Editing, Filming, and Audio-WLTZ


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I’ve continued to edit television promos, film the evening/nightly news, and the sports show. I edited more radio promos this past week. The radio promos are edited using Premier. I’m not too familiar with the Premier software, so I consider this a new experience. I’ve only used Premier once, and I was assisted at the time. I’ve pretty much performed the duties of a production assistant, with the exception of a few tasks such as working the audio sound board. Being that I’m entering the last week of my internship, I hope to learn more about audio!

Filming At WLTZ

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My duties the previous week still focused on filming and editing. I continued to edit television and radio promos, and film the evening and nightly news. However, I did learn new skills in filming. Usually filming the news broadcasts just requires me to focus on the anchors correctly. I have to position the cameras to get a good shot of the anchors and meteorologists. Now, WLTZ is filming for a new sports show. Filming for the sports show is different than filming news broadcast. The sports show requires more camera movement and following of the hosts.

Even though I still performed camera operations last week, I learned a new aspect of the task. I feel that I’m gaining new experience that will allow me to not be limited to just new production.

Editing And Filming AT WLTZ



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The previous week of my internship at WLTZ continued to focus on my editing and filming skills. I continued to edit television promos, and I was shown how to edit radio promos. WLTZ sends radio promos to Clear Channel Radio, I was shown how to use Premier, which is the editing software used for the radio promos.

I also worked more on editing graphics, which is done in Final Cut Graphics are what you see as an anchor is telling a story. Ex. A package may be about a person that’s wanted by the police. As the anchor gives the description of the suspect, a picture and description of the suspect may appear on the screen.

I’m getting much practice in editing and filming. Hopefully, this week, I will be introduced to new software and skills.

Week Two At WLTZ

ImageThe second week of my internship included more editing of news promos and filming for news broadcasts. I was allowed to edit television promos without any assistance. The promos were seen between shows during the evenings. Last week was also the first time I ever filmed the news. I operated the camera for the broadcast.

Operating the camera is not like I thought it would be. It requires me to move and position the camera quickly. I’ve learned that news production is very fast paced. During filming, I listened to the instructions of the producer/operations manager via headphones. He was in a different location operating a tricaster and other equipment. He gave instructions on where to position the camera, and how to focus.

I also managed to effectively use cue cards during the weather segment of the news. I held up the cue cards at the instruction of the operations manager. Last week was exciting because I was able to perform tasks that i previously had no knowledge of. This week is to be a continuation of what I’ve already learned and hopefully news skills be be added.

WLTZ NBC 38: Internship Week 1


I began my internship with WLTZ NBC 38 June 16th. During my first week interning, I was shown how to edit television and radio promos. I used Final Cut Pro to edit the promos. After completing the television promos, I was able to see them on television between commercials. The radio promos were sent to Clear Channel Radio. I also edited graphics, Graphics are displayed while news stories are being broadcast. For example, if  a news anchor is talking about a suspect police are looking for, a graphic and description of the suspect may appear on the screen while the story is being told. Such graphics is what I was taught how to edit.

In addition, I was introduced to a software called After Effects. After Effects is used to add sound, graphics, visuals, and animations to news broadcasts. The graphics are usually at the beginning of the news broadcasts when anchors are being introduced, or between different segments of the news.

I was also shown how to use an audio board. The  audio board used to adjust mic  volume and and to adjust sound. The majority of the time, the producer or operations manager gives instructions on when to adjust the mic volume or fade/increase background music.photo (1)

I was briefly shown how master control operations work. The master control operator is responsible for making sure what’s appearing on air is accurate and being shown in the correct sequence. Master control operators also troubleshoot technical issues dealing with what’s appearing on air.

I was shown the basic in many areas of the news station during my first week interning. I’m looking forward to the following weeks because I will be assisting in the production of a new sports show!

Christmas is over but winter is still here: Snow Days in Columbus brings the City to a holt! – Tier Wootson


Last Tuesday Georgia received a Winter Storm alert predicting that it would snow throughout the state. Naturally, WLTZ was gearing up to cover it because we needed to let the people know what was going on. One thing I didn’t know was even despite of a snow storm the show must go on. I was always taught you protect yourself first, but my news director said, “it’s our duty to let the people know what’s going on. What is open/closed. What streets and highways to avoid if possible.” I along with many other people in Columbus chose to locked ourselves in the house. I didn’t feel comfortable driving on the road, considering so many accidents were occurring, so I was working for home.

It was quite difficult trying to find a guest to come onto the show, considering most places were closed. What were we going to do? Have fun! And ask for help so, we asked local residents to send in photos and videos of themselves having fun it the snow. Once the ice cleared businesses opened and things got back to normal. I was able to get the following week set up and everything was normal in the workplace . After all, only in Georgia does it snow on Tuesday and it’s dry on Friday, but no matter what, you can count on WLTZ NBC 38 to deliver the best and accurate news available.


Tier Wootson- WLTZ NBC 38


Working at WLTZ NBC 38 has been very self learning. I am Dj Chip’s camera woman, and I like learning the different angles with the lighting inside and out. We have had some fun guest ranging from Crossfit creators Chris and Mark to City Council Woman, Mimi Woodson. It still weird that what I produce is being seen in thousands of home in the Columbus area. I enjoy learning the way live news works and the ups and downs of the production. I love that even when things go wrong from servers crashes to guest not showing up that we all come together as a team to come up with a quick solution and get the problem resolved.