NPACE (Non Profit and Civic Engagement) Center Students put together clips from the innaugural ARTBEAT in Columbus, Georgia to introduce ARTBEAT 2013 Arts in the Streets. This annual event occurs the last two weeks of March as a celebration of Arts in our community. Look forward to lots of great events in Uptown Columbus this year – find out more at or

Charissee McKee- NPACE

This week, I spent most of my time trying to help around the communication department and with the NPACE center. The one thing that was really important for me to do was make sure I wrote thank-you cards to the companies that donated to our NPACE launch such as Chick-fil-A, Starbucks, Zaxbys and more. We wanted to make sure that they knew we were grateful for their contributions to the launch of our NPACE center.  Now, we are preparing for Artbeat. They are going to need as many people they can get to help out with the events. March 14th marks the start of Arbeat 2013.


I am wondering what they will have me do next in regards to Artbeat. I will gladly lend a hand to gain more knowledge about video production or social media whatever they may need. I am looking forward to it! I was unable to attend any of the events last year due to work. It sounded so interesting, especially when a few of the musicians came and spoke to our class. They each told us their story and the controversy about them even playing together. I am really looking forward to this year and attending the events.

Charissee McKee-Archiving

As things have calmed down a little bit from the NPACE center launch, I have found myself helping wherever it is needed. I had to do a lot of file work yesterday, but today I was able to get a little taste of video production.

As I was watching the videos, I realized it takes a lot of work when you are trying to produce a solid video. It is more than just pointing the camera. You have to worry about lighting, angles and just overall trying to get a good shot. Editing is very time consuming. You worry about if you want something to fade in or out, what needs to be taken out and what is good footage. Today, I helped archive  footage of the Youth Orchestra. It was very time consuming. Every Wednesday I intern from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm and archiving took up most of my time today. I will have to say it taught me to be patient. I thought that it would not take that long, but I learned that it actually archives in real time, minute by minute. Most of the footage was from about 35- 60 minutes long.


I would be interested in taking video production I after I had a little taste of it today. I am really looking forward to seeing what those students produce for Artbeat this year, which is going to be a pretty busy time for communication students ad the NPACE center. I would love to be of some help ,as well as learn the gist of video production. I want to know about the different angles and lighting. Also, I want know how you can make your video run smoothly. All of these techniques would have been helpful last semester, but I would still like to learn more about video production.

Jessica Word- Preparing for Artbeat 2013

The NPACE center is as busy as ever!

We are hurriedly preparing for Artbeat 2013.  ARTBEAT is a community-wide effort that celebrates and supports creative individual and arts organizations in Columbus, Georgia. Their mission is to provide culture, engagement, and education and the theme for this year is “Art in the Streets.” Artbeat 2013 will take place on  March 14-31.

For more information check out their website and official Facebook page:

I was unable to be here for  Artbeat last year, so I am excited not only to attend but to assist in filming a majority of these events! The NPACE center is throwing everything they’ve got at this event, and all the interns, assistants, and students will be helping to cover every event. Courtney and I are working on a sign-up sheet for students to first volunteer for events they want to cover and then we will assign students to events accordingly.

Professor Hart’s Video Production II class will make a collaborative documentary of this two-week arts extravaganza. Students were also offered the opportunity to turn Artbeat into their own personal documentary. I took Professor Hart up on his offer, and I can’t wait to get started on my project!

One event that I am especially excited about is the Color Me Rad 5k. The race will take place on March 23 and I am volunteering.  This is how it works: you start out as clean as a slate. Each section of the run adds a new explosion of color to your clean, painter’s palate until you cross the finish line into a final explosion of color. I think this will be an amazing opportunity for the students to film this run.

If you are interested in volunteering or running go this website:

Malinda Shamburger- A Day At The Capitol

CASA day at the capitol is a very important day for Twin Cedars. On this day, CASA coordinators from around the state rally in Atlanta to meet with state representatives and senators from their perspective counties. Having the opportunity to meet face to face with state legislators allows coordinators to add a voice to legislation that they are attempting to get introduced or passed. Currently, CASA has legislation that has been introduced in the House. House Bill 242 is about Juvenile Justice Reform. Today, there are no consistent policies from county to county in regard to the Juvenile Code. This bill is a step in the right direction to make these necessary changes. Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Carol Hunstein in a Feb 7 judiciary address said, “We as Georgians – and as a nation – stand at a crossroads in juvenile justice history.  We have learned, just as we did with adult criminal justice, that cracking down on juvenile crime is not enough. We must also be smart about juvenile crime and take action to reduce it.”

Here is a link to learn more about House Bill 242 There are other ways that we can help. If you are not registered to vote, make sure that you do so. It is important to have representatives that do just that, represent us, so your vote counts. If you are already a registered voter find out who your state legislators are, and let them know how important this bill is, and ask them to support it. Protecting children and families should be a priority of every citizen.


Pictured L-R, Rosalind Alston- CASA Program Coordinator, Rep. Calvin Smyre, Heather Irvin CASA Coordinator

Christina Kleehammer – WTVM – Week 6: Reporter

Ladies and Gentlemen, the week we have all be waiting for!  (And by “we”, I mean “me”.)  Reporter Week!

When it comes to working in news, reporting is a topic that constantly comes up in every department, so I was eager to go out and see what it’s like.  My mentor for the week: WTVM Reporter Curtis McCloud.

The first assignment we went on was a live shot during a Board of Education meeting.  Paul (the same Photog I worked with last week), Curtis, and I took the live van out to the Board of Education Building.  The big item on the agenda: Whether or not to return all Muscogee Country Schools back to a traditional calendar–meaning no year-round schools.  The vote passed.  A reporter from Channel 3 was also there to get a live shot on the same story.  For the first time, I was able to observe the competitive/cooperative dynamic that exists between reporters from different stations working on the same assignment.  Their networks may be in competition, but when they are on location, there seems to be an understanding that they have to work together to an extent in order to get the job done.

The second day, I learned that as a reporter, you have to be prepared for anything when you arrive at the station.  At first, I was wearing business attire, but Curtis had on jeans and sneakers.  He told me we’re going to tour a construction site, and I had 10 minutes to run home, change, and meet him in the parking lot, ready to go.  Good thing I live pretty close!  I got back in exactly 10 minutes, and we headed out to the construction site of the new Martin Army Hospital on Fort Benning.

The media can never go onto the military post without supervision, so a Military Public Affairs escort met us at the gate and stayed with us the whole time.  After getting suited-up in our hardhats, construction vests, and protective glasses, we went on an exclusive, inside tour of the construction site with Lt. Col. Ross Davidson, and the Project Executive from Turner Construction, Martin Miller.  They’re working hard to create a low-stress environment for recovering patients.  There are healing gardens, therapy pools, a giant water wall for ambience, and tons of giant windows for natural lighting.

Not only was I a part of the interviewing process, but the best part was being able to practice recording my own stand-up shots.  I looked right into the camera, held the microphone up, and with my best news reporter voice, said, “The New Martin Army Hospital is expected to welcome its first patients in November of 2014.  Reporting from Fort Benning, I’m Christina Kleehammer, WTVM News Leader 9.”

You can watch the final report on the new Martin Army Hospital here.

Hudson Thompson – Same ole, same ole

It is week six here at The Bull in West Point. This week was actually fairly slow, I am definitely getting better on being live on the mic (I was there early in the morning again this week on Tuesday and Thursday to be with Smoot on his morning show), more relaxed, but also still having to be wary of what I say. It is interesting to me all the things that you are apparently not supposed to say on the radio, but are still said on the radio …it makes for interesting conversations, to say the least! Today, I assisted both Gator and Dr. Dave with making commercials.


This is Gator, we were working on a commercial for a local grocery store

I am getting pretty slick with commercials, I am thinking after next week I will be able to make them on my own.  Steve Wheeler, station manager, wants me to finish converting music for the sister AM station before I get on making my own commercials. I am very close to being done with the bulk of the converting, and I am thinking after  some point next week (Tuesday or Thursday) I will be done with them for sure! So, I am excited to see what the next few weeks have in store for me, because making commercials is so much fun! I have found the production aspect of radio is what I have really enjoyed of late, and maybe later in life I can get into that portion of radio, or something related. We shall see!!

Jasmine Jones – Lights, Camera, Action!

The weeks continue to get more interesting at WTVM News Leader 9 as I learn more about each area of the station.  This week I had a chance to learn about the anchors and what they do in the station. For the most part, I was with Cheryl Renee, who is an anchor for the noon show.  Most of her days is spent reading before it is her time to start the show.  It was an awesome experience this week because I was on the set of the  live show while.  Although the audience only saw Cheryl, I was next to her following the script and the prompter as she read.  I also learned about the ISB cable and I got plugged up to one and was able to hear the producers in the room speak through my ear while the show was going on.  I was able to get the full on-set experience as I anchored with Cheryl Renee this week.

WTVM pic4

WTVM pic 5

Dan Quigley – Opening of NPACE, Trip to the Capitol, and The YOGC

With the official launch of NPACE center last week, the communication department is stepping into the next chapter of its history. I spent the majority of the day showing visitors our Tricaster-based video studio and everyone was shocked to find out that technology of this caliber was located in the bottom of the Carpenter’s Building. With our radio and TV studio’s, the communication department is going to be able to reach far and wide across the region and even the globe as we stream online as well.


Laterika Peak and Latisha Francis at the Georgia Capitol

It seems that everywhere I go now it is inevitable that I will run into a communication major doing something to help contribute to the University and the community. A couple of weeks ago, I was one of many communication majors who traveled to the capitol to help show legislators why we are such a good institution. Hopefully, my fellow peers won’t mind me posting this picture I took of them up at the Capitol Building. It’s just such a good picture that I had to share.
Another place you can find Communication majors these days is at CSU TV up on main campus where I am doing part of my internship. While I don’t personally have any pictures from recently in the studio, I’m sure you can see one from Mark’s post this week. He and many other Communication majors have been helping us at CSU TV develop some student programing, something that I’ve been waiting a long time for. We hope to have shows that talk about student issues, deliver news to people on campus, and share some of the exciting things that go on at Columbus State University. My role thus far has been that of the technical situation. I’ve been making sure everything is working properly, looking good, and sounding clear. This week we had our first recording on student issues. Every week we’re making a little more progress towards the student programing of our University.

One last thing I should mention is the project in Roger Hart’s video production II class. I have been helping with the filming of a documentary on the Youth Orchestra of Greater Columbus. Last Saturday, we filmed their side-by-side performance with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra. It was such an experience to be in the Bill Heard Theater and get to hear talented musicians of all ages play. So far we have gotten a LOT of good material and I am really excited to see how the documentary turns out at the end of the semester.

Cory Veal – Progress

This week I have focused my attention on adobe programs in the NPACE center. I have spent quite some time learning the basics of Final Cut Pro X, so I felt it was important to learn the basics of other adobe programs. They are very difficult to learn but through advice from mentors in my internships, YouTube has become my best friend. I have watched countless videos on the basics of the software and I feel pretty confident of my new understanding of these programs. I am really looking forward to putting all of my training to good use in the NPACE center.


My responsibilities at the Boys & Girls Club continue to grow. This week I have done everything from fixing document layouts to press releases. I am working with so many amazing individuals, it’s making my experience here great. I receive so much guidance and help with my projects, I never feel overwhelmed. Not to mention they make sure my projects are completed without error.

Next week, I will have the pleasure of watching the judging for the Youth of the Year with many influential members of the Columbus community. This is something I am really looking forward to.

Until next time…