Jennifer Therrien – My First Luncheon!

Last week I got to experience something I never had before, I got to attend my first real luncheon. This was exciting because I got to step out of my cubicle and see something first hand. The luncheon was a Leadership Alumni Luncheon at the Trade Center.  Amy and I arrived around 10:30 to being preparing for all of the guests. The Luncheon started around 11:30 and the program would begin around 12. Although it started at 11:30 people didn’t start showing up until later. There was lunch provided for all the guest that attended.

My job at this luncheon was to sit with Mercedes and check people in as they arrived. We also had to make sure they had a name tag and made sure they dropped their business card in the bowl for a drawing.  It was a lot of fun and I’m glad I got to experience this. The best part of the event was the food we got to enjoy! Yummmm

Another one of my tasks this week was stuffing, sealing, labeling, and stamping about 600 post cards to mail out to the Young Professionals about an upcoming event. I never knew stuffing and labeling could take so much of my time! The upcoming event is Time for Art and it where you can give your time instead of money in return for some art. It sounds like an exciting event and I’m sure a lot of YP’s are exciting.

The last thing I worked on last week was creating a Media Alert for Amy and Rob. This was the first time I had ever worked on a Media Alert that would be actually be used. It was exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time! letters

David Douglas – Upcoming Events

Check out this list of upcoming events you might be interested in marking on your calendar!

October 31st

The Columbus Bearcats will sponsor a “Fall Festival” from 5 pm – 7 pm at the North Columbus Boys & Girls club on 1309 29th Street. The purpose of the event is to promote Halloween safety by bringing Halloween festivities to a safe and interactive environment. There will be a number of stations set up from a photo booth, pirate walk, penny drop, and craft station.

November 6th

The Columbus Bearcats will be volunteering to cook dinner for the families of the Ronald McDonald House in Columbus, GA. We are hosting a canned good drive until November 5th in effort to make a donation to the Ronald McDonald House. Players, coaches, and others will be in attendance preparing an early Thanksgiving Dinner.

November 13th

Meet & Greet our sponsors and players at CJ’s Wings off Buena Vista Road.

November 21st

Twin Cedars Youth & Family Services, Inc. Thanksgiving dinner from 6 pm – 7 pm. The Columbus Bearcats are accepting donations to help support.

Make sure you stop by any event to enter for a chance to win season tickets and a 42” Samsung TV.

Jasmine Jones – Transitioning at the Station

In the business of local broadcasting people are always moving in and out of the station.  Curtis McCloud is one reporter who just left and has moved to Richmond, VA.  I am very excited for him, but he is the guy who has been showing me the ropes and helping me with my personal reporter reel.  In the meantime I have been editing footage to continue with my ultimate goal.  Also, I have been able to sit with the producers and gain and understanding of what they do and the program they use for the shows.  Since Curtis has left the station I will be placed with Roslyn Giles, who I was with last year and she is a great reporter that I admire.  I know she will be a great mentor and I look forward to being with her throughout the rest of my time at the station.


Gary Goforth Week 6 More highlights

Macon East is the “Feature Game of the Week.” This game for some reason was one of the harder games I shot. This was because the lighting in this stadium was awful. What do I do when this happens? Well it is not like I can carry around a full crew to a football game for lighting, that just wouldn’t work. So if you are ever in this type of situation you should check your white balance ever 10 minutes and also open the iris on your camera up so that it allows you to get all the available light you can that is provided.


Brianna Condra – Our Town Poster?

This week, Kern asked me to design a poster for the Our Town play.  The professor over the play sent me a picture of a flag that he wanted me to incorporate into the poster.  Other than the flag and the stipulated text, Kern told me to “go nuts!”  I did.

I had a lot of fun designing this poster.  I used a gradient in the background from the base color in the flag and I used a few effects on the text.  I think it turned out pretty well.  I am not sure if it will actually be used, but it is fun to hope!

Here is more information on Our Town!


Dana Coburn – Time to Tie the Knot!!!

This week at The Rankin, we have been preparing for yet another wedding! The weeks leading up to weddings are the best, it is complete chaos, but we love it! Preparing the final touches is where the pressure rises. The wedding planner has been in contact all week and we are making sure the The Rankin is at its best. The bride has been in and out, and finally it is time for the rehearsal tomorrow evening. 

The wedding will be this Saturday, at 6pm, and will last until 11pm. Obviously, we have a long day ahead of us. The team, myself included, will be there ready to begin at 11am. When we first arrive the tables and everything will need to be set and ready by 3pm for the pictures and final walk through. This is the craziest part of the day because everybody is running in a different direction trying to get their task completed. From past experience, it will be a fast day with little time for rest. 

These ceremonies are all day events because we have to perform, ” the flip” which is reorganizing the way  the chairs and tables are arranged for the reception. While this is being done the guests will be enjoying their cocktail hour in the Atrium. Then at 8pm, the reception will begin. After the reception is over and the guests are leaving, we then begin our last task of breaking down the event.

I will have great, memorable pictures to blog about on Monday. I have heard the weather should be great, but you just never know. Keep your fingers crossed that we don’t freeze on Saturday. Everybody remember, The Rankin Gardens & Atrium when planning for a future wedding!


Jennifer Therrien, Columbus 2 Columbus


There is no such thing as a calm week at the Chamber. There is always something going on that you need to prepare for. The Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce will attend the 20th Annual Inter-City Leadership Conference in Columbus, Oh. This event will take place Wednesday, September 25th-27th.  The 2013 Leadership conference brings together Columbus, Ga’s top executives and decision makers. Regarded as the leading “city to city” conference in the state of Georgia, this three day, action packed event will provide us with all of the best practices we need to improve the Columbus Georgia Region.

The “Inter-City Leadership Conference was a program initiated by the Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce in 1994. Approximately 8-100 people attend the conference. Every year, community and business leaders, elected officials and community activists visit a comparable city and examine its successes and challenges in hopes of applying lessons to the Columbus region.

One of the things I had to do for the Inter-City Leadership Conference was to create a press release to send to all the different media outlets in Columbus, OH. In order to create this press release I had to do research on what the Inter-City Leadership Conference was. It was interesting to learn how this conference benefited the Columbus, GA community. Along with a press release I had to find all of the media contacts for the Columbus, OH area.

Just like any other event there is a lot of little things that take place in order for this event to run smoothly.

Some of the other little things I did were help Janeen and Amy with name tags and then make sure that all the pad-folios were put together.