Mark Yanoschik – NFL Draft

This week’s Friday Night Sports Focus show is definitely going to be exciting with the NFL draft happening this week. I played football in middle school and high school and it is undoubtedly my favorite sport. We are going to have a lot to talk about and we will even be having to give updates during the show. I’m especially excited because Josh,Thrift, and I have spent the past few weeks giving our predictions and opinions on the draft and we finally get to see who was right and wrong (something tells me i’ll be the right one and Josh will be wrong like he always is, haha).

nfl draft

The unpredictability of the draft is what makes sports so fun and is part of why so many people tune into our show. Things are always much more interesting when you do not know how they are going to end. For example, I am a Notre Dame fan and I have no clue where Mant Te’o is going to go in the draft. Even numerous playmakers from University of Alabama may not go as high as thought because of injuries that are coming to light. Only time can tell and I look forward to being able to talk about all of the mixed reactions on Friday night on 106.5 FM!

Mark Yanoschik – Madden Sports Time

This has definitely been a huge year for the Communications department at Columbus State University since we have opened  the NPACE Center to the public, started a radio station, and are in the process of starting up a TV station that will air on a channel provided by Mediacom. I have been to two meetings and two test screenings for CSU TV and I finally had my final screen test.


Since I have been producer and talent for Friday Night Sports Focus on numerous occasions they wanted me to do a screen test for a sports show. One of the production workers had the idea the call it “Madden Sports Time”, which I did not mind. For 19 minutes I discussed baseball, basketball, and football (on the local and national level) to make sure the show appeals to everyone. Dr. Baltimore really enjoyed my screen test and wants me to do a weekly show. It’s going to be a lot of work, but I am excited to get started! This experience will hep me build up not only my resume, but my media skills as well. I want to be as prepared as possible for the job market when I finish college.

Mark Yanoschik- Air Show!

I had the privilege with getting to be on the Ranger Joe’s God and Country Show on 106.5 FM and 1420 AM last weekend during the Columbus in the Valley Air Show. It was an enjoyable experience that not only helped me build up my resume, but my media skills as well. PMB broadcasting gave the professors and students of the Columbus State University Communications department three hours to talk about the air show and the NPACE Center.

The air show was definitely an interesting place to broadcast a radio show live. Keeping the show going was not easy because there is only so much to say and you have to always stay interesting. Dr. Gibson and Dr. McCollough really helped the students who came to stay both informative as well as interesting. I am interested in working in media so I looked forward to the challenge. It was an incredible experience that truly epitomized why I chose the communications department of Columbus State University.


Friday Night Sports Focus

Last Friday, I got to take Maggie’s place on Friday Night Sports Focus. I am different then most people because I find both production and talent work very interesting. I did not have much time to learn how to be a producer, but i’ve learned that you have to be ready to deal with difficult situations in a short amount of time in the media industry. I learned how to run the board and set up the intros and outros. Throughout the show I was having to make sure we were staying on schedule so that we could follow our cues for commercials from PMB. For the show content itself, we talked primarily about the NFL combine and draft. I am a Notre Dame fan, so I loved getting to talk about Manti Te’o.

Being such an integral part of the show, Friday night helped me in more ways than I can put into words because the best way to learn something is to actually go out and do it. The are many talented people who want jobs in the media industry and I have to do everything I can to put myself on top. The Friday Night Sports Focus show at NPACE is going to be a huge achievement that I can put on my resume along with being an intern at WLTZ. Make sure you listen to the show on Friday nights on 106.5 FM!


Mock Show

Initially, I spent the week watching tutorial videos about Final Cut Pro X. I am thankful to be a student at a university like Columbus State which offers the latest technology to aid in the teaching for its students. The fact that I know how to use Final Cut Pro X will help me find work in the job market upon graduating. It is going to take time to learn everything and become proficient in using the technology, but all of the work will be well worth it.Image

Later in the week, I got to go to Columbus State’s very own TV studio and do mock shows in preparation for the cable launch this summer. It was a great practice for me since this is something that I seriously want to consider doing after college. The fact that Mediacom is going to air CSU TV on one of their channels speaks volumes about the success of CSU TV and CSU’s Communications department. The mock show that other students and I worked on was one similar to The View. We discussed pop culture, school events, celebrities, and movies. We had a large group of talented and ambitious students who were able to contribute much to the mock show yesterday. It was definitely a good sign of what is to come.

Mark Yanoshik-Opening Day!

The NPACE center official opening ceremony to the public was an incredible event to be a part of.  Throughout the day, I was showing visitors the various projects that students work on in the multimedia lab. They were impressed to see the state-of-the-art technology that the students have access to. My proudest moment was when a visitor stood in amazement that I was a student assistant as a freshman. We explained that Columbus State University always strives to give students access to the best technology available because it is always improving, so it is imperative to stay up-to-date. They were happy to see the serious social networking that NPACE center is a part of because they know that a lot of word goes around through the multiple social media outlets. The NPACE center is clearly going to be a big asset to the community at large as shown by the fact the the Mayors of both Columbus and Phenix City were present. It was when I saw the Mayors that I truly realized how beneficial the NPACE center will be to our communities. I look forward to seeing NPACE center’s future growth.

Mark Yanoschik – CSU TV coming soon!

This week a majority of my time with the NPACE center was being at the meetings concerning a partnership with CSU TV. Right now, the plan is that it will air on a Mediacom channel starting this summer. Obviously, a lot of work must go into planning before anything can be started. Many students from the Communications Department came out to the interest meetings and screen tests, which shows how much the department is growing. A variety of great ideas were brought up due to the amount of students present at the interest meeting. Many ideas were expected, such as a sports or pop culture show, but some were outside of the box such as a sketch comedy show or prank show. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I would also love to be on a sports show since I was a part of the NFL picks and high school game recaps for the Friday Night Football Focus radio show at the NPACE center.


It was exciting to do the test screening for CSU TV. Admittedly, I was nervous like many of the other students. This sense of nervousness made me even more excited because the NPACE center is presenting me with real world situations that might not otherwise be available to me. I did an ad-lib about the new state-of-the-art recreational center on the main campus, because I spend a lot of time working there. I feel like the test screening went well, now I just have to wait to see if the students and staff  behind CSU TV chooses me to be on a show. Wish me luck!