Internship of my Dreams


The holidays were coming to an end. The reality of school beginning soon, was settling in. As excited as I was about concurring  yet another semester, knowing it would not be a typical term, was all the more intriguing. Along with my other captivating, PR related classes, my junior internship would be the most exciting.

I have worked for a Moe’s Original BBQ for nearly three years in Auburn, AL. When I begin my journey with Moe’s, I never imagined where it would take me. I instantly fell in love with it’s mission, soul, and love for southern barbecue. The longer I worked for the company, the more it became clear of a bright future I could potentially have with this ever growing franchise.

As of December 11, 2013, I am officially a resident of Panama City Beach, FL. I moved here to watch a Moe’s start from the ground up. Roughly three weeks from opening, my internship has began at the perfect time. I began the internship this past week. My focuses for the next few weeks will include; training new hires, joining Panama City Beach (Bay County) Chamber of Commerce, managing the stores social media web pages, and preparing the store for it’s grand opening. I couldn’t be more trilled to incorporate everything I have and continue to learn through CSU!

For more information about Moe’s BBQ please check out the following:

Future Interning – Leonard Hood

Although I haven’t started my first day interning at NPACE, I am excited. After seeing all of the equipment and technology I will be using, I can’t imagine what type of projects I will be able to conduct. From the outside looking in, NPACE has everything a person could possibly need to do great production. I know I will be learning a lot of new things these weeks to come. Next week will be my first week as an intern and I can’t wait! I’m majoring in Mass Media and production has been a hobby of mine since high school. I see this internship sharpening my skills and teaching me many new ones. It will be a lot more hands-on learning than my classes. Every time I see the production equipment in the rooms, I just think about what I’d do if I had it all to myself. NPACE will give me a chance to work on producing things I probably can’t even imagine doing on my own right now. Shooting videos, working in the radio stations, and editing it all are just reminders of why I chose to become a communication major from the beginning.



98.3 The Beat – Jyotsna Scales – Time to Get Busy

 I am interning with ClearChannel Radio in Columbus, GA which consists of 98.3 the Beat, Sunny 100, Magic 101.3, Rock 103, South 106.1, NewsRadio 540 AM, 1270 Southern Gospel, and 1460 Funny. I look at this internship to be a great opportunity to work with experienced communication experts. Everyone around the radio station loves what they do and take great pride in informing the community. During my first week, I learned the basics of radio. For example, their is a 60 minute clock of organized radio. You have your 15 minute intervals where there would commercial breaks and advertisement. I never knew there was such an organized way of doing radio. I thought of radio like the every average person you just press buttons and everything is done automatically.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I arrive to the radio station to learn and observe how radio works. I am specifically working with 98.3 the beat radio station with Derrick Greene also known as “Lil D”. Derrick Greene is a very experienced radio personality and also the Vice President of Programming for Clear Channel in Columbus, GA.

I never thought of interning for a radio station before but an acquaintance told me about it. I figured as a Communication major with a Public Relations track why not learn everything with communication since it is so general. Next week I will be learning how to work the board and computers for the radio. I am very blessed and can’t wait to learn all the new things about radio.


Although the semester is just starting, my internship has been ongoing. I originally started interning at the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Chattahoochee Valley during Spring 2013. I was lucky to have been offered a permanent position towards the end of the semester. Since then, I have been on hand with planning events, updating social media websites and creating news releases. I have learned so much within this year and am truly blessed for this opportunity!

YOY STD Email graphic

During my junior internship, I worked heavily with our annual Youth of the Year event and this semester I will be doing the same. The major difference between last year and this year’s event is that this year will be our 1st Annual Corporate Youth of the Year. This is very exciting as I will be more on hands in co-planning this event. It will be held at the Infantry Museum on March 13, 2014.

In preparation for the upcoming event I have spent the past couple of weeks prepping news releases to come out chronicling the stages of the Youth of the Year event. I have also been confirming little, yet important details for the event. As far as media, I spent the early days of this week adding new sponsors to our website. I cant wait to share new details for whats to come!

Check out our new website and link to this important event!

Check Out The Friday Night Sports Focus – Eric Barnhardt

Host - Derek Bailey Host - Matthew Gay

On Friday I decided to stop by the NPACE Center to get a live look at the all new Friday Night Sports Focus radio show produced by Columbus State University student Mark Madden along with new hosts Matthew Gay and Derek Bailey. I wanted to get an up close and personal experience as it was my first time attending an actual live radio show. I can honestly say my experience was incredible. The hosts Matt and Derek gave me a couple of on air shout-outs  as well as gave an opportunity to speak (though I turned it down because I let the professionals do their job while I stayed in my lane). I definitely encourage all CSU students visit the radio show and observe the professionalism and hard work mixed with some good ol’ humor and fun from our very own Columbus State University students. I now have a better understanding of what it takes to produce a quality radio show.

 Mark Maddenderek_and_matt_radio_show

Be sure to tune in from 8pm – 11pm every Friday:

  • 99.7 FM
  • 1420 AM

Madame Mayor Teresa Tomlinson

#mayor #98.3thebeat #clearchannel #internship

#mayor #98.3thebeat #clearchannel #internship

On Monday, January 27th, Madame Mayor Teresa Tomlinson came by 98.3 the Beat radio station to talk to Lil’ D and the public about what’s going on in Columbus, GA. She was available to answer questions from Columbus citizens. Mayor Teresa Tomlinson answered questions concerning the railroads, employment, preparing for the weather, and trying to build revenue in the city. I can honestly say it was a pleasure meeting the mayor. She is a wonderful lady and well respected.

While hearing her talk and answering the communities questions, I believed every word she said and understand why she voted into office. I learned a lot when meeting her and thought this was a chance of a lifetime to meet your city’s mayor.

NPACE/CSU TV- Derek Bailey

Friday Night Sports Focus

Friday Night Sports Focus

Happy New Year,  New Semester, and New Era in Sports Radio for The NPACE Center! The Friday Night Football Focus Radio show was originally established about a year ago before the actually christening of the NPACE center.  Myself being one of the founding members of the radio show am proud to return to the school and find out that the program has blossomed into its own. One which success helped take last year’s host, Josh Pate, on to a professional career in sports broadcasting.

Host - Matthew Gay

Our first Friday Night segment was a blast. Mark, Matt, and myself were the new crew of this year’s show. We really had to sit down and rework the format to change it to fit our expertise and personality. The loss of Josh caused us to re-evaluate what were going to do as far as a broadcast unit. To me it sounded great and later that weekend I talked to Josh and he said he loved it, so with his blessing I feel like we will be very successful with the radio broadcast. But also stay looking our CSU TV broadcast airing later this semester!

One Love Yall

Derek Bailey

American Red Cross-Jo Garrison


I am excited to spend this semester interning with the American Red Cross by helping the Service to the Armed Forces specialist located on Fort Benning, GA.  In just a few weeks I have already been able to apply skills I am currently learning in Rhetorical Criticism by writing a letter requesting donations from reputable businesses in the Columbus, GA area.  I am amazed at how much heart and hard-work goes into providing a service that not everyone is aware of.  The Service to the Armed Forces, is only one of several different services the American Red Cross provide not only locally, but nationally as well.  These men and women are there to provide support to “America’s Military Family.”  I am really looking forward to learning about fundraisers, setting up events on a military post, and everything else that goes on behind scene with such a widely known non-profit organization.  I promise to share all I can while keeping in mind what is proprietary information.  -Jo Garrison

Michael Molinaro – US Army – Let’s get it on!

So the spring semester has begun and so has my senior internship.  It was hard to find one because as a non-traditional student I already work a full-time job 40 hours a week on Fort Benning with their public affairs office. In the military, public affairs is broken down into three sub-categories–command information, media relations, and community relations. In my job I am in the command information cell and have been doing so for the past four years. I work in the main building on post with other civilians, but through a partnership with a regular unit on post, I will now do both media relations and community relations with troops, so it’s really exciting.

The main event I am working on is something called the Army Strong Experience. It is going to b held March 13 and is organized by the US Army Marksmanship Unit. They are using me to help promote the event these next two months with posters, flyers and social media networking. Then the week of the event I will be used in media relations and pitching the day to local and regional media and escorting them around the post the entire day. I am taking vacation days from my paid job to work on this project the entire week, so I’ll be with them for 40-50 hours that week alone. I am pumped.

This past week I went out to several ranges and took pictures I will use for the marketing products. Usually I sit at my desk and type out releases and policy decisions to be used internally–thus the term command information. Now I am outside, working with troops and use a little creativity and then go back and get to use programs such as Adobe InDesign and Photoshop like we use in the communication department. I am stoked to employ the stuff we learned in the classroom in the real world. _DSC0029 _DSC0031 _DSC0056

Reach For Your Dreamz- Tier Wootson


Now that the Holidays are over, it’s time to get back to business. We had Latasha Hicks and Tiffany Wright on ” Chip’s World” with Dj Chip. They are a non-profit organization that works with at risk youth and children with disabilities. The program is roughly two years old and their main goal is to encourage anybody, but particularly children, that you can Reach Your Dreams at any age. They try to expose the youth to different opportunities and to show them what it takes to accomplish your dreams. They love volunteers and have memberships available for those who would like to join.

It was weird being back just because it’s been so long since I held a camera and wasn’t use to waking up so early in the morning. I was having some problems with panning the camera but it was fixed. We had a good time, and I learned a lot about their organization. It feels good to be back in the swing of things and back with my WLTZ crew.