First Week with WTVM

My first week with WTVM was interesting. I spent most of my first week getting to know a lot of the workers at the station and learning about the different types of software that they use at the station. One program that noticed that practically everyone uses at the station is called ENPS and I also noticed that the editing software that the editors used was called Edius. When I arrive at 9:30 am to the station, I browsed the internet for major news stories to discuss at the 9:45 am news meeting. After the news meeting, I partnered with different employees in different departments such as directors, editors, producers, assignment editors, etc and gain valuable insight on what each position entailed and the do’s and don’ts. Just from my initial experience in the production control room, I can tell that that’s probably going to be the most challenging department for me to learn but I’m ready!

My First City Council Meeting

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On January 28, 2014 I was introduced to what I like to call the “control room” of CCG-TV. When I first walked into the control room I noticed computer screens, televisions, and a huge window directly in the center of the room looking out into the City Council chambers. For those who are not familiar with the city council chambers, its where city council community meetings are held usually every 1st and 4th Tuesday starting at 5:30PM and every 2nd and 3rd Tuesday at 9:00AM. Each city council community meeting is broadcast live when in session via cable and streaming video online. My initial thought was “Gosh this is overwhelming, it must take months of training to learn what is going on”. It created this uncomfortable feeling because I had no idea what was going on, and on top of that I was given the task of assisting in a live production of the city council meeting by operating the switcher and using Chyron(television graphics that occupy the lower area of the screen).

Before the meeting began I was shown how to operate and switch between different cameras and display graphics. It seemed fairly simple, but thats easy to say when your not under any pressure. During the meeting Mr. King often used the term “superimpose” which is printing a image over another image so both are seen at once.

For more information about CCG-TV or Columbus council meetings visit the link below:

Future Interning – Leonard Hood

Although I haven’t started my first day interning at NPACE, I am excited. After seeing all of the equipment and technology I will be using, I can’t imagine what type of projects I will be able to conduct. From the outside looking in, NPACE has everything a person could possibly need to do great production. I know I will be learning a lot of new things these weeks to come. Next week will be my first week as an intern and I can’t wait! I’m majoring in Mass Media and production has been a hobby of mine since high school. I see this internship sharpening my skills and teaching me many new ones. It will be a lot more hands-on learning than my classes. Every time I see the production equipment in the rooms, I just think about what I’d do if I had it all to myself. NPACE will give me a chance to work on producing things I probably can’t even imagine doing on my own right now. Shooting videos, working in the radio stations, and editing it all are just reminders of why I chose to become a communication major from the beginning.


Dana Coburn – Policies and Procedures are a Must!

Through these past three weeks I have already learned so much at The Rankin. Learning how operations are created has been an eye opening experience. People do not realize all the work it takes to run a business smoothly. Thankfully, I began my internship right when The Rankin was starting to create their new version of Policy and Procedures. Since I came in at this time, I was able to have hands on experience with this process.

My main task during this process was to create the Policy and Procedure for the Google Calendar that we use to schedule all events, follow up appointments, and all payment deadlines so all workers here are able to be on the same schedule. I placed each step into a chart so any staff member is able to use it as a reference if needed.

Now that I have completed the Policy and Procedure document for the Google Calendar, I am currently in the process of entering all important dates for all three of our venues. This is a lot of work, but also such a great learning process that I appreciate greatly!