Endings and Begginnings



Now that my time as the intern at the Rankin Gardens and Atrium is coming to an end, I am excited for what the future holds. I have recently been hired as the Student Assistant at the Rankin and begin next semester. I am extremely excited to have this opportunity to further my experience here. Throughout my internship I have watched and learned from both of my supervisors and will now be able to execute the knowledge I have gained. 

I was also able to contribute my knowledge of web design, campaigning, and event planning to the Rankin from my Communication classes. I will continue to learn from my successors and use this experience for the future. Reading everyone’s blogs about their experience has been encouraging. 

The wedding package is ready to be presented and I cannot wait to have the finished product. I have learned from my mistakes and hope that one day I will be able to train the future intern at the Rankin Gardens and Atrium and have the positive impact that my boss has had on me. 

Dana Coburn- Wedding Brochure Completion

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The wedding package that I have posted about several times is almost completed! I cannot wait for these packages to be printed. This package will be extremely useful for all brides as well as their guests. All information needed for a successful wedding is including in this package which entails, a welcome letter, brochure, recommended vendors, floor plan, pocket for contract and estimate, wedding party gift ideas, helpful wedding day tips, budget sheet, and a timeline for the wedding from beginning to end.

The vendor list will be extremely useful for wedding day attire to the best places to visit while in Columbus. We are thankful to have such a supportive Uptown Community and hope to offer gift certificates from the surrounding businesses in the future. This list also includes contacts for wedding planners, the top wedding cakes, reliable rental stores and all the best DJ’s that we are aware of.

Once we have completed the package it will have to go through the Continuing Education Executive before distribution is allowed. This week I am gathering all additional information needed for the package as well as perfecting the completed lists. I am excited to be able to say I was apart of this creation for experience as well as for my personal portfolio.

Dana Coburn – Result of last weekend’s Wedding

After another successful wedding experience, I feel even more confident about continuing my position at the Rankin Gardens & Atrium next semester. I feel very comfortable with my tasks and responsibility that has been given to me. I am becoming more and more familiar with the staff, and we have a lot of fun while working very hard. I also know that I am able to rely on any individual of the staff if I ever did need assistance or help.

Last Saturday was an all day affair, but having a very organized and experienced wedding planner on hand created a smoother schedule than if we  did not have a professional in charge of the day. Sometimes the bride chooses to let a family member coordinate the event, however that can get hectic because the family member is more interested in enjoying the special day rather than being on the business side of matters.


Dana Coburn- At The Rankin

Lately at The Rankin we have been dealing with meetings, paperwork, and brainstorming on ways that our venues can be different than they have been in the past. Even though I work solely at the Rankin, our office deals with three different venues; The Rankin Gardens and Atrium, University Hall, and the Elizabeth Bradley Turner Center.  The three venues are all equally important and utilized for different types of events.

In order to ensure  that our venues are running properly and being maintained the way that Columbus State University expects it to, we have tours with just the marketing executive to see what is great and what can me improved. Since I work directly under the marketing director, I was able to join in on one of these tours. Last week we toured University Hall. The improvements made at this venue have been helpful to the University. More people are wanting to hold their luncheons and different meetings in this venue, and we could not be happier. It is very spacious and now up to date with decorations, furniture and technology equipment.

We were very pleased with the tour and cannot wait for more businesses and organizations to experience the new and improved facility. In order to ensure that these venues stay the way they are now, we must continue to re invent the  way we market, sale, and expose our venues. This section of work is fun and interesting to me. I also am able to use my skills that I have been learning in the classroom, and make sure this is the line of work that I am aspiring to meet a part of is right for me.


Dana Coburn – Completing the Wedding Brochure

The Wedding Brochure is something that I have talked about before, but with all the fuss of multiple weddings this semester it has been hard to focus mainly on that. However, I have been making progress with it and I plan to have it completed and ready to present to my supervisor on Thursday November 15th.

The main things that I have been doing today are finishing the template; which I plan to have completed tomorrow, and the laminated floor plans. The template will be for the vendors that The Rankin uses to the clients are able to easily have access to all the contact information needed to start planning and ordering things from these vendors. The floor plans are also meant to help them easily visualize where they want things, and I am laminating them so they are able to erase or change it completely whenever they need to.


I hope that this will help with the organization of all weddings, as well as the marketing plans we have been discussing since August. The Rankin is such a great space, however the Public Relations experience needed is crucial. There are so many ideas that just need to be put into action. Once the wedding brochure is completed, we will start marketing how easy things will move along if a wedding is booked at The Rankin Gardens & Atrium.

Dana Coburn – Time to Tie the Knot!!!

This week at The Rankin, we have been preparing for yet another wedding! The weeks leading up to weddings are the best, it is complete chaos, but we love it! Preparing the final touches is where the pressure rises. The wedding planner has been in contact all week and we are making sure the The Rankin is at its best. The bride has been in and out, and finally it is time for the rehearsal tomorrow evening. 

The wedding will be this Saturday, at 6pm, and will last until 11pm. Obviously, we have a long day ahead of us. The team, myself included, will be there ready to begin at 11am. When we first arrive the tables and everything will need to be set and ready by 3pm for the pictures and final walk through. This is the craziest part of the day because everybody is running in a different direction trying to get their task completed. From past experience, it will be a fast day with little time for rest. 

These ceremonies are all day events because we have to perform, ” the flip” which is reorganizing the way  the chairs and tables are arranged for the reception. While this is being done the guests will be enjoying their cocktail hour in the Atrium. Then at 8pm, the reception will begin. After the reception is over and the guests are leaving, we then begin our last task of breaking down the event.

I will have great, memorable pictures to blog about on Monday. I have heard the weather should be great, but you just never know. Keep your fingers crossed that we don’t freeze on Saturday. Everybody remember, The Rankin Gardens & Atrium when planning for a future wedding!


Dana Coburn – What a Versatile Staff Can Do!

Throughout this semester, I have formed some great relationships with my co-workers here at The Rankin Gardens and Atrium. Having such a versatile staff, The Rankin department has had the opportunity to use our different connections in hopes of being able to expand our business to different audience that have never been interested in, or informed of The Rankin. Having these outlets is making it easier to attract interested clients. The different types of connections that this staff has provided are, undergraduate students; main campus and downtown campus, and graduate students. Those two large connections then gives us outlets to, Greek life, Campus Nerds, SGA, and all other related organizations.

More specifically, these connections have been so beneficial to me as a senior in college, and I have been extremely willing to help out with advertising this venue through my active involvement in the student life; Greek life. I am in the Delta Zeta sorority and have made several relationships with other organizations throughout my four years as a CSU student that have given me the audience to begin with. My status as an intern has intrigued the students, and they have been asking  all about The Rankin and possible events at the venue. So far we have booked two student events for this semester, and both organizations have said they did not know anything about The Rankin until my internship began.

This is a great step towards expanding this venue and increasing the awareness. There is so much competition out there within our community and I think it is very important for the students of Columbus State University to know that they are able to come here at a discounted price. Also, because we are connected with the college, we are more willing to work with their requests and lower budgets. Saying that, all of our positions a t I believe that my position in school, and my connections at The Rankin have given this venue a new platform to work off of.

Dana Coburn – Businesses are adapting to the new world everyday!


This week at the Rankin has been exceptionally busy due to several tasks assigned to our office that require a quick turnover. When people think of the Rankin they usually think the only thing we do is help plan weddings, however there is so much more that is done on a weekly basis. We are involved in every aspect of the continuing education program at Columbus State University. Each week there is a task for updating or changing apart of our packages etc. 

Currently we are working on revising the brochures that are given out to clients and set out around CSU. These flyers include, what type of rooms are available, for what type of events, and how to contact the appropriate people. These flyers have been around for awhile and there has been several changes made to the changing environment in our modern society that need to be adjusted in these brochures. My task is to use my creative writing and communication skills to adjust the words and layout of this brochure.

A main concern is that we are now competing with other exceptional wedding spaces within the community and must market our space accurately. It is vital that we include all information that will encourage the community to not only utilize our space, but to also offer wonderful feedback to other members searching for a venue. Marketing is a key aspect to our success here at The Rankin. With several brilliant minds put together, we are hard at work making The Rankin best venue in Columbus.  

Dana Coburn – Ready, Set, Tour Time!

Today I gave my first solo tour to new clients at The Rankin Gardens and Atrium. When I saw how eager the future bride and groom were to see their potential venue, I became even more excited to show it off.  Along with my eagerness, I was exceptionally nervous because their opinion and first impression of the venue lies in my hands. There are certain procedures you have to go through in each room  that I had been trained on, and it is crucial to be able to give the tour correctly as well as show all available options to meet their needs.  

This young couple was extremely nice and were encouraging the whole time. I was able to explain every option for the venue set up and package for their wedding day, as well as answer all questions that came up. The tour went exceptionally smooth and I am one hundred percent confident in the role I play here. These particular clients did book a date, and are set to have their ceremony and reception here in the beginning of next fall.

My mentors in this internship have given me the knowledge I need to fulfill my goals during my time here. They are now allowing me to experience the real world with the knowledge I have gained with my time here so far. I enjoy the independence given to me here, but I am also thankful for the supportive system that has been put in place to help me succeed. I am now ready to give as many tours as possible! Everyone, come tour the Rankin Gardens and Atrium for any event!


Dana Coburn – The Creation of Wedding Packages!

These past 3 weeks of being apart of The Rankin team has been great! They have given me several tasks that have given me the opportunity to use my communication skills in real life. Recently, the director of sales, Robbie Montfort, has asked me to be apart of their new wedding package creation. I am excited for this new project because I am able to use all of my integrated web design skills to create the name tags, brochures,flyers, and I have also been able to visit different supporting company’s in the uptown area.

Yesterday I completed the flyer and I will be bringing it to our weekly meeting on Tuesday for editing and verification. Being able to see my work as an intern used in sales is exhilarating and shows that all my hard work in school is actually paying off.  I was excited to show the Marketing Graduate Assistant everything I knew how to do on the computer. She was very interested because during her time as an undergraduate student she told me that they were not as hands on as the Communications Department. That alone showed me that I am apart of a great department that gives us the opportunity to become familiar with the outside world before we are thrown into it.

 I will continue meeting with different businesses in the uptown area that will be apart of this package. We are not exactly sure what they can offer yet, but we are hoping that coupons from their businesses will help enhance our package for the future bride and groom. Our hopes overall for this package is to increase our publicity while supporting our neighbors in the uptown area. If one business succeeds then we all do!