Taylor Lehman — Intern at Ferst Readers

I consider myself lucky to be working with an organization such as Ferst Readers of Muscogee County. I had no prior knowledge of Ferst before a friend of mine recommended the internship to me during my sophomore year at CSU. I did not pursue it at the time because of work circumstances; however, when later approached by a former professor who remembered my writing skills, I knew I had to take advantage of this opportunity. After learning about the organization’s mission, I felt confident in meeting their needs as an organization. Over the past month, I have learned how to truly manage my time and responsibilities dependent upon someone else’s time frame and obligations.



My responsibilities include calling parents to welcome them to Ferst and make sure they are receiving their books, posting the monthly newsletter to the website, keeping the website updated and making any necessary changes to it and/or their social media. I have also assisted in writing articles for their monthly newsletter. This prepares me for the “real world” by introducing the idea of reliable communication habits. I have to be consistent and relatively quick in my response time to emails.  I have also gained experience with performing what I like to call “quality” calls to parents. My perspective on internships in general has changed from hesitant to advocate. Its allowing me to gained necessary knowledge I can use later in life as well as utilize my skills in way I have not exercised before.



Addison Webster — WRBL News Intern

IMG_2431I had another long but fun week at WRBL. On Monday, I learned about graphics and practiced placing them in the noon show. On Wednesday, I filmed Chuck Williams for a story about future apartments across from TSYS. 

On Friday, I went to Recorder’s Court with reporter Kendrick Conwell. We were there to watch Tyrone Washington’s first court appearance after he allegedly murdered someone on Thanksgiving of last year. After court, I helped write the story for broadcast. Later on Friday, I ran the prompter for the first time during both the 5:00 P.M. and 6:00 P.M. shows. 

On Saturday, Chuck Williams and I went to a Republican rally which celebrated Doug Collins and the opening of the Republican Party headquarters on Manchester Expressway. When we got back, I helped Chuck edit the news package. After that, I helped find a kicker, or fun story, for the 11:00 P.M. Saturday show. I am excited to see what next week holds.

Addison Webster — WRBL News Intern

I worked five days this week at WRBL: a half day on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and full days on Friday and Saturday. Here are some highlights:  On Monday I emailed candidates running for Alabama’s Super Tuesday election, asking for their headshots so that they could be featured. I also had more production training and practiced stacking my own show.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to do more of this in the coming weeks.

Tuesday, Chuck Williams, Kane, and I followed up an incident that was reported during a CSU Cougar Alert. During this story we spoke with some homeless men who were living under the 14th Street Bridge and then we asked Mayor Skip Henderson about what he is doing to solve the problem. 

IMG_2360.jpgWednesday, Kevin Roble, Tyler (a Production Assistant) and I went to Central High School. We filmed high school seniors who were new recipients to full ride scholarships to Alabama State University. I also wrote the script for this story. 

Friday, Chuck Williams and I followed up on the homeless population story we did on Tuesday. All of the men that were under the bridge were now gone.

Saturday, I was at the station from 3:00 P.M. to 11:30 P.M. During this time, I found two kickers, or fun stories, for the 7:00 P.M. and 11:00 P.M. shows. I also checked the prompts for spelling errors.