Liberty Theatre

Here is a quick update: This past week at the Liberty Theatre was eventful. I worked on getting social media, putting together content for flyers,researching grants as well as getting pictures for the costume designer to refer to for the upcoming fall festival.  One thing that I am picking up on is not only is it important to have funds, but networking is key. There are some things the Liberty is not equipped in and it is good that they have built relationships with other organizations and businesses in the community to  help with their needs.


They are currently working with the Columbus Museum for the upcoming fall festival that will allow children to have a a safe Halloween as well as nurturing their creativity by providing them with art tools instead of candy. October will definitely be a busy month for the Liberty from the Fall Festival to there first show for the fall season. We are definitely preparing for that by utilizing social media, the monthly news letter as well as updating local news calendars online. This week I will be constructing a few press releases to raise some more awareness for the upcoming events.


Leaving Mississippi

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 1.24.27 PM

The first week for my internship was pretty busy. Being that it was the first week of classes and the fact that this is an organization that is rooted within our community. Upon our first meeting, I understood why they needed help. The Liberty Theatre is always doing something. Whether it is working with someone another organization,an event or a showing they are pretty busy.

For my first week, they started me off doing a news letter to keep everyone updated on their upcoming events, as well as, opportunities for people within the community to get get involved with the Liberty. Right now they have a partnership with our CSU Scwob for music prep classes and they are currently looking for instructors for dance classes.

They also asked me to get their shows added to news papers within a 100 miles of Columbus, as well as, local newspapers. They are are looking to expand their media contacts. Trying to raise awareness and increase diversity for their events are some of their goals they are looking to reach.

I ended my week of interning with them by attending the Cultural Alliance Committee meeting. They discussed all of their events and some new exciting things Columbus should look out for in the near future. I also attended Leaving Mississippi, which was a partnership with the Columbus Museum to showcase artwork created by Najee Dorsey. It was great experience and just this first week alone I never realized how much our community values art and creativity. The internship with the Liberty Theatre is opening my eyes to new things and I am looking forward to every experience.