Charissee McKee- Looking foward to the future

We have come to end. I have learned a lot this semester about social media and the dos and don’ts. I am already trying to utilize what I have learned elsewhere. It was a great start and now I am going to take a class over the summer that is centered on social media. I feel that I will be prepared for the class. I now know how to develop a media plan, which is best to do before you began working on a page.  It is not an easy task to do social media, because you have to understand what you target audience wants and keeping them interested. I would have to say this internship has allowed me to see what I want to do exactly as my future career and I feel that I am on the right page. I wanted to intern and gain more experience to become more experienced and well rounded. As I stated I have been exposed to social media, event planning and get better with graphic designing. My internships had taught me the ins and outs of social media and I recently became the student assistant for the Student Activities Council, which plans events on campus. I feel that I will be able to utilize the skills that I have learned with my internship as well as learn more about publicity and graphic designing. It has been a busy semester, but I enjoyed my experience!


Some of the members from the SAC team and I.

Malinda Shamburger- Until We Meet Again

The semester has come to an end (almost). This is the final blog. Writing a blog has been an interesting experience. One that initially frightened me, but I would like shout out Jessica for being an awesome “blog master”, she has helped me grasp this concept. You really can teach an “old dog” a new trick thanks Jessica!  Interning at Twin Cedars has been the highlight of my college career. The work that goes on in this company is mind blowing. Everyday that I walked into the office there was something happening. I was assigned to work with the Marketing an PR director, however what I was able to see and do went well beyond those day to day duties. Marketing for a non-profit is a lot of work. One has to be familiar with every program and every program director, what they need as well as what they want, and be able to tie it up in a pretty bow for the public. With the work that Twin Cedars does, advocating for abused children, making the bows pretty is tough. The things that I learned cannot be found in textbooks. Here is a little review of my semester in a few pictures.


There was CASA day at the capitol, and several resource fairs.


April is Child Abuse Awareness month, our big event was a visit from the Governor’s wife, First Lady Sandra Deal. The signature blue ribbons and pinwheels were seen all over uptown Columbus, and in our sister cities of LaGrange and Macon.


The Super Hero run was the biggest event. This first time venture was more successful than anyone could have imagined, and will now become an annual event. This is only a small snapshot of the semester, however, past blogs have covered several other projects. There is a lot that goes on at Twin Cedars that is not for the camera’s eye. It has been a blast and I will not say good bye, but until we meet again.

Cory Veal- My internship Experience

This semester I had the pleasure of interning at two locations, the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Chattahoochee Valleys’s administration office and the NPACE center. I was able to experience the world of public relations at a non profit organization and the world of media production at the NPACE center.

At the NPACE center I was able to place myself back into media productions. I have always had a passion for television production and to have been placed to work in the NPACE center I was able to increase that passion.  I was constantly around equipment and media related conversations. I also updated myself with the recent Final Cut Pro X, In design and adobe Photoshop.

One major task I had in the NPACE center was being on hand for the need of on-air written material. I was able to be apart of the NPACE centers grand launch by writing several PSAs that aired that day. I was also on hand for the day’s activities as well. I then wrote intros/ outros for the Artbeat radio event and even more PSAs focusing on specific events taking place during Artbeat 2013.

Over at the Boys & Girls Clubs, I expressed my passion for writing once again with assisting with Press Releases. I was able to write a couple of press releases, with one landing in the Ledger Enquirer. I am very pleased with accomplishing that task and being able to fulfill my duties at the office as well. I was also involved in helping plan the Youth of the Year Celebration at the Boys & Girls Clubs. There I was able to see the other side of PR work as far as planning an event that will not only benefit internal parties but help with the outside public’s view on the organization as well.

Both of my internships were an exciting experience and I am really appreciative of the real world experience I was able to obtain.


Cory Veal – Archiving and more

This past week in the NPACE center Professor Hart has requested that all videos be archived before the ending of the semester. Therefore I have been archiving each day that I have come in. I have been able to see so much footage from Artbeat and more. I have also had the opportunity to see the good and bad of videography. Some footage has been perfect and others may have been out of focus, contained bad lighting, or in the wrong frame. It is important to be able to recognize what can be fixed about a shot so that next time an individual goes back into the field they know exactly what they need to work on. I have personally been able to refresh myself with the entire process of archiving and viewing footage.

Throughout this semester I have seen and learned a lot in the NPACE center. But this past week I have really been hands on with the video footage and have gotten the chance to get a good gist on archiving at its best.


Christina Kleehammer – WTVM – When Knowing is Fun

I really enjoyed writing this article today.

Chris and Jenny Jackson from Jenny Jack Sun Farm in Pine Mountain,Ga., that is featured in the documentary “GROW!” - Photo by Anthony-Masterson.

Chris and Jenny Jackson from Jenny Jack Sun Farm in Pine Mountain,Ga., that is featured in the documentary “GROW!” – Photo by Anthony-Masterson.

My last blog post was about the difficult stories, but this one is about the ones that peeked our curiosity and make us laugh.

The article I shared above is about a restaurant in Americus that’s hosting a screening of “GROW!”, a documentary about Georgia’s local, organic farming culture.  I didn’t realize we have such a thriving young farming community in our state, and I thoroughly enjoyed learning about it while simultaneously informing the WTVM web viewers as well.  I hope a lot of people are able to attend the event.  It’s a little far away, but I may even try to go as well.  Sounds cool!

When it comes to good news, as with bad, you never know what’s going to happen next.  Today, everyone was sitting at their desks, working quietly in the newsroom, when Kelsey (Assignment Editor) announced that we have to see this video of Richard Simmons promoting Auburn University Aviation Program, which was just posted to YouTube that moment. Next thing we know, the whole newsroom is cracking-up!  I suggested Austin (6 o’clock News Producer) use it as the kicker for his show, which he was thrilled to do. (Good kickers can be difficult to come by sometimes.)

We were definitely laughing, but Auburn fans can be the ones to decide whether or not the viral video counts as good news or bad.  What do you think?

Cory Veal- And the tasks continue

This previous week at the Boys & Girls Club I was able to learn that I have been offered and opportunity to stay during the summer. I have been assigned to assist with another major event taking place early September.

I have been working on creating newsletters and more for the clubs website and our Facebook page. We are on the path of re-branding ourselves in the community and we are currently going in the right direction. It is very important to maintain a good social presence so people can see what good you are actually doing. Our Facebook activity has skyrocketed since we decided to update it keep current content on it.

Check out our Facebook page Like us if you have the chance :


Mark Yanoschik – Prepping for the future

Now that my freshman year of college is coming to an end I’m having to start getting ready for the next semesters. I look forward to starting my communications classes in the summer because I will be taking classes that I am actually interested in. Due to summer classes I should be able to graduate in 3.5 which would be awesome. Luckily, I will be keeping my student assistant job next semester. It’s a perfect job because I am getting to practice what I am learning for my major. I just recently met with the head of CSU’s athletic department and I will possibly help them out with some media work next semester. I am very thankful for all of the opportunities that CSU offers me as an ambitous student who wants to do everything possible to achieve in life after college. I’ve loved my first year of college and look forward to my future at CSU.


Mark Yanoschik – NFL Draft

This week’s Friday Night Sports Focus show is definitely going to be exciting with the NFL draft happening this week. I played football in middle school and high school and it is undoubtedly my favorite sport. We are going to have a lot to talk about and we will even be having to give updates during the show. I’m especially excited because Josh,Thrift, and I have spent the past few weeks giving our predictions and opinions on the draft and we finally get to see who was right and wrong (something tells me i’ll be the right one and Josh will be wrong like he always is, haha).

nfl draft

The unpredictability of the draft is what makes sports so fun and is part of why so many people tune into our show. Things are always much more interesting when you do not know how they are going to end. For example, I am a Notre Dame fan and I have no clue where Mant Te’o is going to go in the draft. Even numerous playmakers from University of Alabama may not go as high as thought because of injuries that are coming to light. Only time can tell and I look forward to being able to talk about all of the mixed reactions on Friday night on 106.5 FM!

Jessica Word – Last Week at NPACE Center

This is my last full week as an intern in the NPACE Center. Things are staring to pick up and students are hustling and bustling to finish last minute projects and prepare for upcoming finals.

The multimedia lab is constantly packed with students archiving footage, downloading data, or editing their individual video projects.  Professor Hart and a few students are working hard to finish projects for clients. Hopefully, they will approve of the NPACE Center’s work and we can have an ongoing working relationship with these organizations. I think that is one of my favorite parts about working here – being able to work directly with clients and produce a professional quality product.

Throughout the semester, I have also been running the social media for the NPACE Center as well as for the Communications Department. I am pleased to say that I have been posting some very good news for our department. For example, Raeann Kraft and Alexis Jarrett won Top Presentation Awards in last Tuesday’s annual CSU Tower Day Event. Also, CSU welcomed its charter chapter of PRSSA. (Shameless plug, I was elected as the PR Director of our chapter!)



PRSSA Charter Chapter of CSU – Faculty Advisor, Dr. Chris McCollough with newly elected officers Chasity Cook, Kimberly Dutton, Brandon Lashley, and Jessica Word.

I am so pleased to have been able to intern for such an amazing organization and to have gained real world experience that I can use later in life.

Hudson Thompson – Gym Meets Radio

This week has been interesting just because I got to mix 2 of my favorite things! The gym and making commercials on the radio! It was funny, because we were going to make a commercial for 9th Street Fitness (my place of employment), so I got to not only help write the commercial with Gator, but got to talk a little bit about what we have to offer at the gym (i.e. memberships, tanning, classes, etc.). It was definitely fun getting to work on something I knew a good deal about. We even made a fun little slogan for it!


My workplace…Just a few blocks over from the radio station!

So, this week was fun. Getting to make a commercial is always a blast, but doing it on something you know and love is even better! Yes, my time is winding down. I have definitely enjoyed my time at the radio station and have learned a lot from this experience!