Back to the Editing Grind

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro

Once again I find myself being sucked back into the world of video editing. Don’t get me wrong, I love editing. I enjoy its intricacies and precision and artistic quality, but I never imagined myself back in the editing seat.

During high school, I was in a magnet program centered around mass media. We were required to take classes in speech, journalism, video production, marketing, and related areas. My main focus then was content creation, writing, and video editing for our weekly school news production. Just four years later, I am in the same position.

During my intern hours yesterday, I was asked to help edit audio for the in-house show, IntoColumbus. This wasn’t exceptionally difficult, but I enjoyed going through each clip, adjusting audio levels, checking which mic produced the best quality audio for each speaker, and cutting out stray and disrupting background noise.

I have to say, I think I may have missed my chair in the editing room these last few years.

Hudson Thompson – What’s Happening in Columbus

There is a new show coming to fruition here at NPACE! The name is tentatively named “What’s Happening in Columbus” and will feature different activities/events happening in Columbus, Georgia! You will be able  to watch the show (airing in about 2 weeks, hopefully) and figure out what to do on your weekend, or see clips of what you missed out on in the week(s) prior — while also learning about local artists, musicians, etc.

This Thursday, we plan to go to Fountain City Coffee and film the open mic night and also get some B roll for our first segment.

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Also, I got to make the intro and outro for the show, which was great fun! I got to utilize Final Cut Pro X and also use 2 songs from my band, BadaBings, in the intro and outro!

Jessica Word – The calm before the storm

Surprisingly, this past week has not been as hectic as usual.

Professor Hart was out of town for a conference and the NPACE Center was very quiet. Most of the student assistants and interns still showed up for work and began to keyframe and sort through the plethora of Artbeat footage.

Courtney and I held open lab time during the week for students in both Video Production I & II to capture footage from the NPACE Center hard drives and begin their individual projects due this Tuesday. Some students took advantage of this opportunity and worked all week to finish their rough cut and begin working on their final project.


This past week was most definitely the calm before the storm. I know in this upcoming week the NPACE Center will be filled with students rushing to finish their projects, assistants and interns working like crazy, and everyone preparing for finals.

This semester will be over in two weeks. Two short weeks. I can’t even explain how fast this semester has flown by. While I’m glad the end of the semester is near, I’m sad that this will be my last two weeks working in the NPACE Center. However, I know that I will still stick around and help out as much as they need me!

Jessica Word – Guardian Research Group Shoot

Yesterday, I able to tag along with Professor Hart, Kayla, and Minchin, to Columbus Technical College to shoot a video for the Guardian Research Group. The video is intended to serve as an educational tool for those who have loved ones with asthma.

Prior to the shoot, Professor Hart tried instill in us the importance of preparation. Prepare! Prepare! Prepare! If you’re not prepared, the end product will more than likely not be as quality as you would have hoped.

Once we arrived, it was apparent there had been an communication error. We were under the impression that we would be shooting simulator dummies, however, this was not the case. The premise of the video is to follow a young boy who struggles with asthma. The young boy, our “actor” actually came to the shoot and we were asked to shoot the boy instead of the dummy.


Furthermore, the room proved to have some logistical errors and we were forced to move to another location to shoot the sequence. Professor Hart was able to think on his feet and things started to come together.

The whole process was very interesting, Professor Hart set up multiple cameras to capture all different angles, as well as lights and preparing the sound equipment. Overall, the shoot was a success! It was really fun to be a part of this shoot.

I spoke with the director, Kathy Wolfe, and she mentioned to me that she wants to continue working with the NPACE Center and shoot many more educational videos. The next video, she would like to focus on those with renal issues, going through dialysis, or have kidney-related issues. This is something I am very interested in, because my brother suffered from kidney disease.

Fingers crossed, this will turn into an internship with this amazing organization!

Cory Veal- Archiving and website updates

This week at the Boys & Girls Club we focused on updating our website. We are in the process of installing new software and getting the project started next week. We spent the week learning about what audiences we need to market to on the websites and how to gain and keep their attention.

This is our current website that we plan to make more user friendly.


Last Friday, I also sent out my first press release. This is very exciting and I hope it gets picked up soon from our local media outlets.

My time in the NPACE  center has been centered around Artbeat. I spent a few hours archiving footage that had been shot from the previous events. Professor Hart taught me how to archive and it was a little different for me since I was taught to archive footage from a dock as opposed a camera, which is how it is done in the NPACE center. I hope to continue to learn in the NPACE center and put my knowledge to use in my upcoming semesters.

Charissee McKee- Department of Communication Lounge

Yesterday, I watched tutorials about Final Cut Pro X so I could get familiar with it. I have only a little experience with Final Cut Pro X and video production, but those tips from the video would have been helpful. I am glad that I was able to look at the videos. Someone may want to come in the NPACE center and need help with editing their video, I will be able to help them with that and give them some pointers. It is something I feel I should learn, especially since I am interning for the NPACE Center. I have only produced one video so far. It turned out nice, but I used my own camera. My group and I made a good grade on the video, but if we knew these steps it could have been even better and look more professional. I want to be able to help other students in that aspect.

Yesterday, I also had to look through some student’s papers about a Listening Space for students who took the Active Listening course. I had to find common statements between students and come up with the top ten requests from our students for a lounge within the department. This is supposed to be presented soon and we are hoping that we are able to have this lounge for our students. We need a place where it is quite and conducive to learning, comfortable, a place where groups can meet and a place were students could access computers. There were more requests from students, but that was just a few that I listed. It would be very helpful for us and I am hoping that it comes through. Future students would love it!

Comm Dept

Charissee McKee-Archiving

As things have calmed down a little bit from the NPACE center launch, I have found myself helping wherever it is needed. I had to do a lot of file work yesterday, but today I was able to get a little taste of video production.

As I was watching the videos, I realized it takes a lot of work when you are trying to produce a solid video. It is more than just pointing the camera. You have to worry about lighting, angles and just overall trying to get a good shot. Editing is very time consuming. You worry about if you want something to fade in or out, what needs to be taken out and what is good footage. Today, I helped archive  footage of the Youth Orchestra. It was very time consuming. Every Wednesday I intern from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm and archiving took up most of my time today. I will have to say it taught me to be patient. I thought that it would not take that long, but I learned that it actually archives in real time, minute by minute. Most of the footage was from about 35- 60 minutes long.


I would be interested in taking video production I after I had a little taste of it today. I am really looking forward to seeing what those students produce for Artbeat this year, which is going to be a pretty busy time for communication students ad the NPACE center. I would love to be of some help ,as well as learn the gist of video production. I want to know about the different angles and lighting. Also, I want know how you can make your video run smoothly. All of these techniques would have been helpful last semester, but I would still like to learn more about video production.