Leslie Bradshaw

This week, I interviewed with the new news director for a position as a morning producer. Since David has concentrated my last few weeks of interning on just producing training, I am hoping I will be selected for this opportunity. Because I have been doing producing training, I am doing similar things every day.  This includes writing teases, creating the lineup for the shows, and then running the booth when the shows go on air. The staff has pretty much trusted me to do work on my own and it has already been used on air.

I am ending this internship in a spirit of thankfulness. I feel that an opportunity is about to open up to me which would not be possible without Dr.Gibson and this university. If I don’t get hired, I now have the skill set to be able to be a viable candidate for any news station. I am looking forward to hearing their decision next week.

Kayla Waters

During this week I worked on putting an effective sports package together. Everything that I learned was finally coming together. I had to decide which software I would want to edit with. I am more experienced with final cut pro, therefore that was my automatic go to when editing my sports package. I did not conduct any interviews in my sports package, it only consist of me telling a story and b-roll.

I created my package based off of Columbus State University girls basketball team. I started with footage of them practicing in the gym. I shot multiple shots from different angles on the court. I later wrote up a story about the girls preparing for their season. Mr.Mike edited my story and corrected it. I am very confident in being a sports reporter now that my internship has helped enhance all of my skills as well as taught me new skills.

Kayla Waters

During this week I learned different interview styles. I learned the appropriate way to conduct an interview. When interviewing, the first step is knowing what questions I am going to ask and why I am asking them. Next, I have to find the perfect spot to interview. Finding a spot with great light and no background sound is a place that works best. I want to be a sports broadcaster, therefore a good background with maybe the stadium, basketball court, or track in the back would be a good look. Having your interviewee not look at the camera while responding to your question is a key note.

Interviewing is very crucial because you have to make sure you are recording what is going on and being said. You also have to also make sure you can hear your interviewee clearly through the microphone. Interviews for the most part are really exciting because you never know the type of responses you might receive. In my internship,  Mr.Mike and I interviewed each other to get a feel of being on both sides. The side of being the interviewer and the interviewee. This gave me enough confidence to take reporting a little more serious because I would know what I am doing.

Kayla Waters

During this week we focused on enhancing my Final Cut Pro skills. Since I already knew how to work the software, Mr.Mike allowed me to create something of my own using the football videos I shot earlier in the semester. He gave me a task to choose videos that I felt would be relatable to talk about if I was on the news creating a sports package. It was a little hard at first because I’m not that familiar with football and I didn’t know what was considered a “good shot”. Mr.Mike guided me through by telling me to write what I think were the major plays during the game. I had to rewatch the film a couple to times to remember clearly the plays and the tense parts of the game.

I ended up creating something that would be good B-roll to the story I was telling. There are still many things I need to brush up on such as angle shots, positioning the camera right, and keeping the camera steady when recording the game. I also had to learn to sometimes let the camera sit in one spot because you never know what you may catch on camera. The first few days I was gathering my story, and the last day I created my B-roll. The assignment was challenging but fun. I can honestly see myself making a career our of what I am preparing myself for.

Kayla Waters

During this week, I learned to navigate Photoshop. Photoshop is a software program developed by Adobe that allows users to edit graphics. It is one of the best photo editing software. I’m not sure how often I will be working with still pictures or graphics, but it is always useful to know how to operate the software.

I played around with the software for a couple of days, and watched tutorials on how to do cool edits to different pictures. Using the software is not hard at all, the only challenging thing is knowing what does what to your picture. When at my internship, I usually work with editing picture advertisements. This will allow me to be versatile and adaptable in my field. It will allow my creative arts style to shine.

Kayla Waters

During this week we focused on how to work Premiere Pro. As part of my career in sports broadcasting, or reporting in general, I would need to know how to work through various editing softwares. Premiere Pro is a widely used editing software and I loved learning about it. I am use to working with Final Cut Pro, which is a slightly similar software except I think that Final Cut Pro is a little simpler to use.

Throughout the week I learned about various of things you can do with Premiere Pro. Those things included creating projects, working through panels and workspace, importing media, the correct way to build a sequence, work with the project panel, source program monitors, and much more. I used old clips and videos I’ve recored over time and played with those clips to edit. I feel that my skill level had increased with Premiere Pro and I look forward to using it with future projects.

Ashanti Jeff-Mapp

This is my last week at Columbus Botanical Garden. I have learned so much about the history of the garden and a lot of clerical skills as well. I was very nervous when I started this internship. I did not want to mess up or not do a great job. When I am involved in something, I make sure to give 1,000% because your workmanship depends on how well you perform. I was not that experienced in writing good press releases or memos and this internship will give me an advantage because I have experience in something other graduates might not have had the chance to do.

This is also my last semester at Columbus State University. My school journey has been a long one full of major changes, emotional breakdowns, hard life lessons, the occasional bad grade and unhealthy eating habits. I finally made it with my class of 2018 and will be staring a PR job in Baltimore, Maryland. I am very excited, and I know that the knowledge I have gained from life experience, previous jobs, and my internships, I am equipped for the “real world”.


Ashanti Jeff-Mapp

Over the time, my experience at Columbus Botanical Garden has been great. I have met a lot of influential people and got to know a little gem in Columbus, Georgia. This week an event called STEAM X gets children from the local school district to come and explore career and internship opportunities. It also focuses on the importance of a degree and networking. I went with my internship director and as soon I got there, so many children surrounding the place. I was able to speak in front of a seminar in a room full of children.

This week was also the execution of Christmas in the Garden. I wasn’t as involved in this event as I was for the fall festival. They have been doing this event for some years now and know what they need. As usual, I helped with any tasks that were provided for me. I am still working on donor letters, and you never realize how much salutations and names mean to people.


Leslie Bradshaw

This week I spent most of my time with Greg Loyd and Connor Hackling working on writing for broadcast. I had the opportunity to sit next to Greg as he live-anchored the midday show. I have learned that they pull news not only from local sources but from AP (Associated Press) wires and can access local, national, or international news from there. Through their help, I was able to produce my own news stories.

I feel very excited about this internship still. I have done just about everything in the news studio from practicing writing, MMJ responsibilities, cold-read practice, and filming. This is practical experience that will prepare me for my future career. I am so grateful to have been chosen for this internship because it is exactly what I needed.


Kelvin Clark

This week I got to work with a new reporter that just got hired and I got a chance to see how to use WRBL’s editing software in order to make a VOS. I also got a chance to be in the studio during taping which was an awesome experience. This week I shadowed a new reporter that just got hired on and it was interesting because she was fresh out of college and I kind of used her as an example of what to expect when coming into this field fresh out of college.

The most exciting action of the week would have to be me in the news studio while a live taping is going on. This made my day because there is nothing like being in the news studio while a live show is going. The other interns and I got to sit and watch while the news anchors interviewed a local artist. I know that didn’t seem like much to the average person but it felt like everything just to see this and to be a part of something others would consider so simple.