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This week I have attempted to learn how to make a short 1-2 video clip for a class featuring Micah’s Promise. One of the Staff Members here at Christ Community Church (CCC), Robert Williams, is allowing me to borrow his camera and tripod and has told me a few tricks about recording and editing video. I have been playing around with recording different objects and I have learned a few things thus far. 1) It is super hard to keep your hand still when you do not have a tripod and are trying to focus on one object. 2) The littlest bit of sound travels. For example, the air condition or people talking one room over can cause your “quiet scene” to become very loud. 3) Plan out what you want to film before you film it. If you do not do this, you will probably waste a lot of time and memory on your SD card.

Tonight I am filming parts of the Micah’s Promise Board Meeting in order to capture what it is they do. I am excited about this opportunity, but extremely nervous because I do not know much about filming at all. I am scheduled to record two interviews this week for the video and am hoping to have complete silence in order for the sound to be good. On the bright side, I have registered to take Video Production 1 next semester and am hoping that will increase my recording abilities.

Amelia Cox – CCC – Style Guides and Grammar

APStyleThis week at Christ Community Church (CCC) I have been creating a simple Style Guide for the staff to use. Before this past week, I had never really heard of a style guide and did not realize all that goes into creating them. Style guides contain a lot rules on grammar, punctuation, spelling, and more all custom made toward each organization/company that has one. Every style guide is different from another. Chances are, no two style guides for two separate companies are alike. These style guides tell each person at a organization what is and is not ok to put into their writing or communications. The way one would write a phone number is defined. You either have, 706.555.5555, with periods or dashes, 706-555-5555. It is all up to preference of the organization and everyone has to follow that guide. It is really neat, but when creating one, you have to be careful to adjust it correctly for your organization. Before I put anything into the style guide, I have to run it by Al to make sure it is what the church wants because their writing is a reflection of them.


Amelia Cox – CCC – That’s A Wrap!


This week at Christ Community Church (CCC) I have been editing all of the  footage I was able to capture for the Micah’s Promise promotional video. This has taken hours of work, and as I stated in my previous blog, I am very new to recording and editing video. I did not realize how time consuming editing this video would truly be. Every time the speaker says um or pauses for longer than normal, you have to edit that out. On top of that, you have to make sure that you do not cut out any words that you need for the next scene. After that, you have to add in a voice over, and transitions from one scene to the next, and finally, you need some background music. Also, the background music cannot be copy written music if you want to use the video for public relations.

This video has truly been so much work, but I have wonderful news to go along with the hours I have spent recording and editing this video. The Micah’s Promise Board wants to put the video I created on the website!!! I cannot tell you how excited this makes me because I was doubting my skills and ability, but my hard work has paid off and I am so joyful about this!

Photoshop: Looks Easy, Isn’t Really


The picture above is one of Mary Frances Bowley, the Founder and Chief Strategic Officer of Wellspring Living. Wellspring Living is an organization which “Helps DMST (Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking) victims and the vulnerable develop the courage to move forward and confidence to succeed. Mary Frances Bowley has been fighting against sex trafficking since 2001. She has a heart for stopping the crime of sex trafficking and has agreed to come speak at a gala hosted by the Micah’s Promise Board. This gala is to be held in April 2015 and will be include dinner and speakers to promote support for Micah’s Promise. This event will be incredibly important for Micah’s Promise to gain both support and funding from the community.

I have had the pleasure this week of creating a poster/flier for this event. I have had to work in Photoshop to create this poster, and if no one else tells you then I will, Photoshop is hard. I know that Photoshop is not hard for everyone or to people who have been using it for a while, but for someone who has absolutely no experience with this software, it is truly difficult. However, I am glad I get the opportunity to learn this software. Although it is difficult, it is another communication channel through which I can express my creativity. Working on this poster has been a lot of fun for me and I definitely plan on using this software in the future. I would definitely recommend learning this software if you do not have any experience with it.

If you are interested in attending this gala in April, please email me at


Wellspring Living


Amelia Cox – CCC – Tweet Me About It Later


     Yesterday at Christ Community Church (CCC) was the GO! Mission Conference that I mentioned in my previous blog. The Conference was incredible to say the least. There were many booths set up ranging from interests in mission trips to supporting a local non profit organization to supporting a child internationally every month. It was so neat to see all of the different people who attended and all of the cultures represented from around the world. Dinner was served before the speakers began, and the food was delightful. There was a cultural plate served which included different foods from about ten different countries. It was truly an amazing experience.

When I arrived at CCC today, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that some of the staff members asked if CCC had the response cards professionally created and cut. That made me so excited because I created, fixed, and cut all of the response cards myself. It goes to show that hard work really does pay off.

As far as my research on social media platforms and scheduling is concerned, I am happy to say that I am finished with the schedule. CCC now has a day/time schedule to follow for their Facebook and Twitter accounts. The times that CCC will be posting to Facebook is the time our members are most active on the Facebook Page. The times that CCC will be posting to Twitter is from what research states, which is 12 PM, 5 PM, and 6 PM. If you would like to follow CCC on Twitter or Facebook you can search for them under Christ Community Church (Facebook) and @LiveForAChange (Twitter).

Amelia Cox – CCC – Mission Conference October 19

GO! Mission Conference

     This week at Christ Community Church (CCC), I have been working on a response card for a Mission Conference coming up this Sunday, October 19. This mission conference is for anyone who either attends CCC or in the Columbus community who is interested in supporting, donating, being a part of or praying for mission work. This response card will be given to every person who attends the conference to help them take action with what they feel God is calling them to do. This response card has several different options for people to choose from near the end of the conference so they will be somewhat familiar with each option.

I have truly enjoyed creating this response card for a few reasons. One reason is that it allowed me to put my creativity into a project and I was able to create something from start to finish myself. Another reason is that Al, my adviser at CCC, trusted me to make this response card without having to edit it himself. It feels great to have Al’s trust on a project because I am not always so trusting of myself and many times I am fearful that my work is not good enough.

If you are interested in attending this conference on Sunday, please feel free to email me at

Amelia Cox – CCC – Always Tweet Your Best


     This past week at Christ Community Church (CCC) has been full of social media. I have been doing a lot of research to find out what channels of social media would be best for CCC to use. Facebook and Twitter are in the top ten most used social media sites for 2013 and 2014, and I thought that would be a good place to start. I spoke with Allen Allnoch, my internship adviser at CCC, and he notified me that CCC already has accounts on both Twitter and Facebook. I knew they had a Facebook account, but I had no idea they had a Twitter account. I started following CCC on Twitter this past week and have been working specifically with CCC’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. I am not managing the accounts in any manner. I am doing the research on both accounts to see what posts get the most attention in order to help make the posts for each channel of communication better for CCC to reach out to more people. I have almost finished the statistics for the Twitter account and will next be starting on the Facebook account next. I am thinking that the Twitter account needs to aim to reach teenagers or the youth and young adults at CCC since research states that age range uses Twitter more. The Facebook account will most likely be aimed towards the adults at CCC since research states that is the channel of social that age group uses the most. I am excited to finish up the statistics for both channels of social media for CCC so that they can be more efficient in their posts and reach more members of the church as well as people in the community.

Amelia Cox – CCC – Creating New Material


This week I have spent many hours creating a brochure for Interactive Media Production with Dr. Park. However, I am using Micah’s Promise as the organization for my projects in that class and it is very beneficial to Micah’s Promise. Creating the brochure above has been so much fun to me! I loved being able to use my creativity to create something that can be used by others. Although the creation of the brochure thus far has taken hours upon hours, the work is worth it because I know that an organization will be able to use what I create. The brochure is by no means finished and it will need to be critiqued by the Micah’s Promise Board before they can officially use it, but it is rewarding to know that I have been able to give them a starting point with this channel of media.

I am met with one board member today and he was excited about the brochure and gave me some suggestions already. I am meeting with the Micah’s Promise Board tonight and will be receiving more feedback. Last week I was given content for the Micah’s Promise Website and this next week I will be including all of that information into the website.

I have to say that reading the facts and statistics about Sex Trafficking was not by any means easy. It truly breaks my heart to know that people have to live those lives. If you have never looked up information on Sex Trafficking, I encourage you to do so. Start with Polaris Project.

Amelia Cox – CCC – Micah’s Promise



Today I met with Allen Allnoch and Sara Broughton about the content that I am to change and insert into the Micah’s Promise website. It was exciting to hear that what I have done on the website so far is good and I loved getting more direction on what order the menu needs to be in and what picture’s they would like to see on the website. I am being given much more content to include in the website which is allowing the website to take form and become functional. I was also able to offer Sara and Al more projects, to promote Micah’s Promise, for my other classes that I am involved in. As mentioned in a previous blog, I am in Interactive Media Production and will be producing a brochure, flier, powerpoint, and video for Micah’s Promise. In addition to those projects, I am in Community Communication and I am part of a group in that course which will also be promoting Micah’s Promise. In this group, we will be creating several power points aimed to speak to different groups of people in order to tell each group what Micah’s Promise is and why the organization needs their help. I am excited to be able to do all of these things this semester for this wonderful organization.

In addition to meetings and working on specific projects for Micah’s Promise, I have also been researching what channels of social media Christ Community Church (CCC) needs to be a part of. Al and I talked and have decided that CCC should be a part of Facebook and Twitter because those are the two most common channels of social media currently. Also, we have noticed that Facebook tends to reach out to the adults in the congregation and Twitter is reaching the preteens and teenagers. This way, CCC can reach the entire congregation through these two channels of social media. Next, I will be creating a weekly posting schedule with examples so that each week CCC can reach more and more people in the area.

Amelia Cox – CCC – Entering New Territory

This past week at Christ Community Church (CCC) I took on a few different tasks that I am not as familiar with as I am with the Micah’s Promise Project. As far as Micah’s Promise is concerned, I met with the Micah’s Promise Board, discussed different themes for the Micah’s Promise Website with Allen Allnoch, and edited the website in it’s new theme. The tasks that were/still are unfamiliar to me were researching social media platforms, researched web designs/how to make them better, and I learned how to make and print the church bulletins. Some of those tasks may not seem to be very exciting, but I absolutely loved it all.

Meeting with the Micah’s Promise Board was enlightening and not as “scary” as I imagined it would be. Attending that meeting allowed me to understand more of why Micah’s Promise is such an important project and what the hearts behind it look like. The board liked what I had done with website as far as content was concerned and I will be receiving more content in a meeting on September 22. We all agreed that a custom upgrade is needed to enhance the site further and that the initial theme of the website needed to change. I met with Allen Allnoch on Thursday and we decided on a new website theme, which is better for the project, but the editing in this theme will take a little getting used to. This is the current header picture being used.


The other tasks I completed were unfamiliar to me, but I found them pretty interesting. I am researching social media platforms to help choose one or two for CCC to be a part of and will then produce a weekly posting schedule for them.  I researched web designing and what content to include above and below the fold in order to be most productive. My favorite task was learning how to make and print the church bulletins. The bulletins are created in InDesign, which I am learning in my Interactive Media Production. It was neat to see how they are typed up and printed off and I took pages and pages of notes while learning this. I am excited for what this next week will bring.