Amanda Miron

Work Within What I Know

I was wondering what I would get into when I signed up for this. There was one organization that I had hoped would try to negotiate internships with me, but after a few tries, I decided to go to NPACE and see what would be there. Besides, I had a deadline to pick one that was coming fast before I knew it.

My main duty would be to post blogs on the CSU NPACE intern blog at the WordPress site. I thought to myself “How would that get me 150 hours alone?” I talked to the people in charge, and I found out that there are other things in store, like organizing the photos. That would take me a good while. Who knows what else is in store? I’ll tell you soon.

Tieanna Graphenreed

The Beginning

I was sitting at Panera having lunch when I got the call. We exchanged pleasantries and I listened calmly as she explained she “never does this over the phone” and “prefers to do this in person.” I resigned myself to accepting that I hadn’t gotten the job and being thankful for the amazing interview experience and wonderful people I met—that’s when Lauren Minter, Advancement Director at RiverCenter for the Performing Arts, offered me a paid internship position as Advancement Assistant. I accepted without hesitation, and I started the next day.

My first week was a blur of paperwork and organizing my first bulk mailing, but the best way to learn is to jump in head first. I have already learned so much about the inner workings of marketing and communication efforts encouraging community members to “Experience RiverCenter.” The RiverCenter team treats me as an equal and are unafraid to task me with responsibilities. In the three weeks I have been working there, I have completed one bulk mailing and three flycard mailings. I am now working on the upcoming month’s newsletter and getting RiverCenter onto Google Adwords with my Social Media Analytics (MKTG 4138) team.

Every day I am excited to go to work, further the mission of RiverCenter for the Performing Arts, and see how it pushes me farther toward my goal to become a professional grant writer.

Erin Valentine

I am an intern for WLTZ First News.


This week, I got hands on and got to write the kicker for the show. The kicker is a news story that comes at the end of the show. It is a short entertainment piece to get the audience laughing. I found a story about naming a cockroach after your “love bug” for Valentine’s Day. I wrote the story. It had to be under 30 seconds. My story aired on the midday news Wednesday. The most exciting part was when Ricki, the anchor for the midday news, asked me to get on TV and talk about my story.



Erin Valentine

Madison Ullman

In Three. Two. One. Let’s Intern.

I am so excited to be interning for WLTZ NBC 38. I know most people who intern here are looking to get experience as journalists or reporters, but that’s just not my style. I like the behind the scenes work: the technical and production side of things. Luckily, this internship is going to allow me to see how all the gears work together to produce what gets broadcasted. So far, I have learned how to create over the shoulder shots (OTS) using Adobe After Effects, how to build moving maps using Google Earth, how to produce full-screen shots (FS) using Final Cut Pro, and have been shown how both the master control board and the soundboard function.  I have even been allowed to produce some of the graphics and images used in their broadcasts, as well as been able to run sound for one of their 30-minute early morning shows. Each day presents new challenges, but I am always hungry and eager to learn more.