Zach Jamieson-PMB/NPACE-Whirlwind of goings on!!


Once again, I will mention there is plenty of excitement in the NPACE Center and at PMB broadcasting! The launch of NPaCE will include  interviews with local dignitaries and various partners involved in the creation and implementation of  NPACE in our community.

Yes, the NPACE center is excited to announce their new copy writing team. They have been hard at work writing PSA’s and interviews for weeks. We are truly lucky to have them to help us with these projects! If you’re interested give a shot out to that team’s leader, Jessica Word at Jessica and Courtney Mason have been doing some amazing work on all of our new PSA’s and general announcements! We also want to extend a welcome to our teams two newest writers, Cory Veal and Ventrine Parham!

Josh and Maggie of FNSF worked hard on the voice-overs for this material all week long  and we now have complete and edited PSA’s thanks to Tyler Higgins and the rest of our awesome staff.

pmb_all_stationsThis week we will be doing interviews with a good number of the DJ’s from PMB broadcasting! As well as the owner of  PMB broadcasting, Jimbo Martin. We’re super excited to get them on the other side of the mic. and ask them a little bit about themselves. Next week, we will also be doing interviews with the Mayor Lowe and Mayor Tomlinson, as well as interviews with our very own Dr. Mescon, the President of Columbus State University, Dr. Baxter the dean of the College of the Arts, and Dr. Gibson, the  interim chair of the department of  communications here at Columbus State University! Exciting, exciting things going on down here in the NPACE center and PMB broadcasting to include some of my first live remote with PMB broadcasting for River Town Ford aired on Kissin 99.3 and some wonderful work in the studio with Chris Chaos. Thank you so much sir!


To wrap things up, I just want to mention how stoked I am at the amount and level of material I am being given the opportunity to produce for my portfolio, it’s amazing! So far I have had the chance to learn radio programming, production, and had actual on air time. I’ve been doing video (also starting a documentary on struggling musicians and their trails to stardom to include interviews with locals as well as national acts all made possible by my boss and mentor Chris Chaos), still shot photography, interactive media projects, building web sites, building brochures, creating posters, and learning software. This doesn’t even begin to explain how valuable this experience is and to my portfolio, not to mention my future. Once again, more than excited! That’s all I got for today folks! Until next time…

Word of the week: COPYWRITER  noun: A writer of advertising, publicity or marketing content

Video of the Week: Bobaflex-Warriors | At Chaos on the Rocks Feb. 16th with Drowning Pool, SuperBob & Currier!! I’ll be on the bar. Unless they jam this tune for me, then I’ll be on the floor, tearin’ it apart!!

to Drowning Pool, Bobaflex, SuperBob & Carrier February 16th


Jeremy Statum – Checking Things Off the List

This week has been about planning and preparing. The first interview I will be doing for the bi-weekly videos is going to be with Judd Richardson, the owner of Fountain City Coffee. Also, I will be filming it on my brand new Canon Rebel T4i DSLR camera.


I also bought myself a new Mac book pro to do my editing and other school related tasks (youtube). In the midst of scheduling for shooting time and getting prepared for discussions, I can’t help but be excited about the things I will be producing this semester. I’m looking forward to posting my first video.

Hudson Thompson – Learning Bull

So, this is my second week here at the West Point radio station, 100.9 WCJM The Bull. I’m still getting adjusted, obviously, but it has been fun and I have already learned a good bit about the business and day to day tasks.

The big thing they have had me on this week is converting music from CD to digital for AM 1310 WPLV (the other radio show that is run out of the station’s building). The morning show’s DJ still has to load in music via CD and I have taken upon the task of updating their station.
This is the stack of CD’s I’ve tackled this week…

One thing I’ve done while there in my down time is listen to other/rival stations and pay attention to their commercials and liners. What you are looking for with the commercials is to see how many they are running per hour and when they’re running them. With listening to the liners, you are listening for possible liner ideas for your own station. “Any good idea is worth stealing” is what I was jokingly told. Listening and taking notes on what others are doing is what is known as competitive programming.

I have also aided the DJ’s in their getting ready for their hour+ section by scheduling music. I will look at certain hours and if there are overlapping songs or artists or the timing is off, I’ll change songs to make it have a better mix and the timing better.

I’m really excited in the coming weeks to possibly see some remotes take place and see someone run the board, and eventually run the board myself. That will be fun and interesting, I’m sure!!

Jasmine Jones – Learning is Key

This is my second week  interning at WTVM and I continue to learn a lot about the broadcasting industry.  This week I met Kelsey,  the assignment coordinator, and I got a chance to shadow her and see what she does.  She assigns each reporter stories for the news, along with that she answers the phone and reports any breaking news. She had the opportunity to share how she got to WTVM which is always interesting and surprisingly we knew a lot of the same people.  This week I did a lot of writing, so that I may get better with news writing.  Janell Lewis, the executive producer, assigned news stories for me to condense to 30 seconds and write as though I am the anchor. It was challenging to shorten the stories because they were so detailed, but I enjoyed learning how to write the story more concisely.  Lastly, I met Chuck Leonard who showed me around and gave me great advice about the broadcasting industry.  I enjoyed learning from him and I hope to continue to learn more as the weeks continue.

WTVM pic 2

Dan Quigley – NPACE & CSU TV

Well it’s the photo(2)end of week three already this semester and things are busy as ever here at Columbus State. My internship with NPACE & CSU TV already has me doing cool things all over the city of Columbus. At the end of the first week I had already found myself video taping The Elixir of Love at the River Center. The opera was put together by our fellow friends at the Schwob School of Music. I was able to practice my live recording skills and try to capture the months of hard work by other students in the College of the Arts.

photo(3) I would be lying though if I didn’t mention that one of my favorite parts (besides listening to the harp player practice before the show) was the Front of House audio mixer they had in there. Luckily, I was able to grab a shot of it so I could share it. This is a serious piece of equipment and I wouldn’t have been able to see it had it not been for the opportunity from my internship. Not to mention it was hard not to think about how nice one of those would look in my living room.

So, Jazmine and I were able to get a lot of material from the show even though there were only two of us and three cameras. The show itself was a great thing to record. At first, I was a little wary about having to sit through an opera and film it but it turned out to be a great performance by the actors/singers, and orchestra. I was certainly glad I was able to go and the footage we got turned out really nice.


After we packed up and headed back to NPACE, a look in the window revealed some of our other interns getting their NPACE on as well. Friday Night Sports Focus was in full effect doing what they do best on the airwaves. I grabbed a sneak shot of them as you can see here. This is the NPACE Radio Station that is blooming out of nowhere thanks to people like them as well as our partners at PMB. On Febuary 14th, we’re going to be having our big kickoff down for the radio station so be sure to keep an eye out (or an ear I should say).

Not only am I interning at NPACE but also at the very soon to be CSU TV which is headquartered up on main campus. Formally known as, I have worked here for two years and am now getting to do part of my internship as the project  has a metamorphosis into the television station for the entire campus. As you may or may not know NPaCE also has a studio built on the same model as that of CSU TV. I’m looking forward to helping both of these projects collabphotoorate with each other and build another outlet for the Communication Department as well as the University as a whole. In this last picture, you can see the set from one of our shows TWiSS which stands for This Week in Space Science. The show is hosted by CSU’s own Dr. Shawn Cruzen, director of the Coca-Cola Space Science Center. All week I worked on making this set work for our recording on Thursday. As you can see from the picture, there are NO WIRES on the ground. That’s a major accomplishment if I do say so myself. Also we were able to do the show with no green screen which in my opinion made it look extremely clean. Dr. Cruzen came in and put on a great show which should be up right after we edit it. He talked about all of the exciting things they are doing down there at the Space Science Center (just a stone’s throw from NPACE) and believe me they are exciting. Not to get to into it but one of the topics was the transit of Venus that happened this past summer. The Science Center sent teams all over the world to capture and document this once in a lifetime astrological event. You’ll have to tune into the show to get the rest of the details.

Anyway, a lot has gone on in these last few weeks and this is just the tip of the iceberg. I can’t wait to watch both NPACE and CSU TV grow over the course of the semester while being able to be involved. This is going to be a big one for both of them in Spring 2013 so keep tuned!

Cory Veal – Double Internship!

This semester I was assigned to intern with both The Boys and Girls Clubs of the Chattahoochee Valley Administration Office and the NPACE center. I was put to work with both internships immediately after gaining initial contact with them.

With working with The Boys and Girls Clubs last semester in my group communication class, I knew I wanted to intern with them this spring semester. I am also an alumni of The Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta, so i definitely wanted to give back by offering my services to the organization. Once I emailed Raeann (Executive Secretary), she was pleased to learn of my alumni status and immediately wanted to introduce me to the new Chief Executive Officer, Mr.Close.

Mr. Close and I hit it off once we met. Seeing that he had just transferred from the metro Atlanta clubs office, we had much in common to discuss.We talked about my previous club experience and all the staff members we both knew, which was a great walk down memory lane for me. By Wednesday of this week I was assigned my desk and the projects I will be working on this semester.


As for the NPACE center, I met with my new team this week. We are currently working on PSA’s for all the organizations connected with the CSU communication  department. I am looking forward to  working with the team and learning much more about the NPACE center.

Having previous knowledge with television production, Professor Hart is also assisting me in learning the new format of Final Cut Pro X,  since the last one I used was Final Cut Pro 4. Yikes!!! I hope to gain knowledge of the new format as soon as possible!

I really look forward to all the experience I will gain this semester in PR and media production!

Christina Kleehammer – WTVM – Week 2: Editing

My second week at WTVM News Leader 9was not as mysterious as the first week, but it was a great experience!  I got to work with Desiree, the editor at WTVM.

Desiree the Editor

Desiree the Editor

As soon as I arrived, she put me to work editing a package for one of the reporters (to air Thursday, Jan 24 at 8 p.m.).  The segment is about rundown properties in Columbus, the landlords that own them, and the tenants who lease them.

The reporter’s voiceover was already laid down, so I had the task of going through the raw footage and finding the images to match the words.  I went through image after image of homes in terrible condition, and tried to tell the story of the situation visually.  Since WTVM uses Edius as their editing platform, the software was new to me, but similar to Final Cut Pro X, so I knew enough to complete the task.


Editing a news segment

When I had added footage to the whole report, Desiree came, made her revisions, and the segment was complete!  I learned that for most news stories, the edits should be swift and the shots should be varied, unless the report is sad, then the shows can be timed slower.  But really, it’s entirely up to the editor’s decisions.

Here is a link to the segment I worked on (it begins at 1:05 into the video):  

Poverty Next Door: Town Hall Meeting – Part 2

Jessica Word – Exciting Internship

Hey everyone! This is my first blogging experience and I am really looking forward to continuing this throughout the semester. I have been interning in the NPACE center for the past two weeks I have been writing and editing PSA’s for the communication department, NPACE, and the NPACE partners. Along with several other students, I am on the PMB Broadcasting team, and we are hard at work to produce many PSA’s to air on all PMB stations.

We are all actively preparing for the official launch of the NPACE center this Valentine’s Day. With the help of my lovely roommate, I have been working on making a flyer so we can promote it on Facebook and Twitter. We want let as many people as possible know about all of the exciting opportunities NPACE has to offer.

It seems that I have a busy semester ahead of me and I am so excited to be interning here!


Mark Yanoschik – My First Two Weeks at NPACE

I have been working at the NPACE center for two weeks now and I couldn’t be happier with my new job! I have been around incredible people who are teaching me new things everyday. I have learned a great deal more in the past couple of weeks than I was expecting. I helped out with the Friday Night Football Focus radio show last semester so I have been around NPACE despite the fact that I have not taken any production classes. The professors really mean it when they say that the students can get very involved with the program. I am a traditional freshman and have already done a great deal with the NPACE center. Everything that I am learning is going to be very beneficial because I plan on working in the media field after I graduate. I have interned at WLTZ for the past two summers and  over winter break and I believe this is the right field for me.  I am very thankful for the opportunities that I have had and am doing what I can to make the most of them!

A week ago some of the professors and student assistants gave a tour of the NPACE center to a group of Explorer Scouts. It was fun to see a group of young teenagers look so excited when they saw what the NPACE center is capable of accomplishing. I felt the same way when I walked into the building for the first time last summer. Maggie, Zach, and I gave a demonstration of the sports show which is broadcasted from NPACE and discussed all of the opportunities and experience that the NPACE center has given us. Tyler filmed the entire tour and I have been editing it together so that it can be a possible promotional tool for the NPACE center. It is taking a while because I am still learning how to use Final Cut Pro X (luckily I have had Jessica to help me). I have been watching the instructional videos on Professor Hart’s nownewmedia blog, which I recommend to anyone who hasn’t learned how to use Final Cut Pro X. Thank you for reading, next week I’ll be giving another update of my exciting time in the NPACE center!


Courtney Mason – The Newest Intern

Today marks my very first day as an intern. So far, no one has asked me to get them coffee, collate thousands of papers, or do the job they are getting paid to do. Relief.

I am an NPACE/Comm Department intern, and I was just added to the team officially yesterday. My lovely roommate was already working as an intern, and I wanted to be involved with NPACE after seeing all the cool stuff with which she was involved. I don’t think people realize how big of an impact NPACE will have on our community and school, and I want to get in on the action. I want to say I was a part of this, when it was in its ground-floor stages; that I helped to make it what it will eventually become.

So I have no idea what kinds of shenanigans I will be getting into or bringing to the department, but I know that it is going to be a blast. I am already pretty excited about some of the initiatives in which I am involved. All these other students are just brilliant, and I am definitely glad I get to glean some knowledge from their teeming brains! (That was a Keats reference, fyi)

Overall, I am absolutely grateful to Dr. Gibson and the rest of the department for the opportunities I am being given. Not to get all mushy, but I feel like I am being given a chance to start from scratch and really create the portfolio, and ultimately, the career of my dreams!

This is my face…