Summer Hayes

A great semester coming to an end! I’d hate to say good-bye, although, one must continue to grow. This internship has really changed a lot of my views for the better. I have learned how to work with others on a greater scale. Patience, persistence and dedication are three areas I truly grew in while doing this internship. This was not an easy experience, but it was worth it. I would like to thank Danna Gibson and Chris Robinson for brining me on board with them. I can’t think of anyone else who would have given me a better opportunity.

I am happy to say that they have set me up foo success. Over the summer, I will be working with WRBL News 3 as an intern. I would not have been able to do this without Danna Gibson.  I look forward to having a great summer with WRBL. This is a foot in the door to experience many wonders. The communications department at CSU has granted me the best service learning experience I could ask for. I am Summer Hayes, Vlog/ Blog Coordinator, signing off.

Summer Hayes

Another phenomenal week! I was able to get more hands-on experiences. Chris Robinson and I went out and I went out and did some filming. The filming was to simply get use to the camera before an event he had to attend. Throughout this mini session with familiarizing ourselves with the equipment, I learned a few things. Chris expounded on how vital it is to be very comfortable with the camera. With that being said, I must know the settings of the camera to get the image I want. One major component learned was understanding how to do a “Rack Focus.” To further explain, this is where the camera transitions from focusing on something far away to focusing on something very close. I really like this camera shot because on only a few seconds, much information can be taken from it.

All in all, the session was awesome. I now use the rack focus in a lot of my own videos. Shot composition is important when filming. With this new skill, my videos will have much more value to them. I look forward to leaning more of these skills to enhance my portfolio and skills.

Summer Hayes

Consistency and perseverance were the lessons for the week. Since the semester is coming to an end, many things are starting to pile up. I’ll be honest, I have been getting a little frustrated with my load, but it’s nothing God can’t handle. I have figured of better ways to stay organized so that I can post blogs weekly. Every intern has their own folder dedicated to their own blogs and vlogs. This has allowed me to completely focus on one intern at a time. When I have concerns about their consistency with the blog posts, I just shoot out a quick email to remind me.

I have tried to make it my duty to continue to remind the interns of their weekly blogs. It is completely understood that the work load can be very hectic at times. I’m sure the reminders are a lot of help. Other than that, I have continued to find ways to be consistent with the weekly blogs and have persevered when the tasks began to get harder. I look forward to looking back at this experience and reminding myself that the tough times can be overcome.


Summer Hayes

Patience and understanding is key to every successful person. This week was definitely a challenge. It is always such a pleasure to read and edit all of the blogs. It gives me an insight and different point of view of what others do for their internship. Although, there are times that individuals may give only the bare minimum to meet the requirements of the blogs. I like to encourage all the interns to truly share their experiences. With that encouragement comes a lot of patience and understanding for the interns. Realistically speaking, we all have many different tasks to tend to and keeping up with a weekly blog can be very challenging for us all. Although, there is a constant reminder that this blog is not only for us, it is for others that want to read our experiences whether it’s good or bad.

All in all, this week definitely taught me to be humble more than anything. Not everyone is perfect. Although, it’s important that every intern puts their best foot forward at all times. I look forward to working with the interns and making sure that I could be the best vlog/ blog coordinator I can be.


Kevin Doyle

On Wednesday, May 2nd I went out with news reporter Tony Sloan. He was reporting about the possibility of having a new apartment complex built on the corner of Hamilton and Macon road. We were doing what the news industry calls “ Man on Street”, or “M.O.S”, where a reporter will go out and talk to people on the street about a story in order to get a reaction or see what the consensus is. After doing a live shot for the 5 o’ clock newscast, and finishing up the editing for later airings, it was time to head back to the station. However, while we were just about to head back, we received a call about a shooting on River Road. We immediately went directly there to join up with the other reporter already on the scene, Sharifa Jackson.

Tony had received the call around 4:40pm; we arrived on the scene approximately 10 minutes later, and found every other news outlet there as well. Once there, we spoke with Sharifa, who had already been there for almost 2 hours. Because it was breaking news, we were fortunate enough to have more than one reporter there. While Ms. Jackson was live at 7 o’ clock, giving as much information as she had to the viewers, we were able to show live footage of the police and GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation) presence until 11 pm. Our coverage was different from the other local T.V networks in that they had just a camera setup until 7pm.


Keeli Waugh

Fun Academy has not done as well as expected in theatres. Many theatres are pulling out and the movie, Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero is being shown less and less on screens across the country. The movie has gotten good reviews for those who have seen it. The buggest problem seems to be awarness. And there is the competion of Black Panther and Infintey wars and other movies. But, we do have a plan in action to help the sales.

The main source of revenue has been from group sales. Many of us have been working hard to get in touch with schools across the country. We have certain areas we are trying to target. We are getting a select group of teachers to view the movie. As a result, they will give us an honest opinion and hopefully talk to other educators about the movie. We have already had some success on getting more sales from group sales forms.

Jordan Woody

Whenever someone asks me what I want to do after I graduate I always give the same answer, “I have no idea, I’m hoping a job finds me.” Well, after working with Fun Academy Motion Pictures as an intern for four months, a job found me. I was offered a position as the company’s Group Sales Coordinator! Of course, I accepted the offer — I would have been crazy not to. I can not believe how lucky I am to have been offered this position. During my months as an intern I made it a point to make myself an integral part of the team through whatever means necessary. I worked with members of each department running reports, putting together welcome packages, taking notes and presenting during big meetings, participating on sales calls, and much more so I could learn every part of the business. Evidently my hard work paid off because I am now an official member of the Fun Academy Motion Pictures team.

As a Group Sales Coordinator, I am responsible for coordinating group events at the theater for our film Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero. When a group decides they want to see our movie, they fill out a group request form on our website and I work with their selected theater to book a showing for them. Because it’s the end of the school year, I am currently helping to coordinate a lot of elementary and middle school field trips. Aside from field trips, I also help to schedule events for special interest groups (animal shelters, military families, etc.), birthday parties, history buffs and general group audiences. I’m not sure what my job will look like after Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero is out of theaters but I’m excited to find out.

Erik Warrior

With me having several classes getting ready to end I have hard to work harder than before in NPACE. I have had to make several presentations for my classes. Throughout the course of this week I have used the NPACE center even outside of my internship. The NPACE center allows students to have a comfortable place for COMM students who need to edit or work on videos that they have recorded or need to record. The traffic for checkout in the NPACE center has definitely slowed down due to people who are finishing up and about to graduate.

I have used the NPACE center this week to edit a powerpoint for my group communications final project. During this week I’ve seen many last minute projects being finished as well as people who are just working on assignments that they have left. This week was an eventful one as I got to be in several videos whilst also being in the NPACE center and that was very important because it helps me build up my portfolio.

Erik 2

(Group Comm team that worked in NPACE on our project)

Erik Warrior


As finals and final presentations are approaching there are many people coming in and out of the NPACE center constantly checking out equipment for the last few days. As I progress through my internship I have realized the people that come in and rent are becoming regulars now. It is unique to see their work on multiple platforms that they present them. YouTube is a very helpful way for me to get tips and tricks from the many experienced individuals that come through the NPACE center. I watch their videos on Youtube to help better the analytics for my own Youtube channel.

Over the course of these weeks I have been learning how to edit in final cut as well as the various ways a camera can be used. I also had the pleasure of working in the WCUG radio station here at CSU. In the radio station I shot PSA’s for my group project in Group Comm. I used the skills that I have been collecting in the NPACE center to shoot and edit the PSA’s that I shot in the radio station. The NPACE center is teaching me how to be successful videographer and photographer.


(pictures from PSA’s I shot)






Eboni Guyton

Doing this internship has giving me a different learning experience and outlook. That I wouldn’t have if I did a different internship but now my internship is coming to an end. I have accumulated over 140 hours at Trilogy Production Studios. Over the weekend, Bobby Sampson had a hair workshop at the studio it was a nice turn out. The next day, we both came into the studio, cleaned up everything and put equipment back in it’s rightful place. After that we looked at a rough edit of the short film that he produced. I found some problems with the edit and pointed out to Bobby. He agreed and made me write up an email about what needs to be fixed and what can be done differently. Overall the rough edit was very well put together – it had me ready to see the actual film. The trailer is now posted on Facebook for everyone to see on Bobby Sampson’s page.

For the reminder of the week, Bobby showed me the new script, for a new short film that he is going to be working on sometime this month. I read the script, It’s pretty good – I would tell you guys what it’s about but I can’t. After looking at the script Bobby wanted me to breakdown the script. I didn’t know how to do that but he taught me how to breakdown the script. I broke down the script into 5 different sections: interior, exterior, locations, props, and vehicles. After breaking down the script we talked about roles. What person will play a particular character, we narrowed this down to four people. Now we know what characters we have to cast for the film. Which we’re going to be doing sometime this month. I look forward to seeing how the process of casting goes, since I never witnessed it with my own eyes.