Young Professionals – Improving Website

YP_logo_blueLast post I talked about how I updated the Young Professionals website. This time I am going to discuss how I have improved the website. As I went through the website I saw many parts of the website that lacked the design elements that made a website pleasing or inviting to the eye. One of the website was the “About YP” tab. When the tab was clicked on the page showed a horribly designed unsymmetrical site that many of the elements were arbitrarily thrown around. After gaining permission to change the site I improved it to what it looks like today. Click Here to see how it looks today. I like it because the information that is pertinent to the site are together rather then strewn throughout the page and the information is much neater and cleaner then what it was before. I do not have any previous information about what it looked like before the change but trust me, it wasn’t impressive.Website photo

After this change I moved to the “Leadership Team” page. Click Here! I noticed they had names of the leadership team but did not have picture to put faces with names. I personally feel this is important when people try to figure out who to talk to or even knowing the person they are contacting is important. Although not all the members of the leadership team have submitted photos of themselves so I can insert them, many have done so. So far these are the only improvements to the site I have done thus far. I am continuing to update their website as I go through it each time I am at my internship, and will continue improving the site.


Young Professionals – Website Update


I recently, over the summer, learned how to write HTML and CSS. As an intern with the Chamber of Commerce and the Young Professionals, I thought updating the website would be an easy enough task. I was wrong… This wasn’t due to my misunderstanding of HTML or CSS but it was due to my lack of knowledge of WordPress websites. Writing code in WP is not as easy as inputting data. There are some areas that do allow you to insert code but as you get into the intricate information, such as, links opening up new tabs (or windows) that allow you to remain on the same, previous page while allowing you to move on to a new site. Many of this information was not available to the Chamber employees because they outsource their website creation to a 3rd party marketing company. wplogoblue-stacked-rgbSo I relied on YouTube to supplement the learning that I needed to maneuver to the information I needed to accomplish. I also went through all of the pages and ensured every one was working properly. It was a task I thought would take no longer then 30 minutes which ended up taking me 2 days to complete. It is no fault of the chambers because they are doing a great job on everything they put their hands on; some things just fall at the wayside and this just so happened to be the situation. The website is currently up to date and running smoothly! Check it out! Click Here! Also, If you are a professional, or anyone between the ages of 21 – 40 you should consider joining. It is a great opportunity to be a part of a professional organization that helps you gain valuable skills and is a great networking opportunity.

Brandon Lashley – Day Before the Race

Today was a great day at Callaway Gardens and the progress with the event has come a long way. We have many tents to house many types of people, from the businesses that buy tents to families and friends; even the college corner is in a great spot to view the race. The day of the race I will be working the food and drink distribution. Not exactly the most exciting work that needs to be done, but non-the-less still needs to be done. There will be many things to do and I have a feeling tomorrow will blaze by fast. I cannot wait to see the events tomorrow. As I type to you, I am preparing to go to bed to have an early morning to be at the grounds at 7:30am. If you come to the races and you see me, please give me a wave!

Brandon Lashley – “Check, Is This Thing On?”

PMBWe are just 2 weeks away from the steeplechase and I am beyond excited about it! Last week I went with the General Manager and the Executive Director and we went to PMB broadcasting. We ended up being on 3 radio stations, 1 live and 2 recorded. By far my favorite of the three was the live broadcast because it allowed me to talk impromptu about the steeplechase and working with the women of the steeplechase. we joked around for a minute on air and were able to talk about steeplechase in real time, which was an experience. The recording sessions were  interesting in their own right. the first one, the radio personality was quite humorous, and kept us entertained while the second was more structured and information based.

Another thing I was able to accomplish was updating and creating a webpage for the leadership of the steeplechase. I have never actually changed a website before and this was a great experience for me.

Brandon Lashley – Steeplechasing Fort Benning


Hello all! I know it has been a while since my last post but Midterms cannot be forgotten. I know you all are DYING to know what the Steeplechase has been up to. Over the past 2 weeks the advertising everywhere began as of October 1st. I myself have seen a few commercials and am proud of them because I was a part of it. I know it sounds petty but being a part of something of this importance is a big deal!

The military end is doing great! We began our advertising and it is heavy. This is not to say we are suckering the military into going to the event, however it is a great family event that will definitely be a great time. Not to mention the tickets for military is discounted; 16 for infield tickets, 16 for car passes, and anything else is 10% off, not to mention kids 6 & under get in free! Some of the advertising we are doing is on the MWR website with a digital flyer and on the event calendar. There is a marquee outside the Postal Exchange (PX) but Kim (My Boss) decided against it deciding to have that for next year. Our 30 second TV commercial will also be used to advertise within stores and restaurants  on base, such as Subway, so as Soldiers stand in line for any reason they will be able to see our event. Being the first year reaching out to the military of this magnitude, branding will be very important.

I also went to a very nice dinner with key people of the Steeplechase with guests that have helped us tremendously in our efforts for the steeplechase: Dr. Timothy Mescon, Columbus State University‘s  President, as well as Fort Benning‘s Base General, Major General H.R. McMasters. I was very honored to be there with these men.

As far as the CSU Advertising is concerned the Campaigns team has made a lot of progress, from finishing the College Corner flyers to visiting neighboring universities to advertise the event and the Universities own area.

That is all for now.

Brandon Lashley – The Excitement is Building

post01062012-092052_601018_dataThis has been a great week for Steeplechase. We have a commercial and distributed it to the local television stations to begin advertising. We also met with the MWR Marketing Director to begin the advertising campaign on FortBenning. We will be taking the commercial that is sent to the television stations and have them play it on their advertising televisions in the various stores on base. The CSU Campaigns team has been working on advertising for the CSU campus and College Corner. As we get closer to the event I can start to see the excitement building up and it is infectious! I will be working the event but I am excited to be there.

Brandon Lashley – The Soldiers and Students


These past 2 weeks have been quite exciting for the Steeplechase on 2 fronts; the first front is the reaching out to advertise and gain support for military personnel for the event. the second is the reach onto the Columbus 

State University campus. With the help of a campaign class instructed by Dr. McCollough, we are able to make advertising that will be directed toward students of CSU and the surrounding college campuses. There is a strong desire to incorporate military and students into the curriculum of the Steeplechase. This year will be the first year of the “College Corner”, an area that is specific to college students for tailgating, live bands, all the while having a great location to watch the race.

Some of the progresses we have made are tickets have been distributed to Fort Benning‘s Moral, Wellness, and Recreation (MWR) ticketing office to
 sell tickets at a military price. There is also a meeting that has been set up for Tuesday, September 17th to meet with Shannon, who is the Marketing Director for the MWR. We will then know if we have the ability to market on Fort Benning and to what extent. This will be a great event that would be great for the family with plenty of things to do for the kids. This is an exciting event and it is my goal to see a heavy military and college presence at the Steeplechase at Callaway.