Football Nightly Down South

Josh Pate and Jonathan Rivers getting ready for the show tonight!

Josh Pate and Jonathan Rivers getting ready for the show tonight!

I am currently interning at WLTZ-NBC 38 , which is a news station, i do learn a lot about the news and the process that goes into it, however I mainly help with the late night sports which is every week night around 10 staring Josh Pate ( former CSU student) and Jonathan Rivers. Before my internship i knew very little about football, i was not against football it just was not my sport of choice.  However now it is football over load in my brain. For all you sports lovers yes you can make a career out of watching football or sports in general Josh and Jonathan are living proof! Even though this show is football based I am still learning a lot about working on a show in general and there is nothing better than doing work that is not only teaching you and helping you grow but also fun and that is exactly the environment that i am working with!

WLTZ: Learning Opportunity

WLTZ staff and I

I have just started interning at WLTZ a couple of weeks ago and it has been awesome! The first week I just observed what was going on. Observing was not just “watching us, until we need something,” it was so much to observe, it is amazing to be able to see first hand what is going on behind the scenes.

Mainly what I have been doing at WLTZ is helping with the 11’oclock news and Football Nightly Down South. Unlike most of the students currently interning during the day, I intern at night because both of these programs take place at nighttime. Currently I have been helping with the set, which consist of moving other existing sets around positioning cameras and making sure every little detail is correct. This is because something that is not as noticeable in person is extremely noticeable on camera.

This past night I was taught how to create some of the graphics that appear on the screen during the broadcast. It is always fun to see the things that you learn in school come in handy; I was able to quickly grasp the concept of the program because of a similar concept I had learned in my interactive media class at CSU.

So far I have learned a lot from all the members for the nighttime shows and they have been extremely welcoming and patient with me and I cant wait to see what the future holds for learning experiences that I am sure to receive!



TOOLS for Schools Davis Broadcasting Inc.

Schools are starting back and Davis Broadcasting is always trying to give back to the community in one-way or another. This year they are continuing there giving spirit with the annual back to school “ school supply drive” titled tools for schools. In the past they would ask the local Wal-Mart closest to the station, which is Wal-Mart on Buena Vista Rd to donate school supplies and the community to donate school supplies. Then the station would take the supplies to families in need.

However this year the promotions director here at DBI and the General Manager at the Wal-Mart on Buena Vista Rd, combined forces to make it so that all the Wal-Mart’s in the columbus area donated supplies and set up baskets at all the registers for donations and binds set up at the entrances/exits to the store for people to buy supplies and drop them off in the bins.

We have had about six meetings discussing all the technicalities of the event; in those meetings I was the official note taker! After all the meetings I would type all of my notes and send them to all the directors at the station. I also got the privilege of designing the banners that are at the Wal-Mart’s.

This weekend is the big finally of the event. Friday people from all over Columbus will be driving by the station dropping of school supplies, with the intent to have enough to fill up the FOXIE105 van. Then the next day we will be at all the Wal-Mart’s in columbus driving around in the station vans and we will also be promoting live at the events doing call in’s.I am stationed to help pack the vans with schools supplies this weekend. It is fun to help the community and learn the ropes of planning an event at the same time!


This is one of the bins that are located inside of the station for drop offs!


Cuts for Kids… Traveling in the Station Van!


For the past week we have had to go to basically every barbershop and salon in the Columbus Phoenix City area. So if you have seen the Foxie105 van or the ESPN van outside a salon it was us. The Promotions Director and I have been riding around trying to get salons and barbershops to participate in the annual cuts for kids that Davis Broadcasting has done for the passed 23 years.




I have learned that when putting on a free event it can be difficult to convince people or company’s to provide their services, even when they are technically getting paid. How does this work? Well radio stations don’t get their money from people just tuning in, because we don’t pay to hear the radio. Radio stations want people to tune in to get high ratings, why? Because they get their money from sponsors and sponsors will pay more money to be featured on air when that station has higher ratings. So when a station ask a company to donate their services they intern will provide them with air time which would normally cost them more money that what their services actually cost. However trying to explain that to these companies sometimes is a little bit difficult.




Today the Promotions Director said she was going to send me in alone to try and convince a salon owner into participating in the event. I was extremely nervous, I was also glad I looked the part today I had on a nice black suit and just gotten my hair done. From what I learned in my persuasion class, you have to be the product you sell, going into a hair salon I would want my hair to look amazing and trying to convince them to give us their services away I would need to look professional and trustworthy!




I went into the salon gave them my spill and it was a success!!! I was so happy I got the salon to commit to doing 75 little girls hair for the event! It was very scary but I am so glad she let me do it!




Jazz on the River Success!

Screen shot 2014-07-28 at 1.08.52 PM

Jazz on the River was a success! I was glad to be apart of making this event possible! There were a lot of different people from all areas and age groups in attendance to the event. I arrived two hours prior to the event to help with set up, posting the stations logos and the events sponsors everywhere! I even was aloud to ride in the BMW that was brought to the event.


When the event was going on I was stationed at the winners tent where the on air winners received their VIP Michelob Ultra passes for the event. Most of the event I was able to enjoy the sweet sounds of jazz from the local and regional artist that came and performed live. It was also fun to network with the press that came to the event, WSBTV and The Ledger Inquire. I also assisted the station coordinator of the event with bringing all the acts to the stage at the proper times.


One act that performed was a band called “Unknown Lyric” they were a band from Atlanta Georgia that just played instruments no vocals which explains their name. They were the closers of the event and when they performed the crowd was raving in applause. It was really nice to be backstage and get to meet them!


When the event came to a close one of the other interns and I went around getting statements from people in attendance about their experience at the event, and their comments or concerns. Finally when the event came to a close the station team and I went around packing up all the banners equipment that we had brought and we thanked everyone that passed by for coming to the event and not to forget to come again next month.

Jazz on the River


Jazz on the River an annual event hosted by Davis Broadcasting and the Civic Center returns again this year and thanks to the teachings of Youngrak Park my interactive media professor at Columbus State I was equipped with the skills to design this years jazz on the river flyer!

This was a really fun project to do, when I was casually showing some of my work to some of the employees at the station word got out that I was skilled in Photoshop. Which resulted in the Director reaching out to me, about designing the flyer. I loved the real life application that I could use from my class to this actual situation. In my class the professor talked about taking what the client wants and making it. They gave me basically a free range of creativity when designing, only asking for the “J” in Jazz to be a musical instrument. When making the flyer I went back to the drawing board three times until I pleased my client. Each time the Director saw something in my visual that could cause communication errors from the audience.


My first design was so different from the ones they did in the past, they did not want people to be confused on if it was a completely different event or not.

1st design

My second design was uniformed with the past, however the dark background suggested a night event versus an evening event,


My third design they were extremely pleased, everyone at the station loved it!



However we did have a issue with the last design when it was time for the Civic Center to display the flyer on the screens outside the building the last design was too colorful to show clearly, making it hard for people to see the information on the poster. So I had to make a simple design just for the Civic Center display monitors.



It was fun to see the communication process that goes into making something like this!






Family Day

Every year for the past 25 years Davis Broadcasting has hosted Family Day in the Park. This year on its 26 annual celebration Davis Broadcasting revamped the event adding a car and bike show, a long list of artist from almost every genre and they even changed the location to the Columbus Civic Center. The event population attendance increased about 2,000 people from previous attendance. Being apart of the DBI (Davis Broadcasting Inc.) Street Team which I am doing my internship under I was able to help this entire event come alive.

During the first few weeks prior to the actual event I was assigned the task of designing and making the employee badges for the event. I also assisted the Promotions and Marketing Director in getting all the supplies necessary for the event to take place, and I also assisted her with promoting the event. This was fun because when I graduate I would like to do something similar to this and it allowed me to see first had the work and details that go into making an event happen.

Even though I am working at a radio station it has never been my dream to actually be on the air. However you never know until you try and for the event I costarred on a promo that the station did to help get volunteers for the event.

On the actual day of the event I had to get there at 9am to help with set up. Around 11am I was stationed at the check-in/registration booth for the Car and Bike Show. There were a lot of amazing cars and bikes.


As the day went on I was later stationed at the kids center which was a designated children safe area, which had giant bouncers, free refreshments, snacks, and gifts provided by Wal-Mart. When I was there I was partnered with DBI employees and volunteers, our job was to make sure everyone was safe and hydrated.


My last stationing of the night was in the hospitality suite; this is where all the DBI employees, guest and volunteers were allowed to go when they needed AC or food, however that night it was closed off for just the performers. There had been performers constantly throughout the day starting 2pm. However at about 8:30pm the last a final act was going to perform and they had the hospitality suite reserved for just them. They were a famous group from the 70’s that I had never even heard of, however when I was texting my mom asking her about them I was quickly informed about their fame. The group was called the Bar-Kay’s, and I assisted one of the DBI employees with making sure that they had everything that they needed, and with bringing them to the stage.


The event was very long and the preparation for it was very stressful for everyone involved. However we were all very proud of the turn out and proud of what we all did to make it happen. It was great first had experience that I couldn’t learn out of a textbook.