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Tonight 98.3 The Beat planned a special event at club Medallion. We have ran several PSA’s on the radio and across Clear Channel’s local radio stations in Columbus, GA. Wednesday’s are usually a big night for club Medallion so the estimated outcome for the audience should be rather good. I won’t be able to attend the planned event tonight because I have to work and will not get off until late, but I know my mentor will let me know how it went on Friday. Although I will not be able to attend the event everyone seemed very excited and a lot of talk was going around the event. I also helped with advertising and promotion for the event. The word needs to get out not only on the radio but by word of mouth.

Today’s Work – Jyotsna Scales –

Image Today I had the opportunity of working with some  PSA advertisement checks from several companies and filling out paperwork for the winners from different stations contests. I worked the board during my usual times which is 4-5:30pm and answering phone calls for the winner of the day during the “Top 4 Playlist” half.

Around 4:45pm we did have an on-air interview with Janel Lewis on the Lupus Live charity fundraiser on May 3rd. Mrs. Lewis spoke about where the event will be held, what will happen and most importantly what the event is.

The event is meant to raise awareness and research funding for lupus, an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks healthy tissue. Lupus Live will be held Saturday, May 3 from 7pm to 8:30pm at St. James AME CHurch banquet hall located at 1002 6th Ave. downtown Columbus. There will also be a walk that morning at 9:30 am at Lake Bottom Park.

It was wonderful to hear what Mrs. Lewis had to offer and say about the organization.


Events and Board Work – Jyotstna Scales

photo 1
Today I got to work on the board as usual but also help plan events. We are trying to come up with some upcoming events for May and this summer. Right now we have an upcoming comedy show April 18th featuring Bruce Bruce, Gary Owens and Earthquake. We are also hosting an Easter Egg Hunt that same weekend on the 19th at the South Commons at noon.

I got to work the board again today as usual. I took all the phone calls during the “Topic of the Day” feature and played them back for the audience. I did mess up and played too much of the next audio. I’m not sure if the audience heard my slip up but I know my mentor did. He told me don’t worry that is what practice is for. He told me to just rewind the track for the next voice segment and play it back.

To my surprise we also got to film a little bit for a video in the making. Overall, today was a fun day and I learned more about working the board.

Working on the Board Again, Davis Broadcasting, Jyotsna Scales

ImageToday I got to work the board again. But this time I didn’t work the board for like 30 minutes but for the whole 2 hour block that I am at my internship 3-5pm. I got to work not only the board but also the phone line for “Topic of the Day.” Topic of the Day are daily topics that listeners and citizens of Columbus, GA submit in each day to talk about their personal issues and other things that are going on in the city. It isn’t easy working the board and the phone line. You have to make sure that you are not conflicting with what’s going on on-air either. I am not going to lie I did mess up at least twice. While my mentor was talking on the radio I accidentally cut him off and turned the music on which didn’t allow him to finish what he had to say. Second, usually when someone is talking on the radio some kind of music need to be playing behind their voice. While I thought I had turned on the instrumental, nothing was playing behind his voice. It took me about 10 seconds to find out what was wrong but it felt like so much longer. I can honestly say that I think I am getting better at working the board. I am still nervous but practice makes perfect.

First Day of Controlling the Board – Jyotsna Scales – Davis Broadcasting


Well today was the day. My first day working the board on live radio. I was so nervous about messing up and causing just silence on the radio. Silence on a radio station is a bad thing. Music or commercials needs to always be running on the radio, even someone just talking. I started working the board around the 4 o’clock hour when topic of the day was over. I was basically in charge of getting the 4 play at 4 ready and the throwback song of the day. It’s interesting being charge of the board and controlling what the audience is listening to. You see the first two tabs from the left control the volume for the microphone, while the red and yellow buttons for all the control buttons determine whether that portion of the board is on or not. Red signifies “on air” and yellow if off the air. The next three control bars represent the volume for the music. All three must be at a set volume so the sound will equal out when the radio personality is talking you can move the first two tabs down so when the next song plays it intertwines. Next we have is BBAR 1, 2, and 3 which controls the background music behind the speaker. When the radio personality is talking you want some kind of music behind it so their won’t be any silence. There are several instrumentals to choose from and of course each radio station picks their own personal one. The next control bars control the computer and phone such as when callers call in and recorded. Let’s say today wasn’t perfect but that’s why after today I will keep controlling the board at a certain hour than eventually run the board the whole time slot by myself. Radio isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. There is a lot of planning and thinking towards it

Broadcast Time – Jyotsna Scales – Davis Broadcasting

clock wheel
Today I learned about broadcast timing. Basically how everything on radio is managed on a clock. The picture provided above is not the exact timing that 98.3 the Beat uses but it is close. Radio is seen in 15 minute intervals. Every 15 minutes commercials are played which are featured sponsors of the selected radio station. For example, sponsors such as Gil’s, bars downtown, and Budget Car & Truck have featured commercial spots. Also, my mentor, Derrick Greene, mentioned to me how you have to have top/popular music within the first 15 minutes because that is when people are getting off work or more than likely getting in the car. You have to keep the audience interested and wanting to stay listening to your radio station. Every top hour there is the most popular music playing just case you didn’t know. Of course weather and traffic have their special time slots which is usually during half of the hour and  :45 mark of the hour.

It’s crazy when you learn how radio works because it makes you look and listen to radio differently.  I even caught myself listening to different radio stations and noticing the small things such as they played their commercials too early or don’t even have any other sponsors besides club events.

Mediabase 24/7 – Jyotsna Scales – Davis Broadcasting

Today I learned about Mediabase 24/7. It is a social music media base that shows you what music is being played across the country. You can search from hip-hop to country music on this site. Of course you have to have a special login and password just to gain access to all this  music. I believe only radio stations are allowed to access to this site. Not only can you view different music but you can search different radio stations and see what their playing. For example, I can look and see what Hot97 is playing in California and Power105 in New York.

The picture you see above are this week’s top 100 songs in hip-hop. You see on readio you can’t just pick and choose what songs to play on a daily basis. You have to choose what’s popular not only for you listeners but also what’s popular around the country. You can’t play a song that you like in particular and it be rated a 78 on the top songs. My advisor, Derrick Greene, explained is best when he said, “You have to wait until that song hits the top 10. You can’t play a song that is underrated because you have to give it time to climb to the top. We could play out a certain song six months ahead just because it’s popular here but the artist would wonder why it’s not number one at its highest peak because we played it out already.”

I never knew radio had such an organized and unique way about it.


98.3 The Beat – Jyotsna Scales – Time to Get Busy

 I am interning with ClearChannel Radio in Columbus, GA which consists of 98.3 the Beat, Sunny 100, Magic 101.3, Rock 103, South 106.1, NewsRadio 540 AM, 1270 Southern Gospel, and 1460 Funny. I look at this internship to be a great opportunity to work with experienced communication experts. Everyone around the radio station loves what they do and take great pride in informing the community. During my first week, I learned the basics of radio. For example, their is a 60 minute clock of organized radio. You have your 15 minute intervals where there would commercial breaks and advertisement. I never knew there was such an organized way of doing radio. I thought of radio like the every average person you just press buttons and everything is done automatically.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I arrive to the radio station to learn and observe how radio works. I am specifically working with 98.3 the beat radio station with Derrick Greene also known as “Lil D”. Derrick Greene is a very experienced radio personality and also the Vice President of Programming for Clear Channel in Columbus, GA.

I never thought of interning for a radio station before but an acquaintance told me about it. I figured as a Communication major with a Public Relations track why not learn everything with communication since it is so general. Next week I will be learning how to work the board and computers for the radio. I am very blessed and can’t wait to learn all the new things about radio.

Madame Mayor Teresa Tomlinson

#mayor #98.3thebeat #clearchannel #internship

#mayor #98.3thebeat #clearchannel #internship

On Monday, January 27th, Madame Mayor Teresa Tomlinson came by 98.3 the Beat radio station to talk to Lil’ D and the public about what’s going on in Columbus, GA. She was available to answer questions from Columbus citizens. Mayor Teresa Tomlinson answered questions concerning the railroads, employment, preparing for the weather, and trying to build revenue in the city. I can honestly say it was a pleasure meeting the mayor. She is a wonderful lady and well respected.

While hearing her talk and answering the communities questions, I believed every word she said and understand why she voted into office. I learned a lot when meeting her and thought this was a chance of a lifetime to meet your city’s mayor.

Something Familiar….

Well I’ve never used wordpress before but I am rather familiar with the blog aspect but only through Tumblr. My tumblr is more of a personal type.

This is my first professional blog so wish me luck!

I’m going to focus more on current issues and public relations. Although this blog will be managed in a professional manor I will also try to bring some character and humor.Image