sayers, the COO of Pezold Management Group has opened a Zaxby’s on Fort Benning’s main base. I spent this week helping with the customer relations side of a restaurant opening by greeting guests, thanking them for their patience, and seeing if they needed anything while they were dining, etc.

One promotional tactic that Zaxby’s corporate uses is a “Fan Pack” of playing cards that are given to the first 100 guests at a new franchise. This pack contains a deck of 52 cards and on each card is a free meal coupon for every week of the following year. We handed those out within the first hour or so. Zaxby’s is also the only restaurant on base with a Freestyle Coke Machine, which has over 100 flavor combinations and options. Another promotional giveaway that we did was to give a coupon for a free drink from the freestyle machine on each customer’s next visit. Once the schools return from spring break, we plan on gifting each student with one of these cards.

A few marketing strategies that we have employed and that will be beneficial to the franchise are that Zaxby’s is located right next door to the movie theatre on base which draws in more business in the late evening hours, and Zaxby’s is also open until 10 p.m. which is two hours later than the Burger King on base so that drives in some late night business as well.

On opening day Zaxby’s served over 700 guests, which was higher than our projected numbers for the opening since all schools were on spring break during our opening. We look forward to seeing how having all of the students back on base will affect business.

Raigan Smith

The week after Spring Break has been rough. Although I worked hours during Spring Break, it was still difficult getting into the swing of things. This week it was a pretty simple week. I helped Anna with editing different publications, creating writing pieces and creating a social media campaign for a service line at the hospital.

There was also a fun aspect of this week. Every department manager at Columbus Regional Health has to meet with the marketing department. This week we had one of the orientations with different departments such as the labor and delivery unit, pediatrics unit and the nursing manager. The orientation covers details like who is a part of the department, what our roles are, how our department and the others are related, and we allowed questions for them to get any answers needed. It was a great experience to see how the Mother/Baby unit or any other unit on the CRH campus can relate to marketing. Since we create material for every unit to use on the website and other publications.

Other than that meeting, it was a pretty standard week. The biggest thing I worked on was a social media campaign designed to promote the prenatal classes held for soon-to-be moms and dads. The campaign contains a digital board post that will be promoted around Midtown Medical Center (seen below), social media posts ranging from one to two a week until Mother’s Day, and a flyer to post around Midtown and to put digitally online. I am learning how to create digital board slides and post them so I am able to see this project to completion, from start to finish, by myself. This is not the first project that I have done like this but it allows me to have the confidence in my work to know I am able to complete detailed tasks like this.


Heather Franklin

The gala is 30 days away. While this is all consuming, there are still things to get done at MercyMed. While in available time, Chris Stone and I work on the finishing the video to present at the gala, I am also in charge of all graphic and material creation. Programs, slides, portrait displays, informational displays and thank you’s. One of the biggest questions I have to ask myself in this process is “what is the purpose.” Knowing the answer to this question allows me to do my job better.

I the midst of this, I have enjoyed spending some time re-formatting and editing some of the web content. This task is simple yet very important towards making MercyMed’s online presence accurate and useful.

I have time to grab fun shots in the office. Our followers on social media seem to respond best to the loving and goofy personalities that make up this incredible organization.

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