Networking at the Cufflinks and Pearls event

I have recently been increasingly acknowledged for my graphic design skills. Over the past couple of weeks I have designed brochures, flyers, newsletters and presentations. I have a very big interest in branding and I am a person who is big on being consistent, as well as cohesive.

I guess you can say I’ve recently tried to re-brand them. I have created a new logo and given them colors to recognize them by. It is good to know that they recognize my effort and I am glad that I am able to continue to utilize my skill set.

Photo: If you are ready for the 7th Annual Cufflinks and Pearls Networking Mixer use this flyer to update your profile picture, tag a friend in this post or share on your social media. Let's build bridges and make connections! #FCC25 #LOTT #CP2014 #LetsNetwork

Last week I had to create a flyer to list the Liberty’s upcoming events for the 7th annual Cufflinks and Pearls event. I was very excited about this event in particular, because it allows people to network with entrepreneurs and business professionals. We printed over 150 flyers to promote the upcoming events and passed out just about all of them and it seemed like were able to generate some interest from them.

While I attended the event I was able to meet a woman who designed jewelry, someone who made beads for your bath, graphic design/ marketing consultants and more. It was nice mixing an mingling with professionals from the Columbus community.

They also had a speaker for that night, Jeff Johnson. People generally remember him from BET Networks. One thing that stuck out to me during his speech is when he said when we are trying to network lets stop just giving our business cards and actually build a relationship.


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