It’s time to say goodbye-Tier Wootson

This past semester has blinked before my eyes. I have learned so much at WLTZ that I will apply to my life and career, throughout this year.


Through my classes at school, I have been able to not only apply but expand my knowledge of what I already knew, or be told the truth about the business. I want to stay with WLTZ and see if I can be moved to a different area and be apart of another show. I love the morning show and everyone on it, but I’m ready for something new.

Ironically I have been approached about possible doing radio, which will be something very new to me but something that I have been thinking about for awhile, a lot of tv personalities started off in radio and worked their way up to tv, so I don’t know what I am going to do, but I’m excited for the future.

One thing that I have learned and cherished throughout this process is you have to love your job more than you love the money. I have said this throughout my life and throughout this past I have been tested for my love of television because I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I am excited for what’s to come , but you know what they always say, as one door closes another one opens.


Easter Egg Hunt Extravaganza-Tier Wootson

Easter is here and it’s time to go hunting!


Adam Pugh from the Rock Ranch, came all the way down to talk to Dj Chip about their annual Easter egg hunt. This year they hid a whopping 40,000 eggs, across the enormous field that they have. Mr.Pugh said that they would be expecting over 4,000 kids plus their family members. He said they will have zip lining along with many other different activities that the kids and families can do, along with plenty of food to eat.


He went on to say that every kid in Muscogee County went home with a free ticket for the Rock Ranch which could be used all the way up until July. It’s crazy to think that Easter is already here, which means school is almost over. Mr.Pugh was one of my first guest I booked for Dj Chip so it’s always a blessing and privilege to have him come onto the show.


STOP BACK UP-Tier Wootson


Premier Martial Arts came on the show to show Dj Chip and the lovely people at home different ways they can protect themselves. What I enjoy about my internship is that I’m constantly learning something other than TV stuff. Charlton, grey shirt, was telling Dj Chip that 80% of attacks are from someone you know, and that most of them are domestic. When they said that I was very surprised because I knew that some attacks came from people that we know but not that many. When I watch the news, I hardly hear that the victim new their attacker. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, just saying I was surprised and hardly hear about it, so it was nice to learn something new.


Zach, black shirt, then showed Dj Chip some maneuvers that are simple yet effective to stop an attacker. It’s hard to describe the move but one thing I can describe is his yelling. They said if you ever get attacked to yell and say, “STOP, BACK UP” because 9/10, the attacker is scared to and doesn’t want attention on them and by yelling, hopefully you will capture someone’s attention.


They proceeded to do another example, stressing to always yell, and that in May they are doing a free seminar for self defense on the 3rd. They said if this is the only martial arts class you ever take to still come and learn some basic moves, that could save your life.


Center Stage-Tier Wootson


For the first time while being here at WLTZ, I’ve met a potential guest who has stage fright. They ended up rescheduling to gain more courage to face the camera. No matter how nervous I am before I get on camera, as soon as action in called my nerves goes away.



I’ve been here for 8 months now and I’ve never seen Kirsten, Miller, or Dj Chip get nervous while on camera. Since our guest re-scheduled, Dj Chip ended up helping Miller out with the weather and having some fun. I think that’s the key to ending stage fright. When you have fun with what you do, you don’t think about the logistics, you just concentrate on having fun and slowly but surely the fear or nerves start to go away.

I think about whenever that time comes for me to take the stage, how will it be. All I know is when you love what you do and you have passion for it, all your fears and never will go away. Whenever our guest gains the courage to face center-stage, I will tell them to have fun and be themselves, after all in show-biz that’s all you can be!

Act Like A Lady- Think Like A Boss-Tier Wootson




As I was shooting “Chip’s World”, I was thinking to myself, how is being behind the camera really going to help me get in front of the camera? But then I remembered everything works for a purpose. I have learned a lot about the media world at WLTZ, and over the last couple of weeks it has further more made me realize I am exactly where I need to be in the moment and time in my life.

I have learned that patience is not a virtue. This has taught me that I want to be the one being asked what time can you do an interview on Friday. I want to be the one that says, ” Tier Wootson how may I help you.” There is a lot of power when one is the boss, but everything must work together as one. Considering I am going to have my own production company one day, I know what my future employees will go through, and I have to encourage them that their time will come for them to shine but in the meantime, work hard, pay your dues, keep the faith, and everything will work out. So while I wait, I’m going to Act Like A Lady but Think Like A Boss.

Uptown Columbus Jam Fest -Tier Wootson

For “Chip’ World” we had Elizabeth Hurst from Uptown Columbus come on to the show and discuss what was going on in Uptown Columbus. She spoke about the Market days on Broadway and how they go all the way until November. So if you really into organic and fresh foods this is the place where you need to be. She also taught about the Uptown Concert series and how every Friday for the next two months you can go downtown and see your local favorite band play for free!!!!


Now we couldn’t start off the week without having some mishaps. Everyone has heard of the Monday blues but we had a Tuesday blues. There were a lot of things going on that day particular when employees may oversleep on accident. Now we have all had that day where we didn’t here our alarm, but in show-biz it is quite interesting because when you call to see where they are, it’s like they are in a dream and forgot what day it was. Everything worked out and he made it to the show. So remember if you want to get your party on Friday go downtown and enjoy some free entertainment and on Saturday wake up and check out the great items at the Market.


California Dream-Spring Break 2k14 – Tier Wootson





As many of you all know I want to become an E! News corespondent, and last week I got a glimpse of what my future will be. For spring break, I went to LA, and ironically the Oscars were happening while I was there. So my roommate and I went to the Oscars and got to see all my favorite starts from Kerry Washington, Zac Efron, Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, Lupita, and of course Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. To top everything off I was spotted on the red carpet through E!’s live stream on

I have never seen so many cops/security in one area before. There had to be a least 200-300 officers/body guards. As I was waiting for the red carpet to start I saw local news cast trying to make there way in, but security wouldn’t let them because they had to go through proper security searches. Due to the fact that I want this to be my life, I witness the set up of the Oscars and how they get the red carpet ready for the stars. It was easily the best experience I have had with the Entertainment Business thus far.

I also did a lot of site seeing hoping I would meet celebrities, but it seems that everyone left Hollywood after the Oscars. In the above photos are me at the Oscars, the infamous Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach, Hollywood Wax Museum, and me placing my hand on the handprint of the one and only, Michael Jackson. This was easily the best spring break ever and I have learned that there are many people out there trying to do the same thing I am, so I have to work 10x as hard to make sure I accomplish my dreams. It was surreal coming back to regular life, school, internship, and work. I can’t wait to become a California girl-living her California dream!