Olivera Tadijin

Last week we finally had CSU tennis classic fundraiser and it was a lot of fun! We raised the expected amount of money and sold all riffle tickets. There were around 30 people each day at different clinics, where all CSU tennis players volunteered by teaching them how to play tennis. At the end of the event, we organized a couple exhibition matches of CSU tennis players playing against each other that everyone could watch. Overall, it was a lot of fun and I’m super sad that this is my last year of doing it!

Dee Anderson

This past week my primary duty was to contact over 100 vendors by phone to invite them personally to a upcoming public rally hosted by the Mayor’s Commission for Individuals with Disabilities. I will follow up by email this coming week.

I also met with Mrs. Joy Norman to discuss

the possibility of a suicide prevention video in collaboration with the organization NAMI on Campus. We discussed ways the video could be used to help reach other colleges and universities across Georgia. We will hopefully be able to produce a finished product in the Spring of 2017.

Chris Stone

Hey all –

This week, I was a little stressed out with the work load that I am trying to finish. Seeing that I (and probably all of the other interns) are getting that way, we had a pretty simple week at NPACE this week. We did the normal checking in and out of equipment, but we also got to talk with each other and sort of relax a little bit. Sometimes, you just need those kinds of weeks. This one came just in time.

‘Til next time,


Ansley Phillips

Even More Fall Festivals


Recently at launch we’ve been trying to promote our kids’ Winter Camp for the upcoming holiday break. We will be hosting a kids camp throughout Christmas break as an alternative to kids having to go to day care or parents having to find babysitters while the kids are out of school. To promote this, we have been attending more fall festivals so that we could reach our target audience.

During these fall festivals we have also been promoting our fitness classes and toddler time. A main part of street team events is to get our name out and to build awareness about Launch. Since we are still fairly new to the area, we are trying our best to get our name out as much as possible.

Charise Clay

This week was AMAZING! Little known fact, I enjoy event planning and this week I got to see the Chamber plan an event. I just sat back in awe and saw them go to work. It felt so amazing to be associated with such a great organization in that moment. Since I’ve been there they’ve had so many events but this was my first time participating in one. They also solicited my help to work on another project with another intern for the holidays. I hope I get to help them with many more.

Nikki Pham

Week 9: Being A Part Of A Team

            As I continued to practice writing scripts, editing videos, and keeping time, I also learned how to do an OTS, which means over the shoulder. It is the picture that appears above the anchor’s shoulder during the show. Plus, during the post show meetings, I provide feedback on how it went and if I saw something was wrong with it. From the start of the internship, I was just an intern, but now I am contributing to the show and helping the producer and anchor tremendously. It feels great to be a part of a team with some amazing people. Next week, I will learn how to stack the show and Chief Meteorologist Matt wants to teach me about weather. Maybe I will predict some rain. Who knows?

K’Niqua Browne

This week and last week were very interesting. I have gotten the opportunity to use my skills that I’ve learned on checking students equipment in. I have seen mistakes made such as students having mismatched microphone kits. There was a student turning in equipment for another student on the wrong day which isn’t supposed to happen. Lastly I recorded Mr. Robinson’s live video for like 45 minutes with his cell phone. My arms are killing me but it was fun.


Charise Clay

I’m at the midway point of my internship. I’m enjoying myself going to the Chamber every other day. This week I organized some things for Partners of Education. Although, this is my project it is very interesting to see how schools and businesses partner up. They both benefit one another in a great way. Let’s see what this next week has in store for me.

Chris Stone

Hello all –

It is getting to that part of the semester where everything seems to be just around the corner, yet a million miles away. This internship is no different. I feel like I have been learning under the guidance of Mr. Robinson and Mr. Rome for such a long time but there is much more to learn in my last month or so. I look forward getting this equipment check out system up and running before I leave!

Until next time,


Dee Anderson

The past 2 weeks I have spent helping organize two events called Fighting the Stigma and Can you handle my world? I also volunteered at both of the events. We had a great student body turn out at both. At Fighting the Stigma, I was the moderator for the evening and at Can you handle my world, I managed the volunteers and tables. I also have been working with Mayor’s Commission for Persons with Disabilities to put together a workshop for employers and a rally for advocates and the public. I am responsible for advertising the events.