Busy Body – Jake Hall – NPACE/COA Center for Development


It has been a crazy few weeks for me. I have been working with the NPACE to help film some concerts put on by the Schwob School of Music. They play their concerts at Legacy Hall inside the RiverCenter. It is crazy to me that the Schwob does not have more students than they do considering the beautiful performance hall that they have right at their disposal, they have to be turning hundreds of students away. If I were any good at what they do I certainly would not be able to turn them down.

Over at the College of the Arts I have been working to update their donations page. I am not designing a new website for them, but I created a template that they will give to a web designer to create. Basically, I gave the designer a road map, and all they have to do is follow it. I certainly would not have been able to do it without the knowledge I gained in the integrated web design class that I took as part of my communication major.

Also, I took my exit assessment and passed. That means that come December I will no longer be a student at CSU, but instead I will become an alum. Exciting times I tell you.

Advertising – Jake Hall – College of the Arts/NPACE


The COA advertisement in the Sunday edition of the Ledger-Enquirer.

The COA advertisement in the Sunday edition of the Ledger-Enquirer.

I have had an adventurous week. I have been working with the College of the Arts at CSU to help advertise for two groundbreaking events for the Schwob School of music. They have received a very nice Yamaha disklavier that they will be displaying on September 4 to go along with the naming and endowing of the Jack and JoRhee Pezold division of keyboard studies on September 14. You can find more information on the disklavier recital here and the naming and endowing ceremony here. We spent the last two weeks talking with both the Ledger-Enquirer and Georgia Public Radio to get the events advertised through those media outlets. It was an interesting learning experience finding out how advertising works, and how it is different through different outlets.

GPR actually does not handle direct advertising. They do what is typically labeled as underwriting. Underwriting is essentially another name for sponsorship. The COA gives them money and do a 15 second plug during the segments of our choosing, which was the morning and afternoon drives. Also, Atlanta is now a separate division of GPR, so the price was different to promote through Atlanta, but it was different in a good way because it was cheaper to advertise on the Atlanta station. The most interesting part in all of this was coming up what to say. I had to cut out a lot of words or find a way to make them shorter in order to fit them into a 15 second window. It was challenging, but very rewarding.

The Ledger, on the other hand, was quite easy. All I had to do was tell them what to say on the ad, and they put the ad together. The picture featured with this post is the finished product.

I also had several news articles to write for the Saber this week, which will be available Wednesday. One of them is on the Ninth Annual Jim Blanchard Leadership Forum. I was privileged to be able to attend such an extraordinary event. The event was headlined Mark Cuban. Many people know who Mark Cuban is, but for different reasons. I know him as the charismatic owner of the Dallas Mavericks. It was quite an honor just to be under the same roof as such an extraordinary human mind, and to be able to cover such an event as a member of the press.

Crazy Semester – Jake Hall – College of the Arts & NPACE


I have officially began my final semester as an undergraduate at CSU. I look forward to graduating and getting my communication degree, but it is also a strange feeling. I am about to go out into the real world and get a real job. Not the part time food service jobs that I have worked for the last ten years, but something that I can make a career out of and continue to grow under.

For my last semester I chose to intern at the NPACE because I want to get really good with the camera. I have been working hard at getting better with them, but I still feel that there is room for improvement. I start on tuesday working there.

That was going to be my only internship until Dr. Gibson emailed me about an opportunity to work for the College of the Arts as well the NPACE. I was skeptical at first, but after sitting down with Dr. McCollough and discussing it further I felt that it was a great opportunity. So I took on that job as well.

So far it has been great at the College of the Arts. I have been in discussions all week about getting advertisements for upcoming COA events placed in both the Ledger-Enquirer and Georgia Public Radio. My boss, Rex Whiddon, and I discussed other things that he will need my help on, and it looks like I will certainly have an entertaining and valuable final semester at CSU.

Being a Student Journalist – Jake Hall – Sports Information Department

  Cravens (2)

   I have spent most of my time doing small projects, but nothing too big. I have ran scoreboard for some baseball/softball games. I was informed that we will be working a golf tournament at Calloway Gardens! I am not sure what I will be doing yet, but it is pretty cool. I have been working hard for the Saber as well lately.

My latest article was on the upcoming retirement of Rick Cravens. Cravens is the Assistant Director of Outdoor adventures. He orchestrates and coordinates events that students can partake in such as skydiving, rafting, and hiking. One of his top achievements was getting the student recreation center approved, designed and built. He pitched the idea for years before it was approved. That’s right, the big, fancy building across from the Lumpkin Center was the brain child of Cravens. He has spent thirty years as the Director of Intramural Sports and will retire at the end of July.

As for the Saber itself, it has a new website. It is still being configured and upgraded but it does not look that bad. It can be found here. We also voted for a new Editor-in-Chief. We will find out the results of the election shortly, but that is exciting. I have two more issues left this semester so it is time to finish strong.


CSU Soccer Team Travels Abroad – Jake Hall – Sports Information


The CSU Lady Cougar soccer team departed for England earlier this week as part of a study abroad program. They will take classes while seeing the many historical sites that England provides. They will record each step of their trip, and give a presentation on what they learned and experienced while over there.

The exciting part me, as a fan and a writer for the Saber, is that while in England they will play matches against three women’s English professional teams. This is a first for our institution, so I am very excited to watch. You can keep up with their trip here.

As part of both the Saber and the Sports Information Department I attended their press conference to get interviews. WTVM, WRBL, CSU TV, and the CSU podcast team were all there. I got the interviews of two players, the soccer coach, and CSU President Dr. Tim Mescon. It should be a neat story to write.

Another big story that I am keeping my eye on currently is CSU Athletic Director Jay Sparks stepped down from his position to take the job as the new coach of the Francis Marion lady basketball team. It was quite sudden and unexpected, but I am happy for Coach Sparks. He was friend and a reliable source of information. I conducted multiple interviews for multiple articles with him, and he always took time to sit down with the Saber. I hate to see him go, but it will be exciting to see the athletic program grow with a new vision at the forefront. For those wondering why Coach Sparks would leave his position as AD to return to the sidelines, it is as they say: once a coach, always a coach.

PBC Golf Tournament – Jake Hall – Sports Information


I recently worked the Peach Belt Conference golf tournament at Callaway Gardens. The first day was interesting because it was storming. The rain came down pretty heavy and at first they were attempting to continue with the golf tournament, but eventually they called it. They sent me to the 18th hole.

It was kind of cool because they gave me my own golf cart to drive back and forth between the course and the club house. My job was to collect the scores from the 16th hole to the 18th hole and text them into the official score keeper. As I said eventually they called me to come back to the club house to see if they will continue the first round. They eventually just called the first round off.

The second day of the tournament they sent me to the fourth hole. It was still raining a little bit, but not as much as day one. It was peaceful sitting on the golf course. You really have to experience it some day because it is quite scenic. I did the same job as day one except this time I kept track of holes 1 through 3. When all the golfers came through my station I went back into the club house. I had a blast at the course.

PBC Golf Tournament – Jake Hall – Sports Information


I am currently in the process of preparing to work the Peach Belt Conference Golf Championship being held at Callaway Gardens. It will take place Friday and Saturday. I will have two very long days, but I am sure the experience will be very rewarding. I have never actually attended a golf tournament before so this will be a first.

I have been working on article about the incoming interim athletic Johnny Williams. He comes from Troy State, and I am very interested to see how this process will work. Essentially the future of Columbus State athletics rests in the hands of those that determine who will control the department. His position with the department is temporary for now, but he still has the ability to make significant changes in CSU athletics. We will see in the coming months which direction CSU will take.

CSU Baseball Graphics – Jake Hall – Sports Information


   This weekend I ran the scoreboard graphics for the CSU baseball live feed. It was an interesting day because when I showed up to the ballpark there were about 50 little league baseball players. They were at the game for little league night. They received a poster and a variety of prizes for answering baseball questions in between innings. They also got to get the autographs of the CSU baseball team after the game. I got to witness a little bit of the marketing side of collegiate athletics so it was a very valuable experience.

I pretty much performed the same job that I worked for the PBC Basketball Tournament. I kept track of balls, strikes, outs, and runs. It was pretty monotonous, but was also a valuable experience as it is a job that somebody at every television sports broadcasting event has to do. CSU won the game against Montevallo, which is great because that is also a conference victory which counts twice. I have become pretty adequate at running the TV graphics station so maybe one day it can turn into a job. I think the best apart about the job is getting to watch good sporting events while sitting in the best seat in the stadium.

PBC Conference Basketball Tournament – Jake Hall – Sports Information


CSU hosted the 2014 Peach Belt Conference men and women’s basketball tournament. The winner of the men’s side and the women’s side receive an automatic entry in the 2014 Division II NCAA National Championship March Madness tournament. It started on Thursday and went through Sunday. The SID had to handle all of the behind the scenes stuff.

My job over the weekend started as being the graphics editor. Basically I managed the live scoreboard that people at home saw on the live internet feed. That was certainly a “trial by fire” experience because I had never done this before. Eventually by the second game I had it figured out and under control. Well one of the directors of the live feed had a family emergency so they needed someone to run that position. I was the natural choice for the job because the station was right beside mine.

The director’s job is choose the correct camera angle for the feed. We ran three cameras for the tournament, so my job was to choose the camera angle that best displays the action on the court. it was literally like watching the game on TV, but you get to chose the camera angle. It was a unique experience and for three straight days that was my job.

I had a blast working the tournament and the CSU Lady Cougars made it even better by winning the ladies tournament. By winning they have an enormous opportunity to compete for a national title. All I have to say is “Go Cougs!”

Record Setting Feature-CSU SID-Jake Hall

I have been gathering information over the last few weeks for a feature that Ms. Teague asked me to do on the softball team. The feature was about two players, Casey Googe and Morgan Staffins, and their pursuit of NCAA records. Googe is currently chasing several hitting records or is seeking to move into the top ten in several offensive categories. Staffins is closing in on moving into the top 25 all time in putouts. A putout is when a player gets a runner out without any assistance. It is a very impressive stat when you think about how perfect a player has to be when the ball and/or the runner comes their way.

 It took me a few weeks to type this article because I had to account for current statistics. It was due before a couple of games this week so I waited for the softball team to finish the Shaw softball challenge over the weekend. I spent Sunday and Monday writing the feature. The difference between a feature and a news story is readability. A news story is typically only half read. In other words, when writing them you typically put the most important information first and if the reader wants to read more than they can. It is basically written like a telegram where you have to worry about word count and space (even then we do not actually worry about word count and space). A feature is written like a story and is meant to peak the reader’s interest.


I wrote it by telling the story of NCAA softball. I basically peaked the reader’s interest by mentioning how much of a big deal it is to put a player’s name in the record book (even though they already knew that). The hardest part of writing any story is finding where to start, but once I figured out a starting point the rest of the story tells itself.

I highly recommend to all of the readers to go to a CSU sporting event. You never know what you are going to witness. It could be as simple as a win and a loss, or it could be something much more such as writing the history books. Next up for me is preparing for the Peach Belt Conference men and women’s basketball tournament. It takes place over the break, and will start next Thursday, March 6 and go through Sunday, March 9.