Jessica Shadix

Blog #1
My internship schedule for this fall will be 4 PM – 12 AM Thursdays and Fridays. Last Thursday, I shadowed producers for the 5 and 6 PM newscasts as well as the 10 and 11 PM newscasts. I got a crash course in their software, as well as how they manage time during live broadcasts. I also got to keep the time for the 10 PM show, which was a great way for me to start familiarizing myself with how the show runs every day.
On Friday, I accompanied Brooke, one of the sports reporters, to high school football games. I took down stats while she recorded the game, and I cut those clips into highlights using Final Cut while we were in the car. It was very fast-paced, but experience is the best teacher. I’m looking forward to sharpening my editing skills and learning more about production in the coming weeks.

Keona Swindler

Blog #1

It has been a month and two weeks since I started working with Muscogee County Ferst Foundation. The opportunity seemed like fate. Professor Marion Scott emailed me about the position and I had an interview the next week. I met with the volunteer coordinator, Warren Steele, at Midtown Coffee House. My nervousness seemed to subside once I found out that Warren and his wife knew my father. It was easy to talk about all my ideas once I realized we had a common factor. Thanks Dad for passing out my baby pictures at work! Columbus is such a small, big town. We talked about the position and the organization as a whole. I instantly felt gravitated towards the work of Ferst. It concide with the current work I do at Boys & Girls Clubs.

I accepted the position after waiting for one or two days. Since I have begun working with Ferst, my tasks have included managing their social media platforms and website. Facebook is their primary platform, at the moment. One of my goals before the end of the semester is to create two new social media accounts. This past week, I worked on #FunFactFriday where I post one fact about childhood literacy. Also, I have been working on their website to make it more clean and easy for visitors.

My goal for the upcoming week is to finish the site’s renovations. Once I am finished, I will send to Warren for approval. If all goes well I want to “reveal” the new site on Facebook to our followers.

I am excited to see what all I can do with Ferst. I have such high hopes and goals and hope to fulfill them all. Since August, we have seen major user engagement, which is great predictor for the future!


Kasey Cross

Week 1

This week has been an exciting week for me. With classes starting, adding school into my busy summer routine has been hectic but I have high hopes that I’ll breeze through the semester to graduation.

Columbus Regional Health (CRH or “Columbus Regional” from here on out) was slow, but fun. We got a new graphic designer, Carol, and I finally got to meet her. She’s incredibly fun, and talked to me about her daughter who (like me) started out wanting to do political communication and found her true calling in healthcare. She works for the CDC now, and that little tidbit made me very hopeful for my own plans in healthcare.

This week more than anything else has been reflective for me. The first week of school is always such an ambitious time where it feels like anything is possible, and the world is at my fingertips. Talking with Carol and my new professors has reiterated in me the plans I have for myself. Even though sometimes it seems like my plans change from week to week, one thing has remained the same: I want to use my career for public service.

When I heard about the recent terror attack in Barcelona, I felt driven to do something with my life that would help in the future. I want to work in an environment that responds to global crises, and I think that my time working in a hospital will certainly prepare me to respond to crises. As my professor, Marion Scott, pointed out to me there is no shortage of crises when working in healthcare — as everything is “life and death.”

Next week holds some fun possibilities for me as well. CRH is hosting the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) Mediathon. We’ll be hosting multiple media outlets, some radio and some television, on Thursday and Friday. I’ll be accompanying our media coordinator, Jessica, on Thursday afternoon to oversee the media staff — something I’ve done many times before but never really gets old to me. I did a little bit of prep for it last week by writing copy to roll on the bottom of the screen while the Mediathon interviews are filmed. I also wrote up a fact sheet about the fundraising event including what supplies CMN is raising money for and how they benefit the pediatric patients.

More on that next week, for now I need to get back to packing my bags and preparing for the second week of school.

Keeli Waugh

Blog #1
This past week at Fun Academy Motion Pictures, I added email contacts to the data base they are using to send out newsletters. I am currently working on collecting contact information for California. Also, I organized Fun Academy’s schedule for upcoming events. I will be contacting theaters for tentative scheduling within the next few weeks, so I am hoping to learn more about pre sales and box office scheduling for movies.