Zach Jamieson-NPACE/PMB-Cram it!!

It has been a crazy last couple of weeks!! Cramin’ for exams, projects, videos, presentations, etc.  

 This is an EXTREMELY rough edit of the NPACE video that may eventually be used as it’s commercial. Pretty exciting. I have to get back to crackin’ the books or I am absolutely not going to get what I need to finished. Wish me luck on the end of the semester and lets kick it on my break!!

Alexis Jarrett-WLTZ NBC 38-Dee Armstrong Show

What I have learned from watching Dee Armstrong and also observing the industry is that working in T.V. is a tough job and probably one of the most demanding industries you will ever work in. Appearance, personal opinion, and competition are all “perks of the job.” You have to have very tough skin to work in this business and I have seen first hand how it can take a toll on people’s’ personal lives.

One thing that is rewarding about T.V. is that you have the power of influence. Influence is probably one of the most powerful agents T.V. has to offer. I am looking forward to having the power of influence, and understanding its power means being responsible for what I say and do. One that you need in all industries is balance and a great team.

WLTZ has a team of people who care about you personally and professionally. I have appreciated my one year interning here. 

Natalie-WTVM Practice Makes Perfect

This weekend, I did a lot of writing. I worked with a WTVM Producer and news reporter. I was introduced to the wire which holds WTVM’s associated press releases updated frequently.

I was able to go through a long list of associated press releases and choose news specifically for the Georgia area and use it as a form of practice.
Ms. Dionne also let me write an introduction to her news segment.
Basically, the introduction is what the news anchor reads to introduce Ms. Dionne. It’s absolutely fabulous to have hands-on experience that becomes reality before your eyes.

The introduction I worked on dealt with Small Business Saturday. Basically I had to come up with a creative way to talk about Small Business Saturday…that would be interesting and appealing to the audience.

Needless to say what I wrote was decent, but practice does make perfect, so I will continue to practice to one day reach perfect. Ms. Dionne took what I wrote and showed me how to make it better and more relevant.

My Intro: During the Nation’s biggest shopping weekend… Small Business Saturday is a great opportunity to support your local retailers…Its a time when shopping small is a BIG way to contribute to your local community…

My Intro Perfected: The Nation’s biggest shopping weekend is well underway…And right now many are shopping small to give back in a BIG way. News Leader 9’s Brittany Dionne hit the stores for a fun day of shopping.

Natalie-WTVM-Time is Ticking

This weekend was interesting, it started off with attending the Funeral of Reverend Flakes, a well-known Pastor of the Columbus, Georgia area.

Coverage for Reverend Flakes funeral was very important, in fact we were in a hurry to arrive and get inside coverage as well as live coverage outside. We waited approximately 4 hours for the funeral to end.

Many Prominent members of the community were there such as the Mayor of Columbus, Georgia and Seale, Alabama, the Congressman and so on.  Hundreds of people lined up outside waiting to get in.

Today was my first time witnessing first hand the process of producing a live shot. The reporter had her laptop so that she could edit and prepare her package as well.

We also visited the local Salvation Army, where local organizations had prepared hot meals for the homeless. It was an early Thanksgiving celebration. We interviewed homeless people who were very happy and thankful for the meal. The Mason and Eastern Star organization expressed that they were happy to give and provide meals for the underserved of Columbus, Georgia.

One thing that has been made very clear to me during this internship, is that reporters have a lot of work to accomplish in very few hours.

Natalie-WTVM-Weekend Fun.

I met Ms. Dionne at Recorders court, where she allowed me to set up the tripod and camera. She explained to me the information she was there to gather; the witnesses did not show up-court was postponed until Tuesday. We still recorded footage to report on the evening news.

We then went to the Habitat for Humanity to cover the yard sale. I observed Ms. Dionne conduct interviews of the Director and a consumer. We took B-roll and we recorded natural sound (NAT’s).  After we left the Habitat for Humanity center we went to the Holy Family church to cover the memorial for Mr. Richard Halford-the policeman who died in a helicopter crash while searching for a young man in Atlanta. Ms. Dionne conducted an interview with the family and also recorded B-roll.

With each event and each step Ms. Dionne taught me the importance of camera angles, questions, natural sounds and bringing energy to the interview. After we left the memorial we went to the police station to look at the police reports for aggravated assault and other interesting news-which led us to a local residence to record B-roll of where an assault and break-in took place. There were two young men who verified the story, but did not want to be on camera.

We then went to Gorilla Guitars to interview and record B-roll for the Re-string food drive. At this event Ms. Dionne let me set up the camera, record natural sound, and begin the interview process, of course I am not as good as she is and she stepped in to assist me with questions and the different shots needed to make the interview successful. We then went back to the station where, Ms. Dionne gave me a homework assignment to write voice-overs and sound on tape for each story and she will review when I return.

Until next time, think on this…”The only disability in life is a bad attitude.” ~ JimmyScott Hamilton

Kayla Brown-CSU Athletics-Finished Brochure!!

I finally finished the summer soccer camp brochure. I enjoyed making this brochure because I was able to learn a lot about the Adobe products, which I needed to complete this project. More specifically, for this brochure, I used Adobe’s Indesign and Photoshop. I used photoshop’s selection tool to cut out the soccer player from the original picture. I then had to research and figure out how to transfer it into Indesign. The bulk of the brochure was made using Indesign. Through trial and error, and help from people in the office, I was able to figure out some of the “tricks of the trade.”

In order for me to start making the brochure I had to brainstorm what it was going to look like. I also wanted the brochure to be timeless. Therefore, I kept this in mind while creating it. This would be so that the soccer coach could use the brochure for many years to come. I did this through providing pictures of younger upcoming players of the CSU soccer team. I also felt that it was timeless with the new logo added, which hopefully will not change for a long time.

Click on this link to see the final product: SoccerCamp

I hope you enjoy!

Jennifer Therrien- Columbus Museum- Short Week

It has been a short week at the Museum. Monday the Museum was closed due to Veterans day so I returned today with plenty of things to do! It was time for another staff meeting today so we attended that first thing in the morning.  We listened to the latest announcements and any important updates that had to be told. After all of the speaking was done, there was a safety presentation done on cold weather.  It was to prepare us for the cold weather we might endure.

As soon as we got back to Ashley’s office is was back to work I went. Since I wasn’t there on Monday I was a little behind on some of the stuff I had to do. I planned all my Facebook posts for this week and began working on the next two weeks. It’s a lot harder than you think to create posts for Facebook when there is not really anything big happening. I went around the Museum and took pictures of things that I thought would make interesting posts and things that I think would attract visitors.

Our newest exhibit Growing Up in The Valley is very interesting, especially if you are from Columbus because you get to learn about what has gone on here in the past. Tomorrow is the opening of the newest exhibit called the Dawn Black Conceal Project. It’s always exciting when something new is about to go on. Third Thursday is back and it’s tomorrow and that is when the new exhibit will be opening. There will be a teens only event before that, which allows teens to come and talk one on one with the Artist Dawn Black herself.

That’s all for today!

Something Familiar….

Well I’ve never used wordpress before but I am rather familiar with the blog aspect but only through Tumblr. My tumblr is more of a personal type.

This is my first professional blog so wish me luck!

I’m going to focus more on current issues and public relations. Although this blog will be managed in a professional manor I will also try to bring some character and humor.Image

Christina – NPACE – Valley Healthcare and Media Ecology

This has been a very prolific week at NPACE!  I had the pleasure of working directly with one of our clients, Darlene Henley from Sigma Associates.  Last week, we finished the rough cut of a promotional video for Valley Healthcare System.  This week, Darlene came in to direct the necessary adjustments, and it was a pleasure to work with her.  We had a newly recorded narration, so this changed the pacing quite a bit.  We were able to tighten the spot up and finish it on Thursday.  It will be ready to show at a Valley Healthcare event this week.  Darlene mentioned to us how important it is for production professionals, not only to be able to understand how to use their platform and communicate through media, but to have the interpersonal skills to communicate and work well with others, too.  I couldn’t agree with her more!  One more great reason I’m grateful to major in Communication.

By the way, this was also the first project I’ve officially completed with Final Cut Pro X.  Such a monumental event!

Also this week, I produced a multifunctional project about Media Ecology Theory.  We filmed the video at NPACE as part of my internship, as it gave other students the opportunity to be part of the green screen production process.  Kayla Brown helped record the sound, and Jeremy Statum helped with the camera and the teleprompter.  Since there was a tour of NPACE happening at the same time, there was one part in the audio recording where we could hear Professor Hart speaking to our guests in the background.  Luckily, it was during the part where I was talking about the Digital Age.  I just added some other sound effects to that section, and his voice ended-up sounding like it was just part of the audible ambience of that section.  Worked out well!

The finished video was a Video Presentation project for my Communication Theories class. At about 1 minute in, the Prezi presentation kicks in, and at about 2 minutes, the sound effects, so it gets increasingly engaging.  I felt this was important for an 8 minute talking video.

Zach Jamieson-PMB/NPACE-Turkey-lurkey-doo!!

Ladies and gentlemen first and foremost I want to thank you if you are reading this over your holiday week. It has been an interesting week. I have been finishing projects such as research papers, video rough cuts, web page design projects, topped off with studying for final projects and exams! PMB has been fun as of late, woking on FNFF’s recordings and had the pleasure of driving the station van in the Veterans Day parade.