Networking Rounds


During Week Eleven I added some videos to the website but the slow Internet speed made the process take a great deal longer. While waiting for the videos to upload I removed some text and logo from the DSC brochure as requested by Jay.

On the next internship day, I began my day by going to the 8 a.m. Chamber 101 meeting where I networked as PR for the Disability Service Center. I found the Chamber 101 meeting to be informational and I saw the Chamber as an opportunity to further promote DSC in the future. After returning to DSC, I met with Ashley of Adventure Autism Travel about the upcoming Golf Tournament. Later I went to a Rotary Club with Jay for further networking. It is becoming more and more apparent just how important networking is for a nonprofit. Afterwards, we went to the NPACE Center and recorded my first CPR Nonprofit Circle with Jay being the first nonprofit guest on the segment (I hope to make this a weekly segment with other NPACE Center partners). Once we completed the segment, we went to the Chamber of Commerce after I mentioned the possibility of getting the NPACE Center involved with the Chamber (Oh, me and my bright ideas). That is a whole different story.

A Little PR Work


Week Nine began with a day off for Columbus Day. Nevertheless, on the one day I did have for my internship I assisted one of the Disability Service Center partners, Adventure Autism Travel, with an event flyer. I was also more than happy to assist her about a problem she was having with another entity about a little PR problem. After assisting Autism Travel I added another picture to the DSC website. We also discussed getting the interview Jay did with iNtoColumbus as well as the ribbon cutting segment from iNtoColumbus for the DSC website. We will see how that goes since I am one the producers and creator of iNtoColumbus.

Straight Forward Public Relations


Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 12.46.03 AM

During Week Eight, I continued putting together a list of golfing clubs in Georgia and Alabama for the upcoming golfing tournament that is being hosted by Adventure Autism Travel and Disability Service Center. This should be an interesting event especially since I have already offered my services to video the event.

Jay did not like the picture I took of him for the website. Admittedly, it was a bit amusing. However, I happily retook the picture of him then PhotoShopped it before putting it on the website with the other board members. I have taken all of the pictures of the board members, except for one. However, I will eventually get that picture when the board member is available to do so.

On an ‘off day’ Jay requested my presence as the Disability Service Center PR person to accompany him to an interview on WLTZ NBC 38. He was to be a guest of Straight Forward with Gloria Strode. Ms. Strode was a very nice hostess. I did have an opportunity to ‘give’ her the correct name of Disability Service Center before they went on air. As soon as the interview was done, Jay and I went to hear what the Knight Foundation has planned. Strangely, they only request a short paper about the venture planned and then 140 characters. That is interesting indeed.

On another day, I had an opportunity to get more involved in Disability Service Center by assisting with the training of two individuals in learning to use voice to text on a MAC computer. I learned something new about MACs and now know MACs computers are easy to use for the visually impaired.

Public Relations Experience Through DSC


During Week Seven Jay and I met with an individual representing a for profit entity called Access Center. I found the individual to be extremely evasive in answering our questions. Actually, he was attempting to get Jay to write a letter declaring their services were different than what Disability Service Center provides. If he had not been so sketchy with his answers then he may have received such a letter, but he left without the letter.

Once again, I had the opportunity to go to Opelika with a DSC consumer named De Anthony. This time we went to have the ‘skin’ put on his prosthetic leg. I must admit I tend to ask a great deal of curiosity questions to the man who creates the prosthetics.

We also visited one of the local food pantries in order to gather information that can be beneficial to some of the DSC Consumers. It was interesting to see how they put the bags of food together and how people apply for assistance. It is a humbling experience.

Some other public relations experience I had during the week were entering information in the Disability Service Center calendar. I also looked up information regarding the upcoming golf tournament. Jay and I brainstormed on a grant proposal.

More Public Relations


Week Six was not as exciting as the week before, but I was still doing Public Relations work. I worked on the Disability Service Center website. I wrote some thank you cards for the sponsors of the Ribbon-Cutting event on Monday and Wednesday. I also found out that my internship would now be from 9-5 instead of 9-3 on Mondays and Wednesdays. Another public relations opportunity was given to me and I sat in on a meeting between Jay and a local Pharmacy that delivers some medications. This would be beneficial to many DSC consumers who either have difficulty or are unable getting out of their homes to get their needed medications.

Series of Interesting Events

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 8.02.25 PM

At the start of Week Five, Jay and I went over the Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting event and discussed what could be improved for future events and what worked best during the event. We agreed the event was a success and hoped the media coverage would benefit Disability Service Center. We discussed putting the media from the Ribbon-Cutting event on the website as soon as we can obtain it. I also brought up the need for a digital media kit for DSC, but that will be something for the future. Nevertheless, I now have access to the website password so I can work on it whenever or wherever necessary.

Earlier in the week, I had the opportunity to assist with an interview of Monica Pearson Kaufman for iNtoColumbus and an interview for CPR (Cougar Public Radio). I also had the opportunity to hear her speak in the Master Class (Video Production II). I missed hearing her during the Speaker’s Series. Subsequently, Jay invited me to attend a Rotary Club meeting with him. Dr. Gibson and Dr. McCollough attended as well. Fortunately, I once again had the pleasure of hearing Ms. Kaufman speak. This was also a great opportunity to make use of some networking, which seems to be of great importance when it comes to being a part of a nonprofit.

Ribbon-Cutting Day

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 11.04.43 PM

Finally the ribbon-cutting event sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce finally happened. I ran over to Ruth Ann’s to pick some food they were sponsoring. Overall, it was an amazing day. It was a great success. Mayor Tomlinson showed up. Some of the Cotton Mouth Hockey players came by. The board of the Disability Service Center was there. A good number of partner nonprofits and local businesses made an appearance as well.  One of the best parts was having several of our consumers there.  There was great food, amazing company, and networking for everyone.

Brandi Phillips and I filmed the entire event. We had the privilege to film beside a couple of the local television stations during the ribbon cutting. We also interviewed Jay O’Neal, Professor Humphrey, and a couple of other people during the event. A video will be made to go on the DSC website.