Amanda Miron

More To Do

Last week, I was told about more things that I can do within NPACE. I will be doing inventory for multiple things within NPACE. I will also organize many pictures. This should take me some time to do, as I was told there were many pictures. On top of what I already have to do, it should be a slightly busier time here. I can’t wait to take on the responsibilities.

Scharis Weary

Blog 3
This week, as part of my internship, we began working on gaining contacts for the company. I briefly met the CEO, and he seemed to be nice. I also worked on invitations for an upcoming event. I am learning about film sales and distribution. The next few weeks should be exciting. Hopefully, I get to learn more about film production as well.

Olivera Tadijin

Last week, I have been extremely busy with tennis and my school work. I went to Savannah and Augusta for three days with the CSU tennis team. For my internship, this past week, I have started my blog about CORTA and posted my first blog. On that blog, I will keep updates about CORTA’s events and tournaments, as well as CSU tennis matches that are held at the same facility. Next week, I hope to learn more about social media and how everything works.

Tieanna Graphenreed

Baby Steps – Pursuing New Marketing Opportunities in Columbus and Online 

This week, I organized a meeting with the Advancement Director, Marketing Director, and Marketing Specialist for a class project. RiverCenter for the Performing Arts is my team’s client for MKTG 4143 – Social Media Analytics. We will develop three separate marketing campaigns utilizing Google Adwords to increase donations and ticket sales for RiverCenter. This project is an opportunity for RiverCenter to investigate an advertising platform the staff have little experience with, and to provide Columbus State University students with valuable client experience. The meeting went well, and we will continue planning the campaigns for approval at the beginning of March.

I also completed three separate bulk mailings, photographed a high school art show taking place on site, and delivered promotional materials around Columbus, particularly flycards and posters for Lightwire Theatre’s The Ugly Duckling to local daycare centers.

Madison Ullman

Punching a Show

Punching a show is what happens when the director sits in front of the TriCaster board and hits the different keys to change shots or bring up graphics. On Monday, Director Nicole let me punch my first show. I took over for her during the 30 minute CW GA-BAMA news broadcast. It was extremely nerve racking, but I only messed up once. I was supposed to run audio for the first hour, but there were new production assistants who needed training on the audio board. I was very excited to be able to punch my first show. I also got to control the cameras. There is a separate board that controls all the panning, tilting, focuses, white balancing, and zooming of the cameras.


A lot of times anchors will shift positions, or a camera will be physically moved by the floor person. When this happens, the shots have to be readjusted. I had never touched this board before, but while I was punching my first show, I got the opportunity to use this board. It was a really great learning experience. I still do not fully understand what all the buttons on the board do, but I am excited to learn more about it and get more comfortable punching shows.

Ventrine Parham

This week, I was able to join Dave Arwood, Programming Director of PMB, at Headquarter Nissan for a charity event. While there, I was able to learn about the audio equipment, make contacts, and also learn some fundamentals of radio. The lesson that we covered in detail was about imaging. Imaging for the radio consists of recording station tag lines using multiple voices. The voices are then pieced together to make a larger audio clip. The results of imaging allows the radio to sound full, and it helps build the brand of the station.

Erin Valentine

Blog #4: Video

This week I worked on editing an interview for the WLTZ website. I used the video of the interview and overlapped pictures and videos of clips about the topic. I then wrote a webstory talking about Valley Rescue’s grand opening. I learned how to edit the audio, clip the video and add other animations to the video and images.


Scharis Weary

This week, I started my internship. So far, I have been working on collecting contacts for the company.  I enjoy working at the studio. The work environment is easy going and the other interns have been helping with teaching me certain things.

Amanda Miron

Second Week In

I am having a great time reading everyone’s blog posts and seeing how they are doing with their internships. My responsibilities have not changed much, but I did wipe the camera lens off the 4K cameras that we have for rent in the NPACE Center. This coming week, I hope to talk to people and have more responsibilities. I want to learn all I can about NPACE, and hopefully help to the best of my ability. I can’t wait to see what’s in store next!

Scharis Weary

First Day of My Internship

Today I started my first internship at Fun Academy Motion Pictutes. I am learning how to create spreadsheets and analytics from social media among other things. I hope to learn as much as possible about the film industry from Fun Academy. The people are awesome and ready to teach me what they know.