Hayley – Communication Dept – Chick-fil-A Corporate Day One

Hey Everyone,

My internship this semester is working hand in hand with the Communication Department. These tasks vary from planning Induction Ceremonies, attending committee dean search meetings, to very soon planning a new public relations package to market this department to high schools around the Columbus, Georgia area.

One major component about being a Communication major, is the ability to take what you learn in the class room, and put it to use in the real world. Due to my experience and training that I receive by being a Communication major, I have had amazing career opportunity with Chick-fil-A. For about two and a half years I have work with marketing for this company.

Last week, I was sent to the corporate office for Chick-fil-A to get certified as a Restaurant Marketing Director for the company. Communication and marketing work hand in hand when you are trying to promote a product. My next few posts are going to focus on this training experience and the communication tools that I now have to use within my job.

Day One was exciting. RMD stands for Restaurant Marketing Director. This training consisted of twenty other RMDs from around the nation. When we first walked through the Corporate doors we were greeted with a “Welcome” sign and each seating arrangement was personalized for us with a name plate, marketing planning book, and a jump drive with all the important documents we would be discussing throughout the week. The third picture was when Corporate allowed us to go on a “Backstage Tour.” This is a process where we get to see behind the scenes. They have made it very exciting for all of their guests, and anyone can participate in this if they schedule it with corporate. Each group stands in front of a green screen and a picture is taken to remind everyone of this experience.


There are many floors that lead of to the CEO’s, Truett Cathy, office. He recently just celebrated his 92nd birthday. A survey was done with every employee to write down words that describe their leader. The words that are bigger, were the words that came up more often. This can be looked at as communication research when we do surveys. The type of research would be classified as more as qualitative research. When we toured Truett’s office he was out for the day but we got to visit inside his office and see his collection of Coke bottles and gifts that people have given him from around the world. He calls his office the “Tree House.” Its completely surrounded by windows and you feel like you are actually in lined with the top of trees that surround the corporate facilities.

For the remaining of the day, we had training sessions that focus on SWOT analysis, and working in groups. The group work reminded me a lot of the Group Communication class that you can take through the Communication Department. We had certain assignments where we had to discuss what strengths we can bring to the table, what our weaknesses are, and the importance of brainstorming. Through any group assignments, especially BIG PLANNING assignments you go through a process call Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing. We ended the day by driving to Hapeville, GA (exit right after the Atlanta airport) to visit the FIRST Chick-fil-A. This is where the story all began for this company. (SHARED STORY). And, my story has just began on this experience and journey through corporate Chick-fil-A.