Jennifer Therrien – My first week!

Well, last week was  my first week at the Columbus, Ga, Chamber of Commerce. I will be working with Amy Bryan as she mentors me throughout the semester. My first day I was introduced to everyone including CEO Mike Gaymon. I then got a tour of the old train station. They showed me where all the board rooms are and what kind of meetings were held there. It  made me really excited to get the opportunity to sit in on some of the board meetings that will be held there. I got to sit in on a Monday morning meeting and see what everyone was going to be doing this week. I got a feel of how the Chamber is ran and all the different events that go along with the Chamber.

One of the things I was most excited about was the fact that I got my own cubicle/office, I also received my very own email.

My first big assignment as the intern at the Chamber of Commerce was to write an article about the history of the chamber for a magazine titled “Lady Illustrious.” I was excited and nervous at the same time to be able to write something for a publication!

Another exciting experience for me was I got to go with Amy to attend a presentation at the Coca-Cola Space Science Center in the Omni Theater. I was able to listen to Janeen, Amy, and Chris Woodruff speak on behalf of the Chamber and Young Professionals. It was a great opportunity and I cant’t wait to take part in other exciting meetings.

I’m not sure what’s next at the Chamber but I am pretty sure I am going to enjoy whatever I do there. I am looking forward to my semester at the Chamber!


Brandon Lashley – Steeple Chase – Off to the Races


It is not everyday that a college student gets to be a part of something as big as planning and advertising of a Steeple Chase. I am grateful that I have been afforded this opportunity. I want to first tell you a little about the Steeple Chase in which Callaway Gardens holds on a yearly basis this being the 29th annual event, then discussing what I will be doing.

As I stated before this year will be the 29th annual event Callaway will be hosting, which is sanctioned by the National Steeplechase Association (NSA). There are a total of 26 Steeple Chase events within a given season consisting of nearly 200 races with a total purse of more than 4.6 million dollars per year. Many events will take place the day of the Steeple Chase in which I may elaborate on later.

As an intern for Callaway Gardens in this event process it has been tasked to me to learn as much as I can about Callaway and the Steeple Chase. This alone will take quite a few days. I will be working with very influential people within the surrounding area to help promote and plan for the event. I will also be assisting with a Campaigns class this semester to promote the Steeple Chase to Columbus State University students. This is only a snapshot of some of the things I will be doing and will hope to accomplish.

This is an exciting time for myself and CSU as a whole to participate in this event. I am proud to be a part of this and hope to exceed the role of intern.

For more information about the event go to
or find them on:

Robbie Watson – Behind the Scenes


One of the perks of broadcasting include an occasional, behind the scenes look at some of the community’s Leaders and how they operate in their respective fields.   Last night was one such occasion at Riverside, home to Fort Benning’s Commanding General MG HR McMaster where I got a rare glimpse at this well known leader, who has served during the last decade at war.

Civilians are often far removed from military life even though our neighbors at Fort Benning frequently, rotate in and out of harm’s way.  Last night, I met a mother who deployed four times during Operation Iraqi freedom. She sacrificed four out of her daughter’s eight years to serve our country.  Though I have had the pleasure of meeting many athletes, superstars, and politicians during my two decades in broadcasting, nothing tops spending time with these men and women in uniform who are real heroes.

Chasity Cook- My Start at St. Francis Hospital

My start at St. Francis Hospital has been quite the experience. The first day that I arrived was a busy one. Every Monday morning is the community relations team meeting. In the meeting they evaluate the previous week’s tasks, and where they are in getting things together for the welcoming of new residents and doctors. St. Francis is also opening a new women’s health facility and they will open the labor and delivery hospital. The hospital stopped delivering babies in 1981, but they are now ready to start again and better serve the Columbus, Ga. area and its demand for baby deliveries and OB/GYN services.

During the meeting I was pleased to meet my new co-workers (I like to call them teammates) Jessica, John, and Karen.  They each shared with me their personal experiences at St. Francis both good and bad. Each of them is in different stages of their career. For this I am thankful because it gives me the opportunity to see how they have grown as writers, PR professionals, and media specialists.

As a communication major, I never thought that I would have to learn a medical term in my life. In about a two day span, I have come across at least thirty or more that I had no clue what they mean. I know see that this job is not only going to benefit my writing skills but also my research and networking skills. This is definitely an opportunity that I will never forget. It is time go full force and ride on this fantastic voyage called St. Francis!