Edit Days!


This week in NPACE I spent most of my time with the edits from Strolling for a Cure. This edit, for the most part, is just to recap the event and show some of the awesome strolling that was done. I’m starting to get the hang of Final Cut some, but luckily Bre’ was there so I could give her some great ideas while she did most of the editing. In addition to displaying what happened during the event, it will also be a great tool for the Sickle Cell Awareness Association to have to exhibit how they are active in the community and how students do care about the cause they are supporting.

Strolling for a Cure!!


(Us ladies with the event Host Brandon Todd)

I love Greek events, so when prompted with the opportunity to film and interview at NPHC’s Annual Strolling For a Cure Show, I jumped on the chance to be apart of it. Initially, my place was just to attend the show but then I found out I could film and became even more excited because not only could I see the show, I could also get a backstage look at the event. The event highlighted different Greek groups at Columbus State who participated to raise money for sickle sell awareness. Not only did I film, I also assisted with interviews of participants, guests and judges. The event itself was so much fun; it was interesting seeing how different fraternities and sororities choose to perform, step and even stroll. It gave an inside look at some of CSU’s Greeks. After the event they raised over $2,000 for the Association of Sickle Cell Lower Chattahoochee Region. It was also good to see different Greeks, IFC, NPHC and NPC come together for a great clause. I can’t wait to see next year’s Strolling for a Cure!!


(DJ Brad Event DJ)

Run for Soldiers!!!!!


It was a cold brisk Saturday morning in Fort Benning, GA. Thousands were gathered to participate and watch a marathon, half marathon and a 5K road race. I was helping film for iNto Columbus TV show. As apart of my filming, I shot most of the race and went around collecting audio and sometimes filming interviews of different racers, organizations and people enjoying the competition. The Solider Marathon is held annually in awareness and salutation to the American solider, it also gives runner more experience and is used to race money for the House of Heroes and the National Infantry Museum at Fort Benning. The race was very exciting, it was great to see all of the people coming out in honor of troops and showing support to the local event happening. I filmed using one of the Sony 4D Cameras and used the mopod strapped around my waist. It was my second time using the mopod and I think I’m starting to get the hang of things. It is important to be steady with the mopod in order to get good stable shots. Moving too much and not being steady can turn a potentially great shot into a really bad one. Overall, I had such a fun time at the Marathon; I even got some primetime photos for a local paper. It was a great learning experience and on top of that I got to support a great cause!

IMG_3657 copy1472089_10152392998245981_3247544523299871495_n

Zip WHAT????


A couple of Thursday’s ago, I had the pleasure of helping film at the new zip line from downtown Columbus across the river into Phenix City, Alabama. This opportunity was to showcase the new Columbus Attraction as a brief segment for iNto Columbus. I used one of the Sony 4D cameras to film with a mogopod connected to my waist. The shoot was very interesting because, for starters, it was across the river so it was important to find a good angle to film at, somewhere that a great shot could be caught. Also, because it was daylight and in rather muggy weather the White Balance had to be manually set so that the image would not be very dark or too light for filming. I decided to film from the lowest point I could get to the river, so I stood at the bottom on the walkway and filmed zip-ling from the post across the river. My white balance was set focused on the line so that I could have good lighting against the clouds. I had a lot of fun on the shoot, not to mention I gained some experience in catching moving objects, in somewhat bad lighting and a chance to see some zip-ling!


YouTube is MY FRIEND!


I love the Internet! It is something that is continuously changing and can help add to my life tremendously. Because of new technology any and everything is on the Internet and with me needing help with Final Cut, what better place to look than the Internet. Not only did I search the web for help in specials tools in Final Cut, I also went to YouTube. YouTube is my favorite website to go to, not only do I LOVE what music videos, covers, and other music oriented stuff, I can also go on there and look at self help videos, training videos, and review videos. When video editing, I think it is important to add some affect effects just to pull the video together and add a little splash to it, and that was something I knew how to do but really wanted to know more about. So I went to YouTube and found a great video by Eric Marks, on his page he does a lot of different tutorials with Final Cut, Photoshop and he even does some camera tricks. Watching this video really opened my eyes to how expanded and cool Final Cut really is. There are so many options in Final Cut, things that can really transform a presentation.

Where’s Your Radio!!?

Last Thursday, I filmed Episode 2 of Sports Talk Radio Show. I sat back and filmed Matthew and Derek talk sports, not only do they know what they’re talking about they also made it interesting to watch and to listen to. Filming this show was a really good experience for me because it gave me an opportunity to try out different shots and see what angles I could and could not do for the show. It was really my first time behind the camera given the opportunity to do whatever I wanted to.


It really opened my eyes to how shows are created. There must be ideas of what the editor really wants or doesn’t want when it comes to different shots. Before the show, I talked with Derek a little, the editor, about what direction he was taking in the show like what kind of shots he wanted, the different angles and that really helped me out a lot. Being fairly know in the behind the scenes work of integrated media, I feel like I need to get as much experience as I need so in the future I won’t need to be given so much direction in what is or isn’t correct for a shoot.

I think that with filming the Sports Talk Show, I can really gain experience in filming and with the help of Derek I can tremendously improve my editing. I can’t wait until I have another opportunity to work with them on the Talk Show, I may even do some editing for the final cut!

Final Cut


As a Mass Media major, I’ve always thought it to be important to be well versed in, if possible, all aspects of media. This includes television, radio and photography but even to go as far as being able to write and also produce. For me, production has always been my downfall. Although I know the basic concepts in Final Cut, I can’t say that I could take a selection of media and produce a grade A production or even be able to make it look more than elementary. I’ve always been able to figure things out but I’ve never actually sat down and been shown what to do and why. This is where Ventrine came in, she is one of the workers at NPACE, she is also a communications major but more importantly she is a beast with Final Cut. I always see her in the lab, working and perfecting her projects with many questions of what she was doing and how. Well, I finally decided to ask her and man did she show me some things. First off, we talked about how to upload media into Final Cut and also how to sync audio from multiple audio sources. This was a big thing for me because I’ve always had camera audio and also audio from microphones with no knowledge in how to make the sync together. After we did this, Ventrine with through the process of editing her video and I watched her and asked questions when I needed too. Although Ventrine didn’t get all of her video done, I learned a lot of great new tips and tricks within Final Cut. I think that with all the help Ventrine gave me I can now produce something that is somewhat credible in Final Cut.

Want to Be Like Monica?!!


On September 16, 2014 Monica Kauffman-Pearson, the Oprah of Georgia, graced Columbus with her presence. Here as the Inaugural speaking in the Communication Department’s Speaker Series, Mrs. Pearson spent the day in the CSU Communication Department doing varies activities. I had the opportunity to meet her and learn first hand about the business and how to as successful, if not more, as she was during her time. Mrs. Pearson had a master class where she talked about how she broke into the business and some key information on behind the scene management issues and rules. I also had the opportunity to help film and do audio on her master class as well as her interview with Ashton, which was also a great learning experience. Speaking with Mrs. Pearson one on one was a great experience, she was so down to earth and she kept it completely honest on how to have a successful life outside of all the media. I can’t wait to apply the information I learned from her throughout the rest of my internship.

Show Me How To Use It!!!

For starters, NPACE has a lot of different types of equipment, from cameras to microphones and even tripods. It would take ages to learn each piece inside and out, so I just started with some of the cameras and a tripod. I decided to pick something I used so many different times while in NPACE, the Canon XA25 and a basic tripod. After I decided to use these pieces of equipment and I got Eric to train me and just make sure I knew exactly what to do with the devices.


We trained on one of the JVC Pro HDs in the studio and also with the Canon XA25. We talked about how to initially set the camera up on a tripod how to center the head of the tripod so that the shot is centered and also other key elements into setting it up properly. With the XA25 he showed me how to set the different focuses and how to create a slow and regular paced zoom. In addition to that he also showed me in the settings how to allow input microphones to get audio aside from the camera audio. The session that we had was brief but very informative, he made me set up the Canon XA25, audio and all, and check the audio for it and show him how to execute certain commands on the camera and different scenarios the camera can go into. It was really fun working with Eric, he was very hands-on and made sure I had everything under control. We didn’t stop our training until I could set up and take down the camera with my eyes closed. I thought I knew how to do everything but Eric taught me even more. It really helped broaden my knowledge on television and camera production.

Baby Steps!! :)


Hey hey, it’s Ashley here with an update on my Internship with the NPACE Center. Although I am still getting my feet wet, today I helped alongside Jasmine and Eric with an interview with Christopher McCollough. The Communication department is growing so much and that is what McCollough was addressing. He talked about the progresses in which our program is making and the everyday changes that are taking place. Because of all the changes in the media world today, it is imperative that the Communication department stay up to speed in technology. I’m really excited about this internship because I feel like it will be a great opportunity to expand my knowledge in the Mass Communication field. Getting behind the scenes looks at how production life will be in the future is really important to me. I will be getting hands on training in the field, which will hopefully give me an advantage over my competitors in the future. I’m so excited for the weeks to come!!