NPACE- Chatil Bradford


Being an intern at the NPACE center can be a very rewarding experience for anyone looking to branch out into the mass media world. NPACE has allowed so many students to learn things about this industry without even leaving campus grounds. The NPACE offers students the option of being behind the scene or on-air experience.

I am personally more interested in being on-air talent than being behind the scenes. I’m the type of person that likes to have all of the attention and focus on myself. If you are like me then you might be able to host your own show on the radio station or on CSU TV. If you prefer to be behind the scene, NPACE allows you to edit any material used for the TV shows or you are able to shoot for the shows as well. They offer great opportunities for anyone interested in working or volunteering for the NPACE.

I can say that I am very satisfied with the different tools that I have learned since I have been here. I am also very pleased with the experience that I have gained since beginning my internship here. There are several things that I am able to add to my resume now that I wasn’t able to add when I first started here.


NPACE- Editing Process: Chatil Bradford

Although we have filmed our last show of the semester, there is still so much work to be done. Editing the B-roll and A-Roll are the next step of the process. In order to put a show out for the public, we have to make sure that it has been put together in an excellent and amazing format that will attract viewers.


After the two separate rolls have been edited, they have to be edited to match each other in a story that will make sense to the viewers. After that has been completed, we will have to add special effects such as music, sound levels, color correction, credits, and titles or lower thirds.

This process can take anywhere from 3 to 10 days depending on the amount of time dedicated to the editing.  If you are like me, this isn’t as enjoyable as filming the show but not everything is fun with producing a show. You just have to understand that it needs to be done.

NPACE: Last Show Chronicles -Chatil Bradford


Although I have been absent from the NPACE for a couple of weeks due to unforeseen circumstances, it felt great to be back this morning. We were able to have a CSU legend on the show, Coach Appleton. His roots within CSU baseball are long and deep. He came in with a winning mentality and continues to maintain that winning spirit amongst his teams and coaches. It was great to have him in our presence this morning just to hear his wisdom and to pick his brain about his coaching and playing career.

This semester at the NPACE CENTER has been nothing less than a great learning experience and something more to add to my resume. I have become more acquainted with production and on-air skills as well as levels of professionalism when working with clients.

I would like to thank all of the people that have made this show possible. From the production team, to Dr. Gibson to the editing crew to my co-host. You have all been wonderful and a great help to everything that I am trying to do in the future. Thanks!



We have taken off- Chatil Bradford-NPACE

We have taken off!

This week was the first taping of CSU Sports Talk with Derek and Cha! With all of the preparation and behind the scenes production that has taken place, we have now recorded our first show and it was a wonderful experience to partake in. As a crew we were able to come in a little early to go through our first run throw before taping begin to get all of our jitters out the way. Derek and Matt had to get all of the statistics and content for the first show due to my involvement with basketball these last couple of weeks.


For the first show, the main focus were the Men’s and Women’s basketball teams because the Conference tournaments just came to an end and the national tournaments were about to begin. The special guest of the day was myself because I was able to give a full overview of how the tournament went. I was also named tournament MVP. I am excited to see how the audience will respond to our shows in the future.


Producers- NPACE – Chatil Bradford

As one of the producers of the show, I am asked to come up with enough content to fill the time slot of the show. It has been somewhat fun for me to do this past week because I am in charge of finding out information regarding Women’s Basketball as well as Women’s track and field. These are both sports that I am a participant of so the information is easy for me to gather and present to the audience. My other counterparts will be focusing on the other sports that have started this spring such as tennis and golf.

We are working together as a team to find enough interesting content to present to our audience because we understand that they would like to be up to date on the sports going on around campus. We also talked about ways in which we can promote to other students around campus to be involved with our show. We will try to use already established networks and organizations around campus to promote for us on their sites and at their events as well as showing our faces so people will begin to notice what we are trying to do.

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The Game Plan- NPACE – Chatil Bradford

This week was a good week at my internship because we were able to set some things in stone and develop a game plan. We have changed the format of our sports show to mimic the “Mike and Mike” show on ESPN. That pretty much means that we will have a recorded radio show aired on television of the anchors and guests in the studio. We have decided who our first guest will be and we are also adding some b-roll footage to the show as well.

My co-host will be a former CSU basketball player, Derek Bailey. We are making sure that all of the behind the scenes work is finished before the on screen talent and taping begins. We both have athletic backgrounds which will help us with the production of the show because we know as atheletes what people find interesting and what they would enjoy watching. We want to make our show a reflection of the work we would like to do in the future.  We are the producers of the show and we will meet every week in the NPACE Center to go over ideas and any other news that needs to be discussed. I am looking forward to the shows to come.


NPACE Center -Chatil Bradford

This past week at the NPACE Center, I was able to experience the behind the scenes meetings with all of the interns and workers of the NPACE this semester. The meeting was solely focused on the pre-planning of all the events coming up in the future weeks and what needed to be covered. It was also a time where all of the interns were delegated a responsibility for each of our shows.

As an anchor on the sports show at CSU TV, I was delegated the responsibility of co-producer of my TV show. This is nothing new to me because I was in charge of finding talent for the show at my last internship. I was ecstatic when they gave me this responsibility. It carries a big weight of the show but it will also give me more experience for my future endeavors.

I look forward to beginning the process of taping and recording for our episodes to come. There is a wonderful team that I am working with and we all are experienced in different areas to help each other out with our weaknesses. After the taping of this show, it shouldn’t be a problem for everyone to understand and be able to perform any duty required for a television show.


NPACE- Chatil Bradford

This week I had the pleasure of doing a little work in the NPACE radio station. I was able to be the on-air talent for one of the Video Production classes to tape. It was a little weird to act is if I was on the radio so that the students could tape me in action from different angles but my co-host Josh made me feel very comfortable. He has been working at the NPACE Center for about a year and a half now so he knew how to start up a conversation from no where. He knew that I was interested in sports so he just got me to start talking. After he started the conversation, I forgot the cameras were even in the station with us. It became a natural feeling to me. This is what I always thought that I would do and by experiencing a small opportunity to give my own opinions, it felt good. I am looking forward to starting a sports show with the NPACE and the other interns because it will be something that I’m interested in as well as something that I can be more than creative with as well.

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Future Internship- Chatil Bradford

I am a Senior in the Communication Department with a focus of Mass Media. This semester I will be interning with the NPACE Center. I am more than excited to be able to experience what my school has to offer to all of our students. I have been a student in this program for four years and this will be my first time being able to do work for them. I have had other internships outside of the school but being able to become aqcuainted with the equipment at the school will be a little different. It will be nice to work with some of my classmates on different projects and see our progression over the semester. Everyone has something special that they are good at which will make for programs at the station. Being a member of NPACE means that you are going to be exposed to production, radio and television. This will only add to the skills that I am already bring forth to the program.


Chatil Bradford – Pancakes and Politics


On Tuesday, we had the pleasure of talking to Collin from the Chamber of Commerce. He was in the station to talk with us about this breakfast event that the Chamber will be hosting on this Thursday in the Cunningham Center on Columbus State Campus. The event is for the public to come and network with their government officials as well as with other businesses and business owners. I especially enjoyed Mr.Collin because he is one of the last people that I have had the chance of being introduced to and networking with. This experience of being of camera girl has been quite a new and exciting one. I have enjoyed every second and every minute of it and I wouldn’t have traded this time with the station for anything.