NPACE- Editing Process: Chatil Bradford

Although we have filmed our last show of the semester, there is still so much work to be done. Editing the B-roll and A-Roll are the next step of the process. In order to put a show out for the public, we have to make sure that it has been put together in an excellent and amazing format that will attract viewers.


After the two separate rolls have been edited, they have to be edited to match each other in a story that will make sense to the viewers. After that has been completed, we will have to add special effects such as music, sound levels, color correction, credits, and titles or lower thirds.

This process can take anywhere from 3 to 10 days depending on the amount of time dedicated to the editing.  If you are like me, this isn’t as enjoyable as filming the show but not everything is fun with producing a show. You just have to understand that it needs to be done.

SYP Presentations – Red Cross – Jo Garrison

This week we will continue to visit the high schools in Columbus, GA.  Our intentions are to inform the students of the Summer Youth Program with the American Red Cross this upcoming summer. I am really looking forward to visiting with Chattahoochee High,

Chattahoochee County High School

and Northside High this week.


Northside asked if we would come out and speak with some of the classes for the entire day. I am really looking forward to doing this because I will be able to brush up on my presentation skills some more. One of the many skills I have enjoyed perfecting during my internship with Ms. Walton at Services to the Armed Forces, Red Cross division on Fort Benning is my ability to efficiently deliver speeches. I have been debating whether or not I should put together a brief power point presentation to use during the classroom presentations.  Even though I have a foldable billboard to use as a visual effect I’m pretty sure all my professors would say I should definitely do so.


Red Cross-Marketing meet Communication-Jo Garrison

As mentioned in previous post for the next couple of weeks I have been tasked with presenting information to youths at the local high schools. We are informing them of the upcoming Summer Youth Program. Recently, while searching for local jobs in the Columbus area, I noticed that a lot of marketing employees hire communication majors as well. I find this information useful because I was able to get the opportunity to see how marketing and communication go hand in hand. I enjoy events and promotions and being at the high schools to hand out information reminded me of my marketing career before switching to communication studies. Interacting with the youth of our community with the intentions to inspire them to do great things is a very exhilarating experience. At the local high schools we were able to collaborate with soldiers who volunteer and showing the youth how much the Red Cross impacts the military has been a great feeling. –Jo Garrison

SYP Hardaway High garrison_jo 2 garrison_jo 3

Learning from Mistakes – Moe’s Original BBQ – Elizabeth Strickland

This past Saturday, we had our second band playing live music on the deck. I honestly didn’t know what to expect. The days are still fluctuating, one day will be really busy, and the next day is not. Saturdays however, have been extremely busy and steady. Besides announcing the event through Facebook, posting it on the marque, and telling everyone that would sit long enough, I didn’t know how else to promote the event. I was crossing my fingers and counting on our Saturday crowd to show up and support the band. The band showed up, but a crowd did not. I instantly felt responsible for the lack of attendees. I knew I hadn’t done enough promoting and marketing to get the outcome we had hoped for. From the beginning I knew the purpose of an internship was to learn and grow, but I didn’t realize their would be so much trial and error along the way.

Rolling In The Hay from Birmingham, Al!

Rolling In The Hay from Birmingham, Al!

Since realizing I could and should have done more to promote the event, I now know what I will do in the future to get such events noticed by the public. The first being, contact the local radio station, whom we have good relations with already, to promote the event which both locals and tourists will hear. Secondly, make the chamber aware of our events so they can let both tourists and locals know where the fun and good food is at! I have defiantly noticed the power of word-of-mouth throughout our community.

A lot of Moe's leave chalk out so guest can write sweet messages such as this one for all to see!

A lot of Moe’s leave chalk out so guest can write sweet messages such as this one for all to see!

Getting my bearings will come sooner than later and I know I will not make the same mistakes twice!

Moe's is known for their delicious daily side specials!

Moe’s is known for their delicious daily side specials!


Being Prepared – Moe’s Original BBQ – Elizabeth Strickland

We all know being prepared is the overall goal in our daily school and work life, but sometimes it’s hard to fully accomplish. This coming week, the 16th annual Thunder Beach Bike Rally is beginning and I have very high hopes for an extremely busy week. We have been told  to buckle down and prepare to be engrossed with hungry bikers. We have been working with promoters and biking magazines to make sure Moe’s Original BBQ is both seen and heard! It is my responsibly to make sure the staff is prepared, the restaurant is in check, and proper orders are in place to make the week a success, hoping to avoid mayhem. I am looking forward to this next challenge, being that it is my first opportunity to fully implement everything I have been learning over the past few months. I not only want to prove to myself I can complete such a task, but I also want to make Moe’s, the owners, and the CSU Communication internship program proud as well. I am viewing the week long rally as if it were an event Moe’s was putting on themselves.

A busy day preparing for the week ahead!

A busy day preparing for the week ahead!

I know I’ve brought up several great reviews Moe’s has received over the course of our internships, but I can’t help but to share with you all this extremely rewarding review by USA TODAY!


We better prepare a lot of these award winning ribs for all our bikers next week!

We better prepare a lot of these award winning ribs for all our bikers next week!

Thankfully, we have again been named top 10 best barbecue chains in America!


As the end of our fiscal year is approaching, we are prepping for our annual letter campaign. Each year we send out close to 600 letters to former and potential donors to assist with annual operation costs.  BGCCV only charges $20 per child for after-school care, when actual cost runs close to $1,000 per child. By doing this, children in less fortunate situations are given the opportunity to be in the care of trained staff, peers and in a safe environment.


I prepared the letter last month in efforts to focus on the smaller things that go along with the letter. I also created the template for a small informative card that goes with the letter. The card contained two of our club members and their success stories in the club.  Once the card was completed and sent to the printer, the real work began.  As much as one may try to avoid “stuffing envelopes”, its goes with the job. Therefore, I have been adding all the contents for the letter campaign to envelopes this week. As always its worth it when working for non-profits. Once I seal that last envelope I’m quickly reminded that the hard work helped open the door to another GREAT FUTURE  for a child in our clubs. What’s more rewarding than that?

Finishing What I Started – NPACE – Leonard Hood

This week has been busier than most of the others. All the projects I started at the beginning of the semester are almost finished up and graduation is only a few weeks away. I am anxious for graduation but I also feel like I am losing a little bit because soon my internship will be over. I’ve been exposed to so many new things and I had the opportunity to get involved in many projects I would never have been able to do on my own. Even besides all the cameras and editing equipment, the people I met this semester will be the most missed. I was blessed enough to work with so many talented people and make good connections for projects we may decide to do together in the future. Interning in NPACE has not only showed me what I am capable of, but it has given me ideas for projects I will work on for myself in the future. So in these next few weeks as I finish what I started, I will constantly remind myself that this is only the beginning of a bigger journey. I’ve grown in multiple areas. I’ve done a lot of work with audio production before even coming to NPACE, but every time I was in the radio room or editing something on Audition, I ended up learning something new. I enjoyed filming growing up but nothing I produced was really professional quality. I feel I have learned what it takes to produce something worth paying attention to.  I appreciate the fact that my time interning was spent engaging in things I actually enjoyed doing. All that practice adds up.


Time Management- Symone Grady- The Chamber

Last week my supervisor hired an assistant, Maggie Reese. Maggie Reese graduated from CSU last May, and is a pleasure to work with. However, now  I am working for two people instead of one. At this crucial time, I find it very important to manage my time effectively. 
Working directly for two people can be  a difficult task. I find myself getting assigned one task and then moments later getting assigned a completely different task by the other person. In order for me to get both tasks done in a timely manner, I have to work efficiently and manage my time.
I have come up with several tips for managing one’s time.
#1 Get organized.
How can you expect to get anything done if you don’t have your assignments organized? Use time saving tools such as appointment calendars, “to do” lists,  file folders, etc. By doing this, you will not waste time simply trying to figure out where an assignment is or when it is due. You should also maintain an organized and clean workplace. 
#2 Plan Ahead
This can be done by having a calendar or planner on hand so that you can record assignments or appointments as you get them. In order to effectively plan ahead, you must predict how long each assignment or appointment will take for you to complete (do this before taking on the assignment). This will keep you from biting off more than you can chew, and over working yourself. This will also help you effectively divide your time up so that you will have enough time to complete tasks.
#3 Prioritize your tasks
The most important tasks, should be placed at the top of your lists since you will want to take your time with these projects to ensure that they are done to the best of your ability. Less important tasks should follow.
#4 Multi-task 
Finding ways to multi-task and combine commitments can help you best utilize your time. Although multi-tasking can be a time saver- try not to juggle too many things at once or you may find yourself “dropping the ball.” It also helps to multi-task with things that are somewhat related or similar to one another.
#5 Avoid Overload
In essence, do not procrastinate. We all have times when we don’t feel like doing something at a particular time, but it still needs to get done; better now that later. One thing that you can do to help ease the temptation of procrastination is to work on an assignment a little bit at a time. Dedicate a certain amount of time where you work on the assignment, and when that time is up move on to something else. Be sure that you plan out exactly how long the assignment will take so you will know how much time you need to allot yourself each day!
#6 Be Flexible
Life is unpredictable and at times, things just happen! As employees, we need to be able to adapt and work these things into our schedules. Know how to rearrange your schedule when necessary. 


The Blogosphere- Columbus Area Habitat for Humanity- Anna Justice

I could not have asked for a more perfect internship. At Columbus Area Habitat, assisting Laura Ann Mann (Resource Development Manager) with fundraising, blogging, and community engagement and relationships is what I love doing.

This week, I created a Facebook event for our fundraiser coming up on May 8 and added a blog to the event page this week.  Laura Ann suggested that by posting the blog in the event page,  we may be able to generate more traffic to our blog on a consistent basis. Learning about social media, specifically blogging, is so critical in Communication.

Being able to blog at Habitat has been a wonderful learning experience for me, and it’s been corresponding with what I’m learning in my courses perfectly. In my Writing for the Media course, we’ve been talking about so many different tactics and do’s and don’ts of blogging, and I’ve been trying to use this time at Habitat to really practice what I’ve been learning.

Also, when we have great companies come out and volunteer on the job site, we try to reach out to them through social media thanking them for their time and effort! After all, without volunteer work, Habitat would not be able to accomplish its mission. I posted several pictures of B&B Beverage Co. on Facebook thanking them for all their hard work. We were able to get so much done thanks to them!



VIPs can result in free PR – US Army – Michael Molinaro

This past week Randy Couture, the former heavyweight champion in the UFC and one of the forefathers of mixed martial arts, stopped by the unit to spend the day with the soldiers and get to know what they do on a daily basis. They explained the unit’s unique and complex mission, and then gave him a tour of the shop and some ranges.


Then they let him shoot with some Olympians and national champions.


He was very cool and so honored to meet some of our country’s finest soldiers. And they were just as honored to meet him. Over the last few years these guys said they hosted Ryan Newman, a NASCAR driver; Newt Gingrich; several baseball and football players; and other VIPs. What I learned is when VIPs visit you throw out the red carpet for them because they can help spread the word about your organization and give you good, free PR. That’s a good day in my book.