Giving Thanks

Being that it is the holidays the Liberty is hosting numerous events to where they are giving back to the community. This past weekend the Liberty held their recital for, which was a partnered event with the CSU Schwob school of music. It was pretty successful. I was given the task of created the program for the event. I can admit I got pretty excited about being able to put my name on the handbill as the graphic design artist!

Here are a few photos from this weekends event:

Our costumer did an amazing job on the dresses!

Tomorrow will be hectic, because 98.3 the beat will be hosting their annual Turkey give away at the Liberty. We have been receiving many phone calls for the past two weeks. This is great for the Liberty, because it means more awareness for their organization.

On Thursday we will be hosting the Thanksgiving dinner and clothing drive for the community. We are expecting over 200 people and we are very excited!

Strolling for a Cure!!


(Us ladies with the event Host Brandon Todd)

I love Greek events, so when prompted with the opportunity to film and interview at NPHC’s Annual Strolling For a Cure Show, I jumped on the chance to be apart of it. Initially, my place was just to attend the show but then I found out I could film and became even more excited because not only could I see the show, I could also get a backstage look at the event. The event highlighted different Greek groups at Columbus State who participated to raise money for sickle sell awareness. Not only did I film, I also assisted with interviews of participants, guests and judges. The event itself was so much fun; it was interesting seeing how different fraternities and sororities choose to perform, step and even stroll. It gave an inside look at some of CSU’s Greeks. After the event they raised over $2,000 for the Association of Sickle Cell Lower Chattahoochee Region. It was also good to see different Greeks, IFC, NPHC and NPC come together for a great clause. I can’t wait to see next year’s Strolling for a Cure!!


(DJ Brad Event DJ)

Being Well Rounded

NPACE provides a lot of equipment and time for one to perfect their craft. I’ve been working on CPR so long, that I’ve snuck off and got myself interested in some other things…camera production.


Eric Barnhardt is one of the staff members in NPACE, and he is very hands on with the camera equipment, so who better to learn something from than him. He’s constantly showing me the fundamentals of the camera , and the different angles that I can use to take great video. Today we shot a mini commercial for another intern in NPACE. Although it was just practice, the work that went into it was very real.


We started from the bottom from setting up the camera, and diffusers, and then it was time to film! Brandi Phillips was a great test subject! I was able to be her “hype-man” and really get her into the swing of things. The bright lights is one of my favorite parts about everything.



It wouldn’t be right if I did not give it a try myself. You never really know what you’re capable of until you’re forced to give it a try. I must be more than radio. I have to be well-rounded.



Editing, Editing, Editing


I’ve learned so much about editing and Final Cut Pro this semester interning at NPACE and taking Video Production I with Chris Robinson, director of NPACE. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I did video production in high school, so I have shooting and editing experience coming in. Interning at NPACE has only increased my knowledge and hone my skills even more.

Editing The Server has been one of my duties this semester. While editing, my job is to listen for references to video games, movies, books/comic books, or whatever else they talk about and add a logo or interesting picture in. It is slightly harder than it sounds. Not knowing about half of what the hosts talk about, I was having to guess and research what logos and pictures I was using. For example, World of Warcraft apparently made a tribute to Robin Williams in their ‘universe.’ I felt that the topic was important enough to have a picture, so I had to find out what the tribute was, what it looked like, and then had to find a good picture of it to add to the project timeline.

I’ve also learned better shooting techniques. I have definitely learned to frame my shots–head room, lead room, and variety of shots and angles–better and control the lighting and audio more efficiently. I can tell the difference between footage I filmed a year or two ago and now; that’s awesome!

Overall, very productive and educational semester!

Dr. Mescon’s Last Interview at Columbus State

Today, I helped out my peer, JT Fellows, with the interview of Columbus State’s fourth president, Dr. Timothy Mescon. JT did the interview, while I handled the audio part. JT asked some great questions and I took mental notes of how sharp and straight-forward the interview was. From this interview, I have learned to attach and detach the portable lights, the audio equipment, and pack up when it’s all over.

All in all, this interview they conducted was great and Dr. Mescon will be missed at CSU!

photo (2)

View This Video – Amelia Cox – CCC



This week I have attempted to learn how to make a short 1-2 video clip for a class featuring Micah’s Promise. One of the Staff Members here at Christ Community Church (CCC), Robert Williams, is allowing me to borrow his camera and tripod and has told me a few tricks about recording and editing video. I have been playing around with recording different objects and I have learned a few things thus far. 1) It is super hard to keep your hand still when you do not have a tripod and are trying to focus on one object. 2) The littlest bit of sound travels. For example, the air condition or people talking one room over can cause your “quiet scene” to become very loud. 3) Plan out what you want to film before you film it. If you do not do this, you will probably waste a lot of time and memory on your SD card.

Tonight I am filming parts of the Micah’s Promise Board Meeting in order to capture what it is they do. I am excited about this opportunity, but extremely nervous because I do not know much about filming at all. I am scheduled to record two interviews this week for the video and am hoping to have complete silence in order for the sound to be good. On the bright side, I have registered to take Video Production 1 next semester and am hoping that will increase my recording abilities.

Amelia Cox – CCC – Style Guides and Grammar

APStyleThis week at Christ Community Church (CCC) I have been creating a simple Style Guide for the staff to use. Before this past week, I had never really heard of a style guide and did not realize all that goes into creating them. Style guides contain a lot rules on grammar, punctuation, spelling, and more all custom made toward each organization/company that has one. Every style guide is different from another. Chances are, no two style guides for two separate companies are alike. These style guides tell each person at a organization what is and is not ok to put into their writing or communications. The way one would write a phone number is defined. You either have, 706.555.5555, with periods or dashes, 706-555-5555. It is all up to preference of the organization and everyone has to follow that guide. It is really neat, but when creating one, you have to be careful to adjust it correctly for your organization. Before I put anything into the style guide, I have to run it by Al to make sure it is what the church wants because their writing is a reflection of them.