Editing, Editing, Editing


I’ve learned so much about editing and Final Cut Pro this semester interning at NPACE and taking Video Production I with Chris Robinson, director of NPACE. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I did video production in high school, so I have shooting and editing experience coming in. Interning at NPACE has only increased my knowledge and hone my skills even more.

Editing The Server has been one of my duties this semester. While editing, my job is to listen for references to video games, movies, books/comic books, or whatever else they talk about and add a logo or interesting picture in. It is slightly harder than it sounds. Not knowing about half of what the hosts talk about, I was having to guess and research what logos and pictures I was using. For example, World of Warcraft apparently made a tribute to Robin Williams in their ‘universe.’ I felt that the topic was important enough to have a picture, so I had to find out what the tribute was, what it looked like, and then had to find a good picture of it to add to the project timeline.

I’ve also learned better shooting techniques. I have definitely learned to frame my shots–head room, lead room, and variety of shots and angles–better and control the lighting and audio more efficiently. I can tell the difference between footage I filmed a year or two ago and now; that’s awesome!

Overall, very productive and educational semester!

Filming at Legacy, Part III


This past Sunday I had yet another opportunity to film a performance by the Schwob School of Music in Legacy Hall. NPACE has now received our 3rd Sony 4K camera, which we used for these performances. The film team consisted of me, an employee of NPACE, and one of the anchors from iNtoColumbus. None of us have really have a lot of experience with camerawork, especially with the Sony cameras, but this was our opportunity to hone our skills.

zshdsc09364-1We were supposed to use the manual settings on the cameras, so we had to figure out how to set them that night. We set the ISO/Gain, focus, white balance, and shutter speed. For editing purposes, we obviously had to make sure all of the cameras were on the same settings. The manual settings on this camera are relatively easy,  honestly. You hit the manual button, hit the button you want to adjust, and use the scroll bar to the left of the manual button. These Sony cameras are easy and great to use.

This shoot was a choral concert with a small philharmonic consisting of a violin, violas, cellos, a bass, horns, and a harp that all joined in later. There was even an organist! They really sounded phenomenal. The Schwob School has amazing performers, I must say!

Because of the addition of the philharmonic halfway through, we did have to adjust the shots, but overall if was a pretty easy and beautiful shoot!

IMG_20141116_162622_420 IMG_20141116_162950_844

Filming at Legacy, Part II


This past Sunday, I was on the crew filming concert at Legacy Hall for the Schwob School of Music.This concert was a trio of professors: one on violin, one on cello, and the last on piano. It was a beautiful concert, so I am glad I helped out with it.

We used NPACE’s new Sony 4K cameras in order to get the best footage possible. The set-up was three cameras: one at the very back in the center and the other two on the sides. We tried to get a shot focusing on each person in the trio. The camera in the center was focus on the piano, but still captured all three. The camera across from me, on the left of the audience, was focused on the violinist while still capturing everyone. And my camera focused on the cellist.

Chris Robinson, director of NPACE, showed us how to set the Sony’s manual settings, set up the tripods, and make sure our shots were not crooked. We learned how to precisely white balance–which helps the camera adjust the colors more accurately–and also how to focus manually. We definitely learned quite a bit from this shoot.


iNto Columbus: The Server, Part III

IMG_20141031_094429_702The Server seems to be one of my main internship duties of late. We film every Friday morning, and since Fridays are my main internship days, I generally get a chance to participate.

I took the lead in setting up both of the cameras and audio today since there were only two of us doing the filming. There were only three hosts again, so we set up both cameras and mic-ed up the three guys. Instead of trying to get everyone’s face in both shots, we angled each camera so that we would have full on shots for half the table and profile for the other half. The lighting was simple and already set up; all we had to do was turn it on. The mics were pretty simple until we got to the last wireless lavalier mic. It was very quiet when we did a mic check, so we opted for the wired lavalier, and plugged it right into the camera. It sounded much better. We filmed the three hosts talking about their “nerdy” topics for 30 minutes. It was a pretty easy, stress-free shoot.

After, I got to help edit last week’s episode, adding pictures and logos where necessary. We also fixed the audio, bleeped out any choice words, and made sure the exposure and lighting were okay.

The Server is definitely becoming one of my main jobs at NPACE, but I’m glad. It’s pretty fun and I get to learn new shooting and editing techniques. Oh, and Happy Halloween!


A Cause Far Greater than Themselves

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my participation in the Sue Marie and Bill Turner Servant Leadership Award project that the Pastoral Institute came to NPACE for help with. I was tasked with writing the narration for the video that was shown at the awards banquet on October 21st. Now that the video has been completed and the Schusters have received their award, I though I’d share what I wrote:

Ruth and Marvin Schuster

What is “Servant Leadership?” Is it loving your neighbor as yourself? Is it serving the needy? The downtrodden? The lost and broken? Is it giving your life to a cause far greater than yourself?

In two-thousand twelve, the Pastoral Institute established an award honoring Sue Marie and Bill Turner, a couple embodying the true essence of servant leadership. The Turners loved their community, actively working to improve it through their service to the Bradley-Turner Foundation and their founding of the Pastoral Institute forty years ago.

The two-thousand fourteen recipients of The Sue Marie and Bill Turner Servant Leadership Award exemplify this same caring and loving commitment to the broken and needy in their community. Ruth and Marvin Schuster have spent their 56 years of marriage living out the heart of servant leadership. They feel a special draw to serving the homeless and helpless here at home, using their time, talents, gifts, and service to lift the spirits of those in need.

In nineteen sixty-seven, Marvin established the family-owned business, Schuster Enterprises, Incorporated. Since then, it has grown into one of the most successful and respected franchises in the Burger King Corporation. Their legacy lives on through their son, Todd, current owner of the family business.

During this time, Ruth has helped provide physical and spiritual nourishment throughout her twenty-eight years of volunteering with Meals on Wheels—delivering food to shut-ins and those with limited mobility—while also bringing hope to the lonely through the Widow’s Ministry at Edgewood Baptist Church. The couple are strong supporters of our local United Way, Columbus State University, and the international ministries of both the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association as well as Columbia International University in Columbia, South Carolina.

The Schusters are truly living for a cause far greater than themselves: the love and care of their neighbors. Their commitment to these principles has made them excellent candidates for this year’s Sue Marie and Bill Turner Servant Leadership Award. They are an inspiration to us all.

iNto Columbus: The Server, Part II

IMG_20141024_094810_176Once again I found myself helping out with The Server. I had a friend join me so that he could learn about setting up this particular shoot. The Server is a two-camera, 4 mic set-up, meaning we set up two cameras from two different angles and then mic all four hosts for the best audio quality possible.

I helped set up the mics this time since I had learned how to do it during my last shoot. We checked to make sure that each mic was on the same frequency as its receiver, and then attached the receivers to the cameras so that the audio on the SD card came from the lavalier mics. I did not work as much with the cameras this time, but did show my friend some basics: zooming in and out, focus, the SD card slot. (Like I said, very basic.)

Generally I don’t know much about the topics the hosts discuss, but during this segment, they began talking about the newly released (leaked) Avenger’s trailer.

I think this is something most superhero movie fans, and movie fans in general, can relate to. They talked about how this story relates to the Marvel comics the movies are based on and went into the history and origin of Ant Man and later Ultron, who will appear as the supervillain in Avengers: Age of Ultron in May.

It was a pretty interesting shoot today, actually!

The Exciting Life of Invetory

For the past few weeks, I’ve been overwhelmed with work and group projects for class, so I haven’t graced NPACE Center as much as usual. However, that doesn’t mean the NPACE work has stopped! I’ve been given the duty of inventory!

Yes, it may seem boring. And tedious. And something no one else wants to do. But I’ve found that it works quite well with my schedule. I was given paper copies of the list of items, their serial numbers, and the quantity. I typed all of this information into a Word document, made it look “pretty” (as one of the guys said), and double checked everything. Then we uploaded all the pictures of the items to Google drive so that I could work from anywhere. I’m now going through all of the pictures, matching them with their correct information.

It has been a bit tedious, but it’s coming along! And hopefully I’ll soon have more time for writing and editing some upcoming projects at NPACE!


iNto Columbus: The Server

This past Friday, I helped set up and shoot The Server, a talk show segment on iNtoColumbus where the “nerds” discuss video games, movies, science, and other “nerdy” topics.

I have experience setting up shoots, but setting up the audio proved to be a bit more difficult. We usually have to set up for four people since The Server has four hosts, but luckily only three were able to shoot today.

We set up the mics and receivers, matched their channel numbers, and attached the receivers to the cameras so that the camera audio would come directly from the lavalier on each host. The lighting was already set up, so all we had left to do was set up the shots for both cameras.

Then we began filming! They talked for about 30 minutes on various topics: video games, game makers, and space exploration. Overall, last Friday’s shoot was a success!

Filming at Legacy

Filming at Legacy Hall

Filming at Legacy Hall

Thursday night I had the unique opportunity to film a student concert in the beautiful Legacy Hall located in the River Center. We were a team of four, working with three cameras to capture the performance from the front, left, and right.

We were lucky in that we were able to use NPACE’s brand new Sony 4K Handycams for this shoot. I had never used them before, but they proved to be pretty awesome. They were very intuitive; the picture looked great and only required minor adjustments to the ISO and focus.

I was located at stage right in the balcony, looking down over most of the performers. My job was to film the left half of the stage. It was a relatively easy shoot, but surprisingly fun. We set up our cameras, let them roll, and adjusted the shot as the performers came and went between pieces.

What I most enjoyed about this shoot was the music, honestly. We really do have some awesome, dedicated musicians at Columbus State’s Schwob! I was aware that CSU students had the opportunity to go to these concerts for free, but I just never took much interest in them or tried to find out when they were. Well, I was missing out!

Legacy Hall in the River Center

Legacy Hall in the River Center

Having grown up going to my sister’s orchestra concerts, and later my own, I always enjoyed instrumental music. I haven’t been around it much the last few years, however. Filming this concert reawakened my interest in this type of music, so I have already volunteered to film more concerts in the future. Hopefully I’ll get to use the Sony cameras again, too!

Back to the Editing Grind

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro

Once again I find myself being sucked back into the world of video editing. Don’t get me wrong, I love editing. I enjoy its intricacies and precision and artistic quality, but I never imagined myself back in the editing seat.

During high school, I was in a magnet program centered around mass media. We were required to take classes in speech, journalism, video production, marketing, and related areas. My main focus then was content creation, writing, and video editing for our weekly school news production. Just four years later, I am in the same position.

During my intern hours yesterday, I was asked to help edit audio for the in-house show, IntoColumbus. This wasn’t exceptionally difficult, but I enjoyed going through each clip, adjusting audio levels, checking which mic produced the best quality audio for each speaker, and cutting out stray and disrupting background noise.

I have to say, I think I may have missed my chair in the editing room these last few years.