Editing, Editing, Editing


I’ve learned so much about editing and Final Cut Pro this semester interning at NPACE and taking Video Production I with Chris Robinson, director of NPACE. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I did video production in high school, so I have shooting and editing experience coming in. Interning at NPACE has only increased my knowledge and hone my skills even more.

Editing The Server has been one of my duties this semester. While editing, my job is to listen for references to video games, movies, books/comic books, or whatever else they talk about and add a logo or interesting picture in. It is slightly harder than it sounds. Not knowing about half of what the hosts talk about, I was having to guess and research what logos and pictures I was using. For example, World of Warcraft apparently made a tribute to Robin Williams in their ‘universe.’ I felt that the topic was important enough to have a picture, so I had to find out what the tribute was, what it looked like, and then had to find a good picture of it to add to the project timeline.

I’ve also learned better shooting techniques. I have definitely learned to frame my shots–head room, lead room, and variety of shots and angles–better and control the lighting and audio more efficiently. I can tell the difference between footage I filmed a year or two ago and now; that’s awesome!

Overall, very productive and educational semester!

iNto Columbus: The Server, Part III

IMG_20141031_094429_702The Server seems to be one of my main internship duties of late. We film every Friday morning, and since Fridays are my main internship days, I generally get a chance to participate.

I took the lead in setting up both of the cameras and audio today since there were only two of us doing the filming. There were only three hosts again, so we set up both cameras and mic-ed up the three guys. Instead of trying to get everyone’s face in both shots, we angled each camera so that we would have full on shots for half the table and profile for the other half. The lighting was simple and already set up; all we had to do was turn it on. The mics were pretty simple until we got to the last wireless lavalier mic. It was very quiet when we did a mic check, so we opted for the wired lavalier, and plugged it right into the camera. It sounded much better. We filmed the three hosts talking about their “nerdy” topics for 30 minutes. It was a pretty easy, stress-free shoot.

After, I got to help edit last week’s episode, adding pictures and logos where necessary. We also fixed the audio, bleeped out any choice words, and made sure the exposure and lighting were okay.

The Server is definitely becoming one of my main jobs at NPACE, but I’m glad. It’s pretty fun and I get to learn new shooting and editing techniques. Oh, and Happy Halloween!


Another day another story….

A closer look at my standup from Edius software

A closer look at my standup from Edius software

Today I had the pleasure of working alongside Tasia. Tasia is one of the producer’s at WTVM and she just began working as a reporter about 4 days ago. She and I got the chance to cover a story today involving the residents that live between Blackmon Road and JR Allen pkwy and the new development of a neighborhood market Walmart. The concern of the residents of that area was that traffic would increase in that area with a  new Wal-Mart and it would make the area less quiet. Tasia and I went out to the area and met up with one of the supporters of a Facebook group called “Say No to Walmart on Blackmon Rd” and we were able to interview her for the 5:00 news show and get her opinion of the new Wal-Mart.

One we got our interview with her, Tasia and I got some b-roll footage of the area and oncoming traffic to include in the story. Once we got our b-roll, we drove around the area to find other residents in the area to interview for our story. We found another subject in a nearby subdivision that was willing to speak in front of the camera and give her opinion on how she felt about the new Wal-Mart. Once done with that particular interview, Tasia and I set-up for our standup in front of the camera. After a couple takes I finally got my take right and we went back to the station where we begin editing our package. As usual, it was a great experience working soo close to the reporters and learning more about their craft and what it takes to make a successful news package.

Editing my standup from earlier

Editing my standup from earlier

The beginning of the editing  process

The beginning of the editing process

NPACE – Leonard Hood

This will be one of my last weeks being in NPACE considering I will be graduating in 11 days. Looking back, there isn’t anywhere else I would have wanted to intern at besides NPACE. I do not regret the time spent in there because something new was being learned each day. NPACE not only taught me different creating, recording, to editing skills, but it also gave me plenty of hands on experience with it all. I was lucky enough to use equipment I would have never learned about on my own time. Simply because a lot of the equipment was professional and pretty expensive. Only people who are making something professional and know a thing or two about camera settings would even consider paying those prices. I wouldn’t spend that much on cameras and lighting unless I was confident I was going to profit from it. I will always remember the connections I made by being in there as well. I met many students that were in my major who I never had came in contact with before. Since we ended up seeing each other everyday, we all formed stronger bonds and some became friends. NPACE showed me how much talent was walking around in my own neighborhood. All the projects I started on are finished and now I just have to focus on my classes for these next few days. After school I plan on using the skills I practiced in NPACE. Even if I don’t get a job in the communication field, I will still be keeping up with the technology and getting better. Not to finally land a communication job, but to someday create some of my own.

Doing the background work on PSA's

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Time to Edit – NPACE – Leonard Hood

Interning this week has made me slow down and focus a lot. Everyday has been spent editing the video footage that has been recorded over the past couple of weeks. I am almost finished editing a video for the Color Me Rad event that took place. I am also editing the “History Now” skit that was performed last week at the theater. Even though editing can be time consuming and tedious, the more time I continue to put into it, the more new things I’ve been learning about Final Cut Pro. In between editing, I have been helping other students film their projects and TV shows.



Danielle Washington – Behind the Scenes

Production!! Production!! Production!! It can be real fast pace behind the scenes and I was thrilled to watch how a show comes together. After an interesting day of reporting with Curtis he gave me an assignment. This assignment was to sit in with the producers of the shows to fully understand how a show functions. The producer’s job is definitely a handful because they have to manage the scripts and control every minute of the show. As I sat back with Jessica who is one of the producers at Wtvm she really showed me the ropes of producing. There are many parts that go along with getting news broadcasts to the viewers and I was so happy to be able to learn about this intricate process.

Jessica gives cues to the anchors and she also tells them of any changes that need to be made in the show. So one must always run a tight ship in order to make sure a show goes smoothly. The anchors also have to be well prepared and familiar with the news they are presenting on air because there is no room for error when going live. I was amazed as I sat in the control room and watched the news from a completely different perspective. It was truly eye opening to watch the transitioning from the green screen to the live shots and I loved every minute of it.

The production team is so wonderful and I gained a greater respect for producers because their task is a very important part of the news cast because they develop the topics that are major issues in the world and community. They also have to be prepared to rearrange shows due to breaking news or to a great story that a reporter wants to cover that will impact the community. Just to sit in the control room I realized that Wtvm operates in strong team work. I also realized that all the elements from behind the scenes producing to anchoring fits together perfectly to render Wtvm as the number one TV station in Columbus Georgia.

Production jessica Control Room Behind the Scenes

Hudson Thompson – Learning the Ropes

It’s my third week in here at the WCJM, The Bull. Some interesting things came up this week. The man who is teaching me everything I need to know to be able to function at a radio station, “Gator” talked to Cindy Lauper about her upcoming show on Women’s Entertainment. It was a conversation I was able to listen in on, which was fun and it was interesting to see how he conducted a radio interview.

This is Gator doing the interview…

This week, I was able to help out with the editing and cutting down the phone interview into something we could put on the air.


We did this with editing software, and it was fun to compress a 7-10 minute long conversation into a 1 minute “news story”!

Another thing I got to play around with was dubbing in commercials. I would take commercials that are needed to be put on the air from the computer  and put them into the system (that in turn plays whatever on the air). It is my job to make sure the levels are all correct. You do not want a commercial turned down really low, then the next commercial blowing up people’s car speakers.

I am still working on converting the CD’s to digital music with the station in the back. Hopefully I will be able to wrap that up in a few weeks.