Here in a spot that Realtree produced for Thanksgiving. Realtree’s slogan is Family, Friends and The Outdoor. Could not be any more true for this piece.


It means a lot to me to be able to do an internship somewhere with such great great people and strong morals. The people at Realtree take their slogan very serious.


Taking the right photo.

When I am in the field I take a lot of photos. However, when it comes to work only a few of them matter. One in particular is the most important. We call it a “hero shot.” This photo is take once the game has been harvested. We use this photo for everything to social media to print adds and everywhere in between and trust me, there are a lot of in betweens. I am going to show you to examples: one bad photo and one good photo. You will easily be able to which one is the better photo.Bw0mQnlIAAAfYgFSee how the rack gets lost within the background? Not good.

4A3C0719See how the rack is sky lit? Nothing is in the way of the rack. It does not get lost in the background.

Little things like this go a long way in our industry. It is the little things that set you apart.


Got him!

About a month ago, I posted a blog with a trail camera picture of a buck we were hunting in Kansas. Well that very next day, we ended up seeing that buck and harvested him. Cant give any details out but I can show you all a picture!


This hunt will air on television next summer and will be Realtree’s Monster Bucks XXIII.

Setup from the tree

Below is a series of pictures that shows how I run cameras in a tree while filming outdoor television.IMG_3011

This is called a base. It is what holds everything to the tree. The base ratchets to the tree which locks it to the tree. IMG_3010This is called an arm. The bottom of the arm goes into the base and the top of the arm has cup which allows the camera to sit in. The arm pivots which allows for the camera to swing wherever the operator needs it.

IMG_3009Atop of the arm, is the camera.This is a Sony PMW-300. This is the primary camera used when filming in the tree.

Just thought everyone would like to see what it takes to film out of a tree.


Better Late Than Never

Well, first blog of the semester but a lot is going on right now with this internship. I am actually in Kansas right now filming for one of our television shows, Realtree Outdoors.

It’s been fairly hot the past couple of days so the deer movement has been pretty slow. However, we got a really good buck on our Moultrie trail camera yesterday afternoon. (shameless plug, they sponsor this show) He’s a stud.


We hunted him all day today and never saw him. Still a few more days left to hunt though. School really doesn’t help this time of the year haha. Gotta be back for Dr. McCollough’s class at 2 on Monday. So Dr. McCollough, if I come in class dressed in camo and smelling like a deer you know why.

Anyways, I am going to try and post after each hunt over the next few days so check back in tomorrow and hopefully we will have seen this giant whitetail we are after.


Johnny Carter – That’s a Wrap

This fall internship has been awesome!

I have learned a lot and it has really shown me what the working world is like.

While at Realtree I have learned a tramendous amount of video editing and video shooting. This has helped out with my school work time and time again. It allows me to finish school projects faster and allows me to focus on my classes where I have to study!

I have loved my time at Realtree and hope to be apart of the Realtree family for a long time.


Johnny Carter – What Does the Buck Say?

What Does the Buck Say?

This comes off our website, , from one of Realtree’s bloggers. This is one of the crazy and fun things about working/interning at Realtree.  Although we had absolutely nothing to do with the making of this video it is still very entertaining if you have seen or heard of the YouTube video What Does the Fox Say?

Love it or hate it, it it entertaining!