Kelly – Final Editing Day – NPaCE


This past Thursday was the last day of my NPACE Center internship, as well as my work towards my Bachelor’s degree!

Thursday we had several students come in for help with their video projects. Along with Mr. Hart’s help, we assisted one student in finalizing her project. We reviewed the production in Final Cut Pro and made a few edits in color correction to enhance the video in ways the student wasn’t aware of. We then had several students come in to upload their projects to the hard drive up until closing time, 6:00pm. We reviewed with each student to ensure their projects had all of the requirements for Mr. Hart’s Video Production course, and that the individual productions were uploaded to the correct hard drive. Mr. Hart created a check-list on the dry-erase board for us to follow and to use as a checklist.

Overall, the afternoon was a success. We were busy with students the entire time allotted. I am happy that I was able to put my video production skills to use and help other students! I believe this to be a great opportunity for future interns. Not only did I assist students in their learning, I also was able to learn more myself!

Carlinton – Recommendations For LiveHealthyColumbus


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Tomorrow, during my final meeting with the LiveHealthyColumbus (LHC) administrator, I intend to make a few recommendations. Chief among my recommendations will be the suggestion that LHC develops forms a more permanent relationship with CSU’s communication department. One the most significant problems faced by LHC is the fact it does not effectively or consistently leverage the power of traditional and social medias outlets. As a result, I will recommend that LHC develop an understanding with Dr. Gibson (Chair of COMM Dept) to have an intern work with the organization on a consistent basis. A student who has honed his/her skills in the NPACE center would be of tremendous value to LHC. In my view, given the limited resources of LHC, they must make it a priority to multiply the reach of all their events by leveraging the power of all forms of media. Again, a CSU communications student could easily assume responsibility for, and successfully fulfill this priority.

Carlinton – COMM DEPT impact on LiveHealthyColumbus

In the past year, I’ve had to opportunity to work with the nonprofit LiveHealthyColumbus (LHC) on a variety of projects. As I sit and reflect on the impact I and the other communications students have made on LiveHealthyColumbus, I’m left with a couple of 64389_330089430370204_1600538933_athoughts. First, we were able to significantly increase the number of projects and publicity events, completed by the LHC. Given that one individual staffs LHC, CSU students working with the organization resulted in (on average) a 600% increase within the organization’s staff. In fact, during our last project with LHC, we had 12 students working on projects for LHC, resulting in a 1200% increase in staff. Second, I believe our work with LHC, resulted in a tremendous increase in the organizations effectiveness and efficiency. For instance, a CSU student project lead to the creation of a website dedicated to the community gardens built by LHC. Another project, brought community awareness to books donated by LHC to the Columbus Public Library. CSU students also completed work coordinating the planting of the Wilson Community Gardens, and create a survey to gauge the gardens effectiveness. In my view, the successful completion of these projects allowed the lone LHC administrator to focus on other priorities. 277070_242426295802324_7706089_nMany of the projects that we completed for the organization now operate independently of the LHC administrator. For example, the Library Event (mentioned in previous post) allowed us to bring public awareness to a generous donation by LHC. However, more importantly the public is now aware of resource they can use whenever they choose. The LHC administrator does not need to organize future events or supervise the public’s interaction with the books.

Carlinton – Library Event

0-1Recently, the nonprofit LiveHealthyColumbus (LHC) donated 150 books to the Columbus Public Library. The books covered a variety of health related subjects concerning children and health.  During a meeting with the administrator of the LHC, she asked if I could organize an event to bring community awareness to the donation. Following a consultation with Dr. Gibson the idea was approved to become a group project in my Group Communication class.  I along with three other classmates took on the project to bring the books to light. We eventually named our project the Library Event. We ultimately decided to organize an event at the library and invited the public, and media to attend. The event involved parents and children taking part in an arts and craft session, followed by a story-time reading from one of the donated books.


The event culminated with a healthy snack for the children and a discussion of the impact LHC is having in the Columbus community. I was also able to discuss with and encourage the parents to participate in future LHC events. Our only regret was the fact we received modest attendance from the public. However, the presence of WTVM lowered in impact of the modest public attendance. The fact WTVM was able to record the event and broadcast it on the local news, allowed my group to reach our target audience, the larger Columbus community.


Kelly – The Final Friday Night Football Focus of the season! – NPaCE

Last week we had our last run for the season. It was yet another successful show and we received just as much feedback as the previous week.

I am so glad to have been a part of NPaCE’s first radio show. It was such an amazing experience! I got to not only see, but also learn about what all it takes to put on and run a successful show. While I did not participate on the show exactly, as I did social media, it was fun to learn and come up with ways to engage the living environment of the web and the actual show and bring them together.

Every week Tyler and I saw our audience grow. It was exciting to sit in the back room and watch the numbers increase, and to have people comment on the show and ask questions that we could then tell the host and have the questions answered live. We enabled a way for our audience two-way communication that isn’t always offered for radio shows. While, some nights it would be a little disappointing when our reach and activity was low, it just made the night where feedback was high all the more exciting.

Through working with the show, I learned how to use Facebook in a professional way. While it is the same as how we use social media on a daily basis, using it for promotion and business is still very different. It was interesting learning the “behind the scenes” world of Facebook.

While the radio show is over, I still have a couple more weeks of interning. I am going to use this time to help students with their video productions in NPaCE.

Kelly – Video Editing at it’s BEST – NPaCE

This week I have been busy at NPaCE familiarizing myself with Final Cut Pro.  I have played around with an older version and several other editing softwares at work, however had not yet seen this highly talked about version.

Many people in the editing world were at first not happy with the new version. However, now, with many add-ons, it has proved to be very useful. When first looking at the timeline and platform, I noticed it looked very similar to other Apple softwares and a little like iMovie (which is what I had heard). I decided the best way for me to quickly learn the basics, so I would be able to help students with their video projects in time for the end of the semester, I would review online video tutorials.

I used izzyvideo to learn. These videos were great. They had examples that were easy to follow. I decided to use some raw footage on the hard drive to follow the directions of what I was learning. Having experience in video editing, even on other software, gave me a great start in understanding what to do.

While no students came in for help this week, I used my time to learn in order to be fully prepared for next week when students are sure to come in, as projects will be due!

Kelly- Friday Night Football Focus- NPaCE

Last Friday we had yet another successful run down at NPaCE for Friday Night Football Focus! I’m also proud to announce that mine and two other members of the FNFF crew’s high school team, the Harris County Tigers, won their game and are now Regional Champions!

Mr. Hart was unable to be with us this week due to other events going on at the same time as the show, so we were responsible for keeping the show organized and successful. In the beginning of the night, we did have a few bumps. There were some technical issues in synching times for commercial breaks with our partners at PMB. However, after the first break, we were able to correct this issue. After this hiccup, we were smooth sailing.

Social media for the show was incredibly successful. We had the largest reach throughout the whole season! We saw such an increase in likes (about 50!), postings to the page, and comments. There was interaction between fans of the page in which we have not seen before.

We will be covering the play-offs, as well. So be sure to stay tuned-in as we cover the games and see who the champions are!