Scharis Weary

This week, I was able to film video of the director of outreach and the director of marketing at my internship for my Documentary Production class project. The video only took about 30 minutes and they were more than helpful and easy to film. This week, I did what I normally do, which is collecting emails for their database for group sales. So far, I have learned a few marketing and film sales strategies from my bosses at Fun Academy and I have had a great time interning there. I plan to continue my internship after this semester and hope to learn as much about the film industry as I can.

Louis Sanville

Week of April 17 – 21, 2017

It’s my second-to last week here at the station, and I wanted to get some more practice in. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get to the station on Monday because Mr. Champagne told me not to come in. He was having some car trouble that prevented him to come to work that day (Low-key, I was kind of glad to not go because I stayed up very late the night before). I was ready to get some work done Wednesday, which found me re-writing some scripts to read for practicing on the microphone. Mr. Champagne told me that it was for me to read for practice. On Friday, I came in to read the news script and lay down vocals on the computer for it. I showed the recording to Mr. Champagne, and he told me that my reading of the news was better than before but could still use some work. By my last week at the station, I hope to lay down vocals he would be satisfied with. All-in-all, I had an interesting time at PMB Broadcasting. I hope that it would take to greater and better opportunities.

Amanda Miron

Final Thoughts

My time at NPACE was a good one. I surrounded myself with good people and learned new things. I got to know what other people did and socialized with them. I loved reading all about what other people have done. I’ll miss it here!

Claudette McKenzie

Senior Intern #12

My journey as an intern continues to be a blessing and learning experience for me. I am learning what it takes to be a professional person and how to conduct myself so that I can be respected in my professional field. Most importantly, I have gained the skills I needed for my degree while interning. For example, I created a social media list, wrote a press release, created a Twitter account, managed a Facebook page, and finally I was invited to speak on TV promoting an event. I did a social media campaign all by myself with little guidance. During my social media campaign, I used my production, communication, adaptability, and reach skills to target my audience and get the message I was conveying out to the right audience. Overall, I love my intern life. I feel truly blessed to have been selected for this intern position.

Claudette McKenzie

Senior Intern #11

Things have slowed down for me as an intern at the DAs office. The event is finally over. I can sleep peacefully at night knowing I tried my best. I did a really great job. This week, I am focused on finishing up the online certification class that is required of me to be an intern at the DAs office. I was also contacted through the DAs office by a friend of the young man Jason Boykin, who was found dead with a single gunshot wound by his girlfriend last week in his home, here in Columbus. They wanted me to make a social media announcement letting people know where the memorial was going to be using the Twitter and Facebook page I created for the DAs office.  I just wish they had tried reaching out to me earlier in the week so I can come up with something more professional.  I had to come up with something really fast. They only gave me a few hours before the memorial to make the announcement. I had work and class, which meant I had 30 minutes to come up with something.  I guess that was a test to see how well I responded to working with deadlines. I did make the announcement and was a few minutes late for class.  Intern life is no joke. It’s like a real job; you just don’t get paid. In the end, hard work and dedication always pays off.


Madison Ullman

Adaptability is Key

This week, I continued working the floor. I am starting to get comfortable trucking the cameras and being out on the floor during the newscast. This week, however, I was thrown a slight curveball. On one of the days that I interned, there was a guest that was going to come on in the middle of the newscast. She came in during a two-minute break. We had to mic her and position her on camera quickly. Ricki, one of the anchors, had to move off her spot to make room for her. I had to pan camera one and truck camera three. After her segment, the chaos continued. When we put a mic on her, we gave her Mallory’s mic, but her segment was up next. So, we had a quick turnaround for taking the mic off of the guest and putting it back on Mallory. I also had to turn and truck camera two quickly. It was interesting to see how quick things need to happen when the cameras are not on. A lot more goes on behind the scenes than many people realize.

Erin Valentine

Blog 12: Audio

I started shadowing the Production Assistant. The Production Assistant works audio for the show. They make sure all the mics are working and opened based on who is supposed to be speaking. They are also in charge of the music that is played in the background and sound from videos or packages. The audio board controls so much of the show so it is important to know exactly what to do during the newscast