iNto Columbus: The Server, Part III

IMG_20141031_094429_702The Server seems to be one of my main internship duties of late. We film every Friday morning, and since Fridays are my main internship days, I generally get a chance to participate.

I took the lead in setting up both of the cameras and audio today since there were only two of us doing the filming. There were only three hosts again, so we set up both cameras and mic-ed up the three guys. Instead of trying to get everyone’s face in both shots, we angled each camera so that we would have full on shots for half the table and profile for the other half. The lighting was simple and already set up; all we had to do was turn it on. The mics were pretty simple until we got to the last wireless lavalier mic. It was very quiet when we did a mic check, so we opted for the wired lavalier, and plugged it right into the camera. It sounded much better. We filmed the three hosts talking about their “nerdy” topics for 30 minutes. It was a pretty easy, stress-free shoot.

After, I got to help edit last week’s episode, adding pictures and logos where necessary. We also fixed the audio, bleeped out any choice words, and made sure the exposure and lighting were okay.

The Server is definitely becoming one of my main jobs at NPACE, but I’m glad. It’s pretty fun and I get to learn new shooting and editing techniques. Oh, and Happy Halloween!


iNto Columbus: The Server

This past Friday, I helped set up and shoot The Server, a talk show segment on iNtoColumbus where the “nerds” discuss video games, movies, science, and other “nerdy” topics.

I have experience setting up shoots, but setting up the audio proved to be a bit more difficult. We usually have to set up for four people since The Server has four hosts, but luckily only three were able to shoot today.

We set up the mics and receivers, matched their channel numbers, and attached the receivers to the cameras so that the camera audio would come directly from the lavalier on each host. The lighting was already set up, so all we had left to do was set up the shots for both cameras.

Then we began filming! They talked for about 30 minutes on various topics: video games, game makers, and space exploration. Overall, last Friday’s shoot was a success!

Hands On Behind the Scenes – NPACE – Leonard Hood

This was a fun week interning because it was another very hands on week. Not only did I produce more audio for the shows that people in NPACE are working on, I helped record a theme song for “Tv Turnt Up”. The producers of the show had a student with lyrical talent,  write a short 50 second introduction to one of the instrumentals I produced, and I then recorded him and edited all of the sounds. It was fun because it reminded me of some of the things I enjoyed doing when I was growing up.  Fast-forward to today,  I was a camera man for one of the shows being produced called “iNto Columbus”. I was using a GH3 camera with extra features hooked up to it like a wireless microphone and a larger screen on top. It was fun to get that experience and I felt like I was a part of something professional. I even got a chance to record Miss Columbus, Hayley Henderson.

My perspective from behind the camera.

My perspective from behind the camera.