Jessica Word – Kelsey Crouch Interview

This morning I completed my interview with Kelsey and am currently working on my rough draft to submit tomorrow morning to Kern. Kelsey was an absolute blast to talk with, and she was clearly a deserving recipient of this amazing opportunity.

She spoke with me about the application process for CSU in Oxford, what classes she will be taking, how she plans to spend her time in Europe, etc. (Needless to say, I’m quite envious of her chance to study abroad!) Notably, she is the first art history participant in the CSU in Oxford Visiting Student Program. Kelsey spoke very highly of her teachers. Drs. McCoy and Johnston and Professor McCrillis have been instrumental in her success and seizing the opportunity to go to Oxford. They inspire her to do her best which affords her these amazing opportunities.


Junior Kelsey Crouch, Art History major

I found it interesting that Kelsey is not artistic at all. She simply loves the philosohpy, antiquity, and history of art. She said she could sit Barnes & Nobles just reading reading art history books all day.

Overall, Kelsey seemed to be an amazing girl and I wish her the best of luck! Hopefully, the writing process will go smoothly and everyone will approve of my student profile.

Jessica Word – Updating the DOT website

This morning, I began updating the Department of Theatre website. Kern gave a me huge box of  past production cd’s so I could select the most dynamic and well representative photos to be placed on the website. Since Kern has taken over, the past two or three years of productions all have links and several pictures. However, productions from 5-10 years are lacking pictures and it is now my job to upload and link all the images I can find with the appropriate production.

Screen shot 2013-07-23 at 10.36.54 AM

Screenshot of The Crucible (I uploaded these images this morning)

Kern explained how important images of past productions are for potential and current students as well as faculty. Potential students and faculty want to see what the CSU Department of Theatre is capable of, what kind of space are they working with, costume and makeup capabilities, lighting, etc. The hardest part of the process was sifting through all the images and finding the best ones to place on the website. I finished updating four productions and will hopefully finish the rest on Thursday and Friday. Tomorrow, I interview Kelsey and will hopefully finish writing the profile by tomorrow night.

Screenshot of The Crucible (I uploaded these images this morning)

Jessica Word – Student Profile

Joe Sanders, Distinguished Chair of Art and Professor of Art, asked Kern Wadkins to complete a student profile on  Ceallsach “Kelsey” Crouch to be featured in several different publications and on the College of the Art’s social media pages.  Kern asked me to take the lead on Kelsey’s interview and writing the student profile. I have six years experience in print journalism but it has be a long time since I written a profile or news article. I’m looking forward to the challenge!

Professor Sanders would like Kelsey to be interviewed regarding the Oxford program she will be attending. According to Sanders,  Regents Park (U of Oxford ) and he were impressed by Kelsey’s dedication to her subject, her academic success and her commitment to the whole learning experience in Oxford.

She’s planning to take tutorials in “The Transition from Antiquity to Middle Ages” and “Art and its Public in France” at Regents Park College. Kelsey is the first art history participant in the CSU in Oxford Visiting Student Program.  She will spend late September through early December studying art history with Oxford dons and enjoying the amazing resources in Oxford (the Ashmolean most notably) as well as London.


This will be Kelsey’s first opportunity to spend an extended period of time in Europe. She will have an invaluable opportunity for art history students to study works of art directly in the museum and revisit those works as she continues her study throughout the semester. This type of opportunity is typically available to graduate students at well-funded institutions but Kelsey will have this experience as an undergraduate. Her period of study will be generously supported by grants and scholarships provided by CSU. Kelsey’s accomplishments are quite impressive and I am excited to talk to her and find out more!

Check out this link to a YouTube video of the main quad and main hall of Regent’s Park College at Oxford. This is a peak into what Kelsey will be seeing during her time in Oxford.

Jessica Word – Theatre Program

Today, I resumed working in Photshop CS4 in order to update the back of the Department of Theatre program cover. The back of the program lists faculty members and their credentials as well as listing information for donations. For the 2013-2014 year, I needed to remove a few faculty members from the cover and update a few teacher’s titles and donor level changes.

First, I emailed Deb Lejeune and asked her for several pieces of information concerning new professors, title changes, and donor level changes. I also emailed Sam Renner to find out his school information to be placed on the back of the program. Working on the back of the program cover proved to be relatively simple. If anyone has read my past blogs, then one will understand my immense relief by how simple today’s assignment turned out to be. Also, I had to replace several headshots and manually resize them to fit properly on the cover. I am still waiting to hear back from Deb and Professor Renner so hopefully I will be able to finish this assignment first thing in the morning!


Jessica Word – Schwob and Facebook

Today, Kern suggested that I work on the Department of Theatre Facebook page. She sent me several pictures from the Cat in the Hat production that needed to be added to the online Facebook photo album. Also, she sent me a congratulatory blurb that needed to be added to the page.  Congratulations were given to Kimberly Faith Hickman, this year’s Hazel Hall Brennan Distinguished Alumna award recipient, and Jackie Titus, chair of the Theatre Angels Committee and recipient of the Neal Fenter award for service to the department. Within an hour, the post had received several likes illustrating the great support for the music department and its faculty.


I was also tasked with a little bit of investigative work. Kern asked me to go to the Schwob School of Music faculty directory and find their professional Facebook pages as well as any  other Facebook pages for departments within the School of Music. So, I searched for every faculty member listed on the website on Facebook. This was a tedious process but I was able to find a majority of faculty members on the social media website. I believe the intention is to update Schwob School of Music website with more faculty information, including links to their professional Facebook pages.

Jessica Word – Nearing the end

While we are nearing the end of the semester, I am nowhere near the end of my internship. Next Friday is the last day of classes, but my internship will extend two weeks beyond that to make my minimum 100 hours for my senior internship. I am actually excited by this opportunity so I can focus all my time and energy on helping the College of the Arts and preparing for the upcoming fall semester. Kern tells me that there is much to be done and I will never run out of things to do.


This is great news because I like to stay busy, especially if I am making a difference in the College of Arts and its various departments. I am continuing to work on the social media pages for COA, Schwob School of Music, Department of Theatre, and more. (Not to mention, I will also be running the social media pages for the Communication Department and the NPACE Center). Furthermore, I will resume working on FANFARE magazine, postcards for the Department of Theatre, and more! It’s thrilling to think that I will have had a hand in creating all of these amazing things for the greater Columbus area.

Jessica Word – Photoshop Success

Finally, I’m beginning to solve my issues of updating the Department of Theatre program cover. I decided to use a picture taken from Rent and use it as the background of the program cover. I deleted several layers of dated text, graphics, etc. to come up with a more modern and enticing cover.

photo (1)Here is the tentative cover of Theatre on the Park

The final draft of the cover isn’t due until mid-August so I’m waiting for Kern’s approval and hopefully some tips or suggestions on how to improve the cover. Tomorrow, I will begin working on something new for the College of the Arts. Kern assured me that there is still a lot of work to be done before fall semester begins and I am up for the task! I like being able to have such an impact on what the College of Arts is producing to students, faculty, and the general public. It’s very rewarding and I hope to continue working in this office in the fall as a student assistant.

Jessica Word – Photoshop Difficulties Pt. 2

This morning I resumed working on the Department of Theater program. Unfortunately, Kern spent most of the morning in meetings so I spent a lot of time on Google to solve my smart object issues in Photoshop. Finally, I was able to resolve the issue and then moved on to another set  of issues.

I was tasked with updating the program. I could easily update the play information, ticket prices, replace the pictures, etc. but I want to revamp the program. I want to create something interesting and enticing for future patrons. This is my latest problem – I’m not sure where to start. Kern suggested I start with a blank slate, take the same dimensions and updated information, but begin constructing a unique design for the 2013-2014 program. This is easier said than done! However, I am up for the task and am looking forward to creating a design that is entirely my own that will represent the Department of Theater.


Jessica Word- Photoshop difficulties

Last week, I struggled immensely with Photoshop. Kern asked me to redesign the front of a program for the Department of Theater. I was unable to work on this in the Dean’s office so I walked a block away to the NPACE Center to finish this task. She shared the copy of the program cover with me via Google Docs but I needed permission to open it. After she allowed me to access the document, it would not open in Indesign or Photoshop. Professor Hart helped me for almost an hour to try and open the document and begin editing. It was a long and tiring process, for some reason we could not get it to work. Finally, I was able to open it in Photoshop but by that time I had to go to class. The next day, I went back to Kern’s office and worked on her personal laptop to edit the program in Photoshop. This proved to be equally taxing and uneventful. The layers of the program were locked and  not editable.  By the time I was ready to leave for class, I was filled with ideas on how to improve the program but had yet to start. Kern told me that this upcoming week she will sit down and work closely with me to fix this issue. I look forward to be able to edit and update the cover of this program.


Jessica Word – COA and NPACE

It’s only Tuesday and I have already completed so many tasks for the College of the Arts and the Department of Theatre! So far this week, I created an Excel spreadsheet in which I compiled the list of 2013-2014 single ticket sales for Seussical and The Cat in the Hat. I updated the COA and Department of theatre Facebook pages with the news of Dr. Becky Becker’s published in article in Review: The Journal of Dramaturgy as well as a sneak peek photo album of  The Cat in the Hat.

Also, I updated the Department of Theatre’s website with details of upcoming productions. I am excited to report that the COA’s website as well as all the departments within the COA will be receiving a design overhaul. Kern is attempting to establish a more cohesive and recognized brand for the College of the Arts which includes all of its departments (Art, Theatre, Communication, Music). I hope to help her in creating a brand for the college. I learned a lot about this last semester in my Into to Public Relations class semester. John Lester, Assistant Vice President of University Relations, spoke to our in class in detail about how he had to rebrand all of Columbus State University. It was a long process but overall, the university has a much more professional and updated look.

college of the arts

Here is the current logo. Hopefully, I will be able to help establish a new brand for the COA!

As far as the NPACE Center is concerned, I am still working on constantly updating both NPACE and the Communication Department Facebook pages. Also, as the intern blog coordinator I am tasked with editing and maintaing the overall appearance of the the blog. I am still looking for the perfect theme for this blog, so more changes are to come!