Derek Rains

This week saw me at the Carmike building downtown as various business owners and representatives took the plunge and scaled down the side of the building. My job this day was to help announce who each of the individuals are as they went down the side. I was also in charge of the music; each participant had a special song they wanted to play as they went down, and I had to turn the radio music down as I play each of their songs.

Community involvement is the biggest thing that PMB emphasizes, having Morgan Taylor and Dave Arwood go off the side as representatives of PMB helps to show that we are a radio station that cares about being involved and active within the community.

Derek Rains

With PMBs involvement within the community, a new skill I have started picking up is bartending. PMB apparently provides refreshments during events like these when we are a huge contributing sponsor. Besides moving the PA equipment into place and putting the vans where they needed to go, I also helped set up a bar area with tables and tablecloths and bar stools.

Over 40 different local company heads attended the event. Along with the mayor B.H.“Skip” Henderson III. It was a great chance to get to know a lot of high-profile individuals within the community and establish myself with them as someone who works hard within PMB and who knows how to make a few drinks for them. They get to liking you a lot more when they are a little tipsy.

Derek Rains

This weekend finds me at the Harris County airport in Pine Mountain. From 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Easy job as I just had to park the van and turn down the music when the Army band starts playing. As I was there by myself, I had to handle getting a hole of the contact for the event and figuring out when I needed to be.

The only hiccup for the day was the van I took was on the schedule as being in Opelika at 2 so I had to make a few phone calls to see what was going on with that, but overall, it was an easy fix for Dave and I got to enjoy what events they had there when I wasn’t watching after the van.

Derek Rains

Not too exciting at the food truck festival this year. Besides driving the vans there, parking them, and checking up on them from time to time, I primarily just sat in the shade listening to the music being played there.

I did get to announce some of the specials that the food trucks were offering over our PA system along with Thrift and took song requests, so connecting with the community was my main objective when there was stuff for me to do.

Derek Rains

Carver High School held a celebration parade in honor of the Boys and Girls (respectively) basketball teams’ victories in the state championships. As PMB gets involved with the community every chance we can get, we had 4 PMB vehicles in the lineup for the parade.

The lesson from this is quite different though. Halfway through the parade, I get a call from Dave, it’s an emergency, there is no one at the station to load breaks for Mike Kelly due to a scheduling error. The parade started at 2 and the spot for Mike was at 2:30. I had to find some way to break off from the rest of the parade and head back to the station to load those breaks in as it could be up to 15,000 dollars that we lose if we miss these breaks.

So the lesson I have learned from this is, not everything goes as planned, even for someone who plans things out so well like Dave who has been in the business since his early 20’s. You have to be able to adapt to different situations and not be so ridged to a set schedule.


Alan Barringer

This week I was able to do a remote for 103.7 Lite FM at the Kid’s summer camp fair that was held the infantry museum. For this I had to drive the 103.7 Lite van and I parked it right in front of the entrance so everyone could see. Then I opened the back of the van up to play music to make it livelier at the event. I also had to record six 30 second breaks that would entail what all is going on at the fair for 103.7 Lite FM. Over thousands of people showed up for this event. Food and beverages were also served, and many Marvel characters were dressed up for this event for the kids.

During the fair I would go around to each table and find out the different camps for kid’s that are being put on this summer. Once I did this I would then write it down to promote on the radio during the six 30 second breaks for 103.7 Lite FM. I also did a Facebook live for the Lite social media audience. The Facebook live was only two minutes in length, where I would walk around and show what all is happening at the kid’s fair. This event was very successful and I was glad to be a part of it. The more remotes I do the, means more comfortable I get, and the better I sound on the radio.


Alan Barringer

This week I was given the task to giveaway concert tickets for 106.5 Really Rocks. The tickets I was giving away was to see “Muse” and special guest “Walk the Moon” all week long. How I was told to do this is to tease when I would be giving away the tickets. This usually happened 30 minutes before I would be actually giving them away. Then I would play a “sounder” which is a mash up of several songs by Muse. Once this sounder was played the listeners must call in and be caller number six. After I took calls until caller number 6, I then would record it to play back on the air so everyone would know we had a winner for that day.

The only thing I would struggle on is remembering to press record once I got the winner for that day. Usually the phone would ring off the hook and I would get a winner fairly soon after the sounder was played on air. Once I got comfortable, I was fine, and everything went smoothly. I really enjoyed hearing the excitement in the voices of the winners because they were going to see “Muse” one of their favorite bands in concert. I was grateful for the opportunity to be on live radio and this experience helped me grow as a broadcaster.