Last Day. Next Graduation!

This is my last day at the Liberty. I have been given many opportunities to work on my design skills and tap into other skills to build my resume!

I have created brochures, flyer, programs and even a logo! I have enjoyed my time here. I was able to work at the historic Liberty Theatre, an organization that is dedicated to giving back to the community.

I’ve always wanted to do graphic design. This can definitely be a start in the right direction for my career. Each organization that I’ve worked with throughout my college career would have aided in my success. Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 5.46.41 PMGosepel 2gospel 2


Some material that I created for the Liberty Theatre.

Last week

Last week it was just the time to wrap up everything. I worked on our playbill as well as two flyers that were being voted on for an upcoming event for next year. It was fun! I did not have all the resources I needed to create an amazing flyer like how you can in Photoshop, but they were still pleased with the outcomes.

Gosepel 2

This is the flyer they decided to use.

Not to bad for Microsoft Word. One thing I’ve learned is that in order to do a task you don’t have to wait until you have everything you need, you just have to make due with what you have.

It was little difficult, because as opposed to Photoshop Microsoft does not have layers so things can begin to become scrambled on the page, but it still turned out nice.

Coming to a close

This is the last full week I will be at the Liberty Theatre. It has been an eventful time and I have been able to work with very creative and giving people.

I’ve always been interested in the arts and to be able to work behind the scenes I can understand why our Theatre students at Columbus State are so busy. It is a lot of work. It is even more work when trying to market a show.

It still saddens me to know that many people are still not aware of the Liberty Theatre and what it does for this community. The Thanksgiving dinner and clothing drive was a success. Many people were grateful and after the event we donated the rest of the food to the House of Mercy, a shelter here in the community.

The next event is the Black Nativity. It was a successful event last year and I am sure it will be just as successful. They are trying new ways to get people interested in buying tickets like this past Thursday they did a Black Friday sale on tickets.

I am currently working on the Playbill for the show and I must say it is coming along nicely. I am glad that they trust me to put something together for them.

Giving Thanks

Being that it is the holidays the Liberty is hosting numerous events to where they are giving back to the community. This past weekend the Liberty held their recital for, which was a partnered event with the CSU Schwob school of music. It was pretty successful. I was given the task of created the program for the event. I can admit I got pretty excited about being able to put my name on the handbill as the graphic design artist!

Here are a few photos from this weekends event:

Our costumer did an amazing job on the dresses!

Tomorrow will be hectic, because 98.3 the beat will be hosting their annual Turkey give away at the Liberty. We have been receiving many phone calls for the past two weeks. This is great for the Liberty, because it means more awareness for their organization.

On Thursday we will be hosting the Thanksgiving dinner and clothing drive for the community. We are expecting over 200 people and we are very excited!

Being Creative

Since I have been at the Liberty Theatre I have been given many design opportunities to build my portfolio. I am currently working on the November/December newsletter. I am someone who is big on cohesiveness and making sure everything connects so I made our newsletter for this month resemble the presentation as well as brochure that I created or them.

I must say have definitely progressed within theses short about of months in getting better at graphic design. One thing I’ve learned from the department is that the eye always wins and the best way to catch someones attention is by making something graphically appealing, nut still readable and simple.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 5.46.41 PM

Here is a sample of the brochure that I created.

Also for the newsletter something new we are incorporating are actual interviews with board members, directors and entrepreneurs. We have a few amazing events coming up fairly soon, like our play the Black Nativity. We are also starting to promote for next year. The Liberty Theatre will be hosting a Women in Business Expo to celebrate women who are entrepreneurs. I am excited that I will be given the opportunity to interview someone about the entrepreneurial ventures.

Upcoming Event

I am glad to be apart of an organization that is so giving. They are a non profit, but one thing the always say is that the Liberty Theatre is an organization for the community. That the community ultimately owns the liberty. This past week I created the flyer that will be utilized for the Thanksgiving and clothing drive that is also a partnership for Dr. Gibson’s community class.

We are still taking some more donations and there is a box located in the communication department.

Also last week we sent out our November/December Newsletter and received wonderful feedback. I am glad they allowed me to take full reins on this project. We are already thinking of some ideas for next month on what to possibly do.

It is good to be recognized for my design skills. People have asked me for my input on other things that are wanting to create. I feel like an artist!


Networking at the Cufflinks and Pearls event

I have recently been increasingly acknowledged for my graphic design skills. Over the past couple of weeks I have designed brochures, flyers, newsletters and presentations. I have a very big interest in branding and I am a person who is big on being consistent, as well as cohesive.

I guess you can say I’ve recently tried to re-brand them. I have created a new logo and given them colors to recognize them by. It is good to know that they recognize my effort and I am glad that I am able to continue to utilize my skill set.

Photo: If you are ready for the 7th Annual Cufflinks and Pearls Networking Mixer use this flyer to update your profile picture, tag a friend in this post or share on your social media. Let's build bridges and make connections! #FCC25 #LOTT #CP2014 #LetsNetwork

Last week I had to create a flyer to list the Liberty’s upcoming events for the 7th annual Cufflinks and Pearls event. I was very excited about this event in particular, because it allows people to network with entrepreneurs and business professionals. We printed over 150 flyers to promote the upcoming events and passed out just about all of them and it seemed like were able to generate some interest from them.

While I attended the event I was able to meet a woman who designed jewelry, someone who made beads for your bath, graphic design/ marketing consultants and more. It was nice mixing an mingling with professionals from the Columbus community.

They also had a speaker for that night, Jeff Johnson. People generally remember him from BET Networks. One thing that stuck out to me during his speech is when he said when we are trying to network lets stop just giving our business cards and actually build a relationship.

Weekend Festivities

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.02.21 PM

This is the last weekend the Liberty will be showing the Amen Corner. Last weekend was a success and many people are still buying tickets for this weekends show. This week I worked on getting a presentation together to let the  audience know what is coming up next with the liberty, like events and other shows.

I am glad that I am able to utilize the graphic design skills that I learned within the communication department for my internship. I was also given the task to make a new updated brochure for people who are looking to get involved with the Liberty.

For people who are interested one thing they should know is that there will never be a dull moment at the Liberty Theatre. For instance this weekend they are having the play and also the partnered event with the Columbus Museum. So there are always opportunities for someone to get involved and volunteer.

And it begins!!!

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.02.21 PM

It’s showtime!! Today marks the beginning of the first show of the season the Amen corner. It is bitter sweet for me, because all though I am excited, I cannot attend due to work and being on the homecoming committee.

Some good news is that there have been large groups, 20 and up purchasing tickets. So that means we have been doing a good job at reaching out to different target audience. Also we have been contacted to work with another organization.

This is a historic place in the Columbus community that doesn’t get recognized that often so it is good to see different organizations wanting to partner with the Liberty as well as different directors. I am excited to see what the future holds for the Liberty Theatre.

Getting the word out

For the past few weeks at the Liberty especially this week my number one task has been to get the word out about the Amen Corner. We have been posting heavily on social media, as well as contacting different media groups like Uptown of Columbus, Local Newspapers and Newspapers within 100 miles of Columbus.

It is essential not only, because we are promoting for the Amen Corner, but it can also help us in receiving a grant. It has been my task to make sure that we are keeping up with every posting that we make and if we are posting consistently to different websites.

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.02.21 PMSo far we have been receiving phone calls about people interested in attending the play, especially large groups. We have been calling nursing homes and churches to let them know about our group rates. It has definitely paid off. I believe this is the 1st year they have offered this rate, which as allowed for them to reach different groups. It’s just good to know the word is getting out there as the show is quickly approaching.

Tickets are still on sale! They are $15 in advance, $20 at the door, $10 for students, military and senior citizens and our special group rate is if you buy 10 tickets you can get the 11th one for free!