Amanda Miron

Next Up

As I see more people turn in their blogs, I feel happy for them. I read each and every one. It is a great feeling when I see someone learn something new, or someone do something on their own. This is sort of an introduction to my blog. Someone came by with equipment, and I had to check the equipment and turn it in. I was a little nervous, but I did it without fail. I’m proud of myself!

Tieanna Graphenreed

In lieu of traditional Spring Break vacation plans, I spent my week continuing my internship at RiverCenter. I received several opportunities to showcase skills in writing, copyediting, page design, photography, and social media this week particularly with our marquee and the show “DRUMLine Live.”

I’m happy to announce that my hard work at RiverCenter has paid off. The skills I demonstrated this week encouraged the Advancement Director to shift me into the marketing office for the remainder of my internship, where I will put the aforementioned skills to use for RiverCenter marketing efforts, in addition to my duties as Advancement Assistant. I look forward to getting to work in programs like Adobe InDesign and Photoshop over the next few weeks.

Tieanna Graphenreed

The Calm Before The Storm

The Advancement Director cautioned that these next few weeks are “The calm before the storm.” It’s our final time to wrap up the remainder of the season before we launch full speed into planning the next. While I’ve planned countless events and campaigns through the Department of Communication, I feel as though this will be an entirely new experience. I’m excited.

This week at RiverCenter, I learned about our upcoming quarterly meeting in May. This is when we will meet off-site to discuss the upcoming shows and prepare marketing strategies for the new season. I currently have a few ideas on my mind available to pitch, so I’m looking forward to this new experience.

Madison Ullman

Directions on Directing

For a few weeks now, Vince has been telling me he wants me to direct a segment. This past week, he finally let me do it. During the 10 p.m. show, Vince had me punch the sports block and the E block of the show. Instead of having me read off the script, Vince told me what to punch and when to punch it. This was very similar to when Nicole would allow me to punch the 7 a.m. broadcast. The difference is, the night shows have grater viewership. Vince told me that next week, he’s not going to tell me when to punch or what to punch. Instead, I’ll have to read off the script and follow the prompter to know what needs to be in preview, and when I need to punch something up. I am a little nervous about having to follow the script, but I know I need to learn how to do it.

Other than directing, Producer Christy had me clip my first package for a show. I helped her edit a package about teens in Atlanta raising awareness over human trafficking. She also had me download and clip another package on Trump’s healthcare plans on my own. It was exciting to see a video I helped prepare for air be broadcasted.

Erin Valentine

Blog #8: Weather
This week, I worked in the weather center with Chief Meteorologist Matt Wintz. He showed me how to learn what the weather will most likely do and what the temperatures will be in certain areas. After we find out the weather, we have to create graphics that will play on air to show weather patterns and temperatures. Weather forecasts is not just telling viewers how hot or cold it will be during the day, but explain if we have high pressure coming through this area. You have to tell the viewers about clouds, rain or any storm that could potentially come through.

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Amanda Miron

This week, I was announced that I will be getting an email soon about the images. What will happen is that I will basically be making it easier to get to the images they want. The images are in subsets, and I will clean that up. I can’t wait to do that!

Tieanna Graphenreed

While last week signaled the start of final preparations for Taj Express, this week was filled with organizing and executing menus, cultural activities, event programs, and much more. Taj Express will occur tomorrow at RiverCenter, and features a reception with traditional Indian cuisine, a Bollywood dance workshop, and more. At the Advancement Director’s request, I created menus, trivia questionnaires, event programs, and signage for the cultural activities and reception.

This week, I also mailed the March-April newsletter and the Marquee Society Member Appreciation dinner invitations. I am the primary contact for the event, and I will maintain an RSVP list as well as address any questions, comments, or concerns about the event.