Raigan Smith

My first few weeks as an intern!

These past two weeks at Columbus Regional have been outstanding! I decorated my office, became official with HR, and even got my very own badge.


Within these two weeks I completed many tasks given to me. Right away I was given the duty of planning a manners banquet for Clubview Elementary School. This has been an exciting process because event planning is one of my favorite things to do. I have much done already such as centerpiece decorations, catering, invitations and even a photo booth for the children and families to take pictures. I will be sure to blog about it when the event rolls around mid-February.

I have also helped with the incoming website. I have proofread, proofread some more, and proofread again. I have found out that, not unlike in my classes, proofreading comes greatly with the process of creating marketing and public relations materials. The most exciting part of this process is being able to create content. While Jessica, Nick, Anna, and Joel were in a meeting I was given material to create content for the new website by the time they returned. I did so and after getting approval I went back to proofreading.

My first two weeks have given me a great opportunity to look at what a career in this field is like. If the first two weeks were this exciting, I can only imagine what the rest of the semester is like!


Courtney Napier

Interning at the Chamber

This past week marked my first week as the new intern at the Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce (sheesh, that’s a mouthful). Since I’ve only worked a day there’s not much to report on so I’ll just give what little insight and impression I have on the Chamber thus far, and my expectations for the semester ahead of me. My first official day as intern was Wednesday, since Monday was a holiday in respect of MLK; however, I had to go to the Chamber to meet with my new bosses the week prior. Afterwards they invited me to the Young Professionals Kickoff so that I could get a sense of some of the work I would be doing throughout the semester. I wasn’t expecting to work the event, but that’s exactly what I ended up doing. Nothing too strenuous, the usual intern duties I suppose. I was working the registration table, getting drinks for the Chamber employees, working the crowd, meeting interesting new people, and of course the dreaded cleanup at the end of the event. I had fun overall; events (especially when there is an open or cash bar) are where you get to see people in an environment that’s not as formal as the workplace.

I really enjoyed the networking opportunity, and especially without having to pay the $225 YP membership fee. Also, it was a great opportunity for my boss to see that I was willing to work. My first day was pretty dull, I was excited of course, but all I did was create spreadsheets for Young Professionals sign-up committees (which was beyond tedious). I suppose an exciting aspect of my day was that I got to be in the CEO’s office for the day since they were replacing furniture in the other available offices. I’ve always imagined having an internship in college, having to fetch coffee for everyone, dressed in my cutest business casual; the normal vague perceptions television has to offer. I actually had no real impression of the Chamber prior to applying for the internship because I never understood what exactly its function were (and I still don’t, there’s so much), but I’m excited to learn.

My department is Community Growth and Development, which is why I chose it since I’m on the Public Relations track. So far I’m looking forward to planning events, but I’m willing to learn any and all aspects related to this position and all the Chamber has to offer. Hopefully I’ll have more exciting content to blog about later in the semester but that’s all for now.

Until next week,

The Ebullient Intern

Louis Sanville

Louis Sanville

Internship Blog 1

January 24, 2016

Internship Blog 1 (Week of Jan. 23rd)

I do not think the word “exciting” would begin to describe my first week as an intern for the college radio station, WCUG 88.5 Cougar Radio. What I can say is that I was eager to learn all I could about the production side of the station. I wanted to set a meeting with Dr. Scott Sellnow-Richmond, the supervisor of the station, for the first Friday of the semester (Jan. 15th) at 1:00pm. He initially agreed to the meeting. When I arrived around 12:55pm, I told Dr. Sellnow-Richmond that I am interested in working with production for the station. He told me that I would be able to do certain tasks that are given to me by Tip Lynch and Brandon Moe. After conversations about my internship were settled, I was given my first tasks: create a word document that includes the current Country songs placed on Billboard Charts, and write a script for the radio liners that are to be on-air within a few weeks.

The tasks were fairly easy to do. Although it was a bit difficult to write the script, it was fun to do. It was not my best work, but it meant a lot to the station. Listing the current Country songs on the Billboard Charts was tricky. I was given a list of country songs on Billboard for the previous week. The list went up to 50 songs. When I visited the Billboard website, however, not only were there two lists to follow from (Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay Songs), but both lists have songs up to 25 and 30, respectfully. As a result, I was confused as to what list to follow and how many songs to list including the positions of the songs from the previous week. Eventually, I was told to follow both lists and to write the songs from the lists separately. In a sense, it made the job easy for me.

Tomorrow (Jan. 25), I start the second week of internship. I think that some of the first tasks that I will have for this week would include imaging. This is where the liners come together. Then, I figure that they would have me do some other work involving production, but I do not know the extent of the work yet. Hopefully, this will grow into more opportunities for me to get the experience I need for the future.

Amita Lee

Amita Lee

Internship Blog Entry #1

Muscogee County Ferst Foundation

This week was the first formal week of my internship. I have been doing the internship for almost nine months so this week was very routine. I started by updating the Facebook page. One of the main parts of my internship is making sure that I keep the Facebook and other social media up to date. I posted about a book called “Dragons Love Tacos”.



I wanted to use a book that the parents that follow our page could find at the local library. One of the things that I take into account when I post, is the ability to access the books and crafts that we provide to encourage reading.

Thursday, I had a meeting with my supervisor, Warren Steele. We discussed where we want to go in the next semester, the changes we are looking for, and finding a replacement for me this coming fall. I have really grown to enjoy working with Warren. While we were meeting, we also talked about the Community Action Team and all they have been preparing to do to make changes to the way we reach our parents. Our main goal for this semester is to find a new way to reach parents as well as keeping them happy with our services.

Morgan Nicholson

Internship Week 1

The first week at my internship with PMB Broadcasting was great. I’m learning so much in my field of work that I never looked into. I decided to intern with PMB for multiple reasons. One being that radio is something I want to do for the rest of my life so why not learn more about a side of radio I am not familiar with. My advisor for the internship is Brian Waters, he hosts midday’s on 103.7 Lite FM, a man of many titles, he is also Program Director for his station as well as the classic rock station. He programs the music and sets up promotions for both stations. For my internship we decided I would focus more on the classic rock station, 105.5fm The Ride. I will be learning how to program and schedule music through music master and learn how to deliver myself as a personality on a classic rock station.

This first week we focused on music for both Lite and rock. Lite fm is more complex with it comes to music scheduling, so Brian showed me the differences between the two stations. I learned the basics of scheduling and understanding music master for the classic rock station and was shown the Lite music as well. We discussed why Lite is more complex. The reason being music changes every day from 12-4 due to Ryan Seacrest’s show out in L.A. He also showed me how he obtains show prep and how he connects with the audience on the classic rock station. For the classic rock station there is minimal talking, the focus is on the music being played. In the weeks to come I plan to learn how to schedule the music for classic rock on my own and learn how to use my voice as a personality on the classic rock station as well, delivering content and interacting with the listeners. I’m very excited for the next few months.

Brandon Moe

Ok. So for this week, we did a lot at the radio station, or at least I did. Getting back into the swing of things, I ended last week and started off this week by making a script with liners for people to say. It was kind of difficult because I had to figure out a way to make several liners without saying the same exact thing more than once. After making the liners, I found some people to say the liners. Now the next task is making the liners with 2 other people that I am working on it with. The liners are going to be made for the different hours for the radio station and it will play throughout the day. 

FullSizeRender 2

Sydney Hilderbrand

This week I worked from Monday through Friday from 12pm – 4pm. I work at a PR Agency in Auburn, AL. On Tuesday (Monday was a holiday), I reviewed our client’s social media platforms and website to make sure everything is running properly. This includes checking links, pictures, quotes, “shopping carts”, etc. When I find an error, I report it to the director and they pass it on to the analyst to fix the problem. After that, the interns were approached with a new project where we do extensive competitor research for a client. This has been an ongoing project and has lasted about four days.

Last week, the interns were given a project to work with a local client and come up with a social media promotion. This promotion took extensive planning and research on specific social media platforms that would meet the most needs. On Wednesday, I finalized the PowerPoint presentation so that it would be ready to go when we present. We finally presented this project with our final synopsis and presentation and the director LOVED it. They decided to take the next step and pass it on to the designer, who will then bring it to life!

On Thursday, we continued our competitor research. Shortly after, we were approached by the director who wanted to get our opinion about an advertisement coming out soon. This client lives out of town, so it was interesting to come up with an ad that attracts a new company. Later that day, we were pulled into a meeting for brainstorming ideas for a local client. This consists of a comfy chair, a cup of coffee, and the best ideas you have. Everything was written on a whiteboard and when you hit a roadblock, the meeting was paused and they will decide when to pick it back up. So we continued on to the next meeting to present our newest edit of the advertisement we came up with. It was interesting to hear everybody’s ideas and see a team work together to come up with the BEST idea.

On Friday, we finished up our competitor research and presented it in a meeting with the director. Again, we bounced ideas off of each other and came up with alternative plans for this specific client. Once the brainstorming began, we couldn’t stop. When that meeting finished up, we went to visit a local client to get a real life perspective rather than an e-commerce perspective.

After this week, I can’t believe it’s only my second week. I already feel like I am an employee and I’m learning so much. I feel like I had really good timing with this internship because I am getting the experience BEFORE I get the education. I feel like this will make my COMM courses go a lot smoother next semester! At the beginning of the internship, I signed a confidentiality agreement that does not allow me to give client names, company ideas, or any insider knowledge. Because of this, I am unable to send pictures, but I will put as much as I can into words for you!