Dacia – PMB Broadcasting

This past Wednesday, Professor Roger Hart and a group of students, including me, took a trip to the PMB Broadcasting Radio Station facilities to tour the station and to watch the radio personalities produce their radio shows live.

First things first, we sat down with Joseph Brannan, who is in charge of the Engineering and Accounting departments of the facility. Then he presented a PowerPoint that gave us an overview of what all the radio station did, and lastly came the tour. With that tour, we were able to see the offices of the workers who worked behind the scenes, while also viewing the different radio personalities of four different radio stations for the Columbus GA area.

The radio stations  that were on air at the time we toured included Q107.3, 106.9 Really Rocks, 103.7 Lite FM, and Boomer 95.3. Meeting all of the different personalities was a pretty cool experience, especially the personality of 106.9 Really Rocks ! He came into the studio and showered us with free band memorabilia, including a Foo Fighters t-shirt which I’m very appreciative of! The tour ended there and we were given the opportunity of sitting in with the different personalities of our choice. I chose to sit in with Q107.3 and the personality of the hour, who’s name was Damon, mainly because Q107.3 is my favorite radio station in Columbus!

Just by sitting in the Q107.3 room for all of 30 minutes showed me how laid back Damon’s job really was. I believe it was because after working at the radio station for 10 years, Damon really seemed to enjoy his job. Damon was a very lively, open, and fun person, so vibing with him wasn’t exactly hard. I felt right at home because our personalities seemed to be on the same level. With three computers and a microphone sitting before him, Damon showed me how to operate the whole radio system for that station. One computer showed how to cue songs for the hour; Damon was completely in charge of what songs played for the next 12 hours. One computer was for tools to use during radio shows, such as celebrity voice overs and pre-recorded recordings for the hourly shows, among other things. The last computer was for Damon to use at his leisure, usually checking for emails coming into PMB Broadcasting.

The most important thing I was able to accomplish while at the radio station, was talking to Joseph Brannan about a potential internship. Since I haven’t been able to start my internship at PMB Broadcasting yet, talking to Joseph was pretty vital. He shared with us that there were many open opportunities for students to intern there, so applying wouldn’t have been an issue. That was probably the most exciting part of the whole visit, being able to physically speak with Joseph about me starting. Good news is, he says I should be up and running as intern as soon as next week!

Hopefully everything falls through. I’m more than ready to start working with PMB Broadcasting!

Raeann – Hope Harbour – Helping to Bridge Local NOP’s

Throughout the past week I have been creating a brochure for Hope Harbour which focuses on their new program “Safe Dates”. The program raises awareness for teen dating at risk for domestic violence by using core cirriculum and interactive activities. It is important for teens to know the signs partners display when they have potential to turn violent. Not only is the program a resource for teens who experience violent relationships but also a tool to help prevent teen dating violence, give teens the ability to help friends who may be in need, and inform parents of the information as well. Below I have attached the print brochure. It is a three fold so you may have to imagine the fold out. I have included the warning signs and core cirriculum in the brochure as well as statistics. I used photos which teens could relate to as well as provided further contact information. I also included the United Way logo to represent their partnership.

I have arranged for the program to be implemented in the local NPO I work with. We have two teen centers within our community which serves teenagers between the ages of 13-18, and provides positive programming not only in the clubs but in the local middle shools and high schools as well. Safe Dates will become a part of our program to help encourage our teen members to make the right decisions when it comes to violence in relationships.

I am happy to have been able to help bridge our organization with Hope Harbour. One of my favorite things about working for NPO is that instead of working against competition,we all work together for the better of our community. I will keep everyone updated on the progress as we merge.

During the next week I will be creating a poster for Hope Harbour. I still have to gather information for the poster, and I am meeting with my supervisor tomorrow to brainstrom ideas. I will use photoshop to create the project. Look for my post next week to check it out!

Until then…



Corinne – WTVM – Kickstart Another Good Cause

As I continue to await my internship with NPACE/ WTVM I decided to take on another project that would help in developing my skills going into the internship. I have volunteered to create a kickstarter video for the Servant Leadership senior project at CSU. For those of you not familiar with kickstarter, it is a website where anyone can post about their project, film, product, etc. and try to generate donations. Therefore, it is important to try to convey the project as best as possible to viewers, and create great rewards for their donations. The Servant Leadership Program at CSU is currently revisiting all of their past projects and touching up where needed. In the past we have helped the Homeless Resource Network, Azalea Trace (nursing home), Girls Inc., Boys and Girls Club, Habitat for Humanity and the list goes on. Our goal is to raise at least $5,000 to go towards these projects. This puts a great deal of pressure on me to design a video that can highlight our project as well as the need we have. The idea that I currently have in mind is to have a series of interviews; one with the servant leadership director, one with a staff member at an organization we have helped, and one with a student in the program. I will also have some still photos and B-roll, or action shots, to show while playing the audio from the interviews. I hope I will be able to capture the magnitude of our project, and at the same time, catch viewer’s attention and appeal to their emotions. This week I will be filming, and next week I hope to finish up editing. When the video is complete, I will probably post a link to it on the blog, so please check it out!

Natalie-WTVM-Curiosity Kills or Educates the Cat?

Are you familiar with the old proverb “Curiosity Killed the Cat?”  The phrase has often been used as preventive measure to protect curious minds from danger.

Often time a news reporter’s curiosity is essential and educational.   A curious nature is good in the sense that it illustrates a desire to know and learn. We discussed in Video production that a good story depends on knowing the who, what, when, where, and why. Most news reporters are tasked with the responsibilities of following leads, asking the right questions and getting the necessary facts to support the story. They use an effective information gathering method widely known as the five Ws. This process allows the reporter to get the complete story. The five Ws answer the following questions:

  • Who is it about?
  • What happened?
  • When did it take place?
  • Where did it take place?
  • Why did it happen?

 Examine the  story covered below by WTVM channel 9 and answer the five Ws.

Vehicle fire burns down Fort Mitchell family’s house


Posted:// Sep 24, 2012 12:16 AM EDT

Updated:// Sep 24, 2012 10:21 AM EDT

By Dante Renzulli

A Russell County family’s house was destroyed by fire and Monday morning they are waiting to find out what their future will be.

The fire began in the garage of a home in the 100 block of Bradley Road, Fort Mitchell. Shay Robinson said her Chevrolet Suburban caught fire inside, sparking the flames that would eventually consume the entire house. Robinson and her husband lived there with three children, ages 13, 8 and 4.

They moved to Alabama from Fort Drumm, New York when her husband, Marlin, was transferred to Fort Benning two years ago.

The family was unable to save anything from inside and right now, they are homeless.

Copyright 2012 WTVM. All rights reserved.

Did you find them?

  • Who is it about?  Shay Robinson, her husband and three children, ages 13, 8 and 4.
  • What happened?  The family’s house was destroyed by fire.
  • When did it take place? Sep 23 09:27pm
  • Where did it take place?  In the garage of their home. The 100 block of Bradley Road, Fort Mitchell, Alabama.
  • Why did it happen?  Their Chevrolet Suburban caught fire inside, sparking the flames that  eventually consumed the entire house.

To be successful in getting a complete story, it is very important to utilize the five Ws research gathering technique. Until next time keep this in mind…Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” ~Winston Churchill

Jay – Independent Study – Communication, Choices and Consequences

This is my first independent study that I have ever embarked on and I’m a little nervous.  It will require a great deal of self discipline and self reflection.  In Community Communication (3148), I was asked to write a paper about communication within a community that I have personally experienced.  I chose to write about my experience during my treatment in several hospitals for a traumatic brain injury.  Most people may not be able to see how a hospital stay can produce the sense of true community.  That was the basis of my first paper, but now I have been asked to expand that paper and look more deeply into the consequences that can occur because of choices that we make within the way that we communicate.  I believe that it is not just the medical treatment of a patient that leads to a successful recovery.  Yes, that does play a role, but one role that is sometimes overlooked is that of the relationships built and fostered while receiving that treatment.  When a hospital chooses to actually learn about and follow a patient’s progress even after they have been released, this creates a life-long relationship between an organization and an individual.  That organization has now become a community that will help to produce and foster other communities.  This will lead to life-long supporters of that community and that will help to insure the growth and prosperity that a community needs to endure.  Now I will be adding additional literature and perspective that aligns with the 83rd annual Southern States Communication Association.  The theme of this event will be Communication, Choices and Consequences and it will be held in Louisville, Kentucky April 10th through the 14th 2013.  This semester you will be able to track my progress in turning this paper into a scholarly and competitively selected conference paper, so please feel free to add your comments and give feedback!

Alexis – WLTZ NBC 38 Dee Armstrong Show – Production Intern

Greetings from The Dee Armstrong Show!

 So, last time we talked I spoke about how I would walk everyone through how we book guests, and set a theme for the show. Ok, first we have to brainstorm about what would be appealing to our demographic. For the Dee Show it is women between the ages of 25-60+. So we have to make sure we pick topics for that group of women that would make for good T.V. Second, we have to ask ourselves, what is current in the news and culture of this time? So, with it being fall in the south, one of the obvious choices is … Football! But, how do we make football appealing to women? This season we have started  a theme called, “Coaches Wives,” where we tell a story of the coaches wives from local colleges and football teams, all the while they are sharing their favorite recipe with Dee on air. This is just one of many examples of how we set a theme for the show based on the times and season. The next thing to tackle is actually booking guests to come onto the show. One would think that most people would jump at opportunities to be on T.V and tell their stories, but this is not always true. We have to call a lot of people and make ourselves personable over the phone when we explain to them what we do on the show, so they won’t be intimidated by being on T.V. There are some people however that are polar opposites, and sprint at the chance of being on the show. We also have people who have great companies is the area who buy air time from our sales department.

These are all ways that people come to the Dee Show, but the number one thing that we look for is an interesting story  in our community.  One of the best things about working at a T.V show is that you stay up up-to-date on the voice and pace of our community.

Carlinton “Camp FIT4FUN”

During the recent summer semester I had the opportunity to complete an internship with LiveHealthyColumbus (LHC), the local chapter of the National Strong4Life organization. LHC is a nonprofit organization focused on teaching children the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between nutrition and physical activities. Ultimately, the organization hopes to help children develop the kind of habits that will lead to healthy adults. During my time with LHC, I had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects. However, one of the more memorable projects was the organization’s first FIT4FUN Camp. The FIT4FUN camp was targeted at children ages 9-12 who were at risk of, or close to obesity. During the planning and resourcing phase of the camp, we faced many difficulties and challenges. However, the most challenging problem was convincing all the different organization to invest their time, money, and employees to make our camp a success. Nonetheless, it is not that the donor organizations were being difficult; they simply wanted to be sure that the cause (camp) was worth the investment. Eventually, we won the support of organizations such as Home Depot, Columbus Parks and Recreation, Premier Martial Arts, Columbus Roadrunners, and the University of Georgia Cooperative, to name a few. Interestingly, the great success we had convincing some of these organizations to participate in the camp were due to relationships I had developed previously. Prior to working on the FIT4FUN project, I completed another project during my Community Communications class. Fortunately, the time period between the two projects was only a matter of weeks. As a result, I was able to successful leverage my prior relationship with some the organizations, to make the FIT4FUN camp a success.

Kayla-CSU Athletics-First Project

Throughout this internship I will have the chance to do many challenging projects. It is my hope that these projects take me on uncomfortable paths that in-turn will help me to learn about different programs that I never thought possible. After all, I believe that getting out of my comfort zone will inevitably be the best way to learn, similar to learning a new language. Even though I do feel like a fish out of water sometimes, I do get excited when I catch on to something new in the office. This week I have begun brainstorming for my first assignment.

Over the summer, a lot of the coaching faculty within the athletic department host different camps that not only promote CSU’s athletics, but also help the children to develop their skills when they can primarily focus on them, rather than schoolwork during the school year. These camps range from half- full and overnight camps for all skill levels and ages. There are camps for tennis, softball, baseball, basketball and soccer as well.  As an information and advertising mechanism, some coaches have developed brochures for their camps. I particularly chose to work on the soccer camp’s brochure because I felt as though it needed some work to make it appear more professional and intriguing to its audience. This is because the brochures are not only given to children, but also to potential recruits and players who may be looking to play at the school one day. Therefore, I felt it could use some updating because this same brochure was used when I was a high school player being recruited to come to this school.

Below, I have shown both sides of the old soccer brochure. With my advisor in the office, we went over the things that we felt needed to be changed to the new/revised brochure that I would make. Some of the improvements that we discussed for the future brochure were an updated headshot of my coach, the same color used throughout the whole brochure (there were different color blues within the headings), the old CSU logo is shown in one of the pictures, the lining of the words and paragraphs were not all the same, updated pictures of kids playing soccer etc. Our goal is to give a more professional look to this brochure. Something as simple as this can attract people to CSU athletics, and make them not think twice when choosing what camp that they want to do that summer.

In addition, I have been checking out other school’s athletic brochures for their camps to get more ideas. For instance, I have checked out the University of South Carolina’s camp brochure as well as some others.

I am excited to begin working on this brochure because I will also have the chance to use programs such as Adobe Indesign and Photoshop. If you by any chance notice anything that needs to be changed please let me know. Also if you have any ideas for the new and improved brochure that I am working on please let me know that too.

I hope that this brochure will help to improve the overall professionalism of CSU athletics and soccer program. Can’t wait to show you what I have in store!

Dacia – PMB Broadcasting

As I wait to start my internship as a radio intern with PMB Broadcasting, I tend to sit back and think where this opportunity may or may not lead me. The outcome in which I’m aiming for, is receiving a good amount of knowledge on the inner workings of radio in case one day, I would want to share my talents with a local radio station in my city as a hobby. I believe that having that knowledge would be vital in pursuing a career being a radio jockey, or a radio technician. The outcome I don’t want, is possibly not going anywhere with this new found knowledge. Having the talent to do something just to have it is obviously different than having the knowledge and using it for a greater purpose. I’m hoping that this opportunity doesn’t just slide by and run stale.

Jennifer-Columbus Museum-Getting down to business

Well, it is already my third week at the Columbus Museum, and I love it! Everyone continues to be so warm and friendly; always making me feel so welcomed. It has been a busy week at the Columbus Museum, creating our social media plan, but it is coming together quite nicely. Last Friday, I got to witness an exciting moment for the Development Department. They created new membership flyers, which were delivered that day. It was great to have a sneak peak of this great flyer. Everyone was so excited! Ashley explained the process to make them and how long it took, and believe me I was in shock.  Monday was quite a hectic day getting everything together but we did. I created the Facebook posts for the rest of the week and scheduled them in Hootsuite. The more I post, the more I learn. It feels so good to finally see everything come together. Hopefully at the end of the week we will begin something new!