NPACE Center Radio Training With Dave Arwood

by Roger Hart
Acting Director of the NPACE Center

Dave Arwood, Operations Manager for PMB Broadcasting, held a training session for Department of Communications students in the NPACE Center radio station that PMB Broadcasting donated to Columbus State University. Arwood is starting a regular training schedule for students and interns that are aspiring to become new radio talent. We are very grateful to PMB Broadcasting’s staff and Dave Arwood for the contribution and commitment they are making to the Mass Media Studies track students in the Department of Communication. Students are working diligently on developing programming content for the NPACE Center radio station which will be able to broadcast student produced programming on PMB Broadcasting radio stations and stream the same programs on Internet Radio.

Zach Jamieson-NPACE- Meeting

Yesterday I met with a portion of the NPACE Center Communication Department faculty. Though we waded through a good deal of issues and hurdles, I believe that I left with a start on the goals I can help them achieve. It just so happens that I will be able to tie projects from multiple classes into helping the center. This will allow me more time to focus on some of the specifics of each project. Shaping up to be an exciting and busy semester.

This week I’ll be working on recent publications and their arrangements, dreaming up some video, playing with new visual media editing software, and if I’m really lucky, Mr. Hart will let me get my paws on some of that radio equipment too.

Not that there isn’t a lot more behind the scenes, but I have to cut it short for the afternoon. Looking forward to the next post. Until then!

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Music of the day:Avenged Sevenfold: Winner of the 2011 Golden Gods Awards for Guitarist, Singer, Drummer, and Album of the year. Enjoy their touching song and video Gun Slinger.

Zachary- UNANNOUNCED- The Start of a New Journey

Embarking on a new journey is always exciting, especially when you’re equally excited about the journey as you are the possibilities.  We here in the CSU Communications Department  stand at the precipice of what looks to be an extremely exciting journey in multimedia and broadcast futures. In a few hours I will meet with our Communications Department faculty to discuss a project for a multimedia class utilizing the NPACE Center as it’s client. I will incorporate the Video Journalism class projects I am working on with the new and cool Mr. Hart as well as the guidance of our also new and equally  groovy Dr. McCollough, my professor of PR and over all guidance from Dr. Danna Gibson, Department Chair, and bring it all to a head under the supervision of Dr. Park  in a final client proposal and class project.

The most exciting part of this all to me is the idea that, not only through this project, but through  internships and more importantly my own interest, those of us that are here for the next year or so have the opportunity to build a multimedia studio including audio, video and internet. How many people can say that they were in an integral part of the construction of a full multimedia studio? With these mediums at our disposal there is nothing that we can’t do! News, music, documentaries, talk shows, interviews, commercials, web pages and social media presence building. Add the possibility for a public relations professional and/or student to utilize all of these as tools…pinch me. I think I’m dreaming!

Though I am excited at the prospect of my initial participation in the birth of this new and interesting endeavor, I am equally as nervous. I hope that I can keep up.  I will keep you all updated as to how the meeting goes in the am. Until then!

Word of the day: Depute- To appoint or authorize as an agent or representative.

Music of the day: First this jam is awesome, secondly, this guy is amazing; Check it out!!