Mashaya Parks

Curtain Call Collectibles

The last shop that I work at on Main Street is called Curtain Call Collectibles. This store is before you get to the box office and photo pass area. In this store we have a princess area and a Mickey and Minnie Mouse area. In the princess area there are costumes of some of the princesses and their accessories to match. We have Princess Merida, Snow White, Anna and Elsa, Belle, Cinderella and Tinkerbell. What makes this area so special is that after the meet greet with Tinkerbell in Town Square Theater, the exit is directly through our store so they come out all excited wanting to be in a costume. They can also design their own custom charm bracelets or necklaces in the create your own bracelet section.

On the Mickey and Minnie Mouse side, there is every thing Mickey and Minnie from pillow pets and large plush, to pens and clothes for little kids. After kids leave Magic with Mickey and come through are store they get so excited and run straight to the display that we have of big Mickeys. It is the cutest thing ever. I even seen some adults come out crying because they were so excited.

In this store we also have a few hats just in case guests do not want to go to Chapeau and get one and they can also get them customized in Curtain Call Collectibles. In the store we recently added Disney Tsum Tsum. I honestly do not understand what they really are and what makes them so great but guests love them so that is all that matters.

My favorite part about working here is that Snow White does her meet and greets right outside our door in the front so I am able to see her interact with the little princesses and how happy they look when meeting her.

Brandon Moe

This week was all about the WCUG launch and promoting it. The launch is happening in just about 2-3 weeks & we had to get word about it. It was also another week of meetings and making voice tracks, the usual. I think it was a 2 week process. It continues after this week but I think one of the main ways to promote has started. More meetings will be needed and we also got a new snapchat for the station.


Louis Sanville

Internship Blog #10

Wow, the semester is literally almost over. I’m buried in so much work, not to mention the work from my other courses. There are some other things that I wanted to learn before the semester was out. Sometimes, I feel like I might be getting a migraine just thinking about it. Well, I guess that nothing beats getting it over with, right? This past Friday was quiet, which got me more time to focus on the work.

I guess I could say that I’m almost done with the British rock lyrics list. At this point, I’m just looking at the lyrics through and not listening to the song entirely, just to save myself sometime. I was able to get things done faster that way, but I can’t help but to feel a little lazy. Again, its three pages worth of songs that I have to look over. So, I guess you couldn’t blame me for taking a short cut. I would take time to look over the songs with lyric website and listen to the songs for anything extra, but that time is something that I can’t afford right now.

It will be two more weeks before the semester ends, and I hope that my work throughout the timeframe would show. From song selection to mixing, there were certain lessons about the radio industry that I took to heart. Hopefully, this experience would help me find a job within radio or in the broadcast industry. Until then, I hope to continue my progress and education on the broadcasting industry, using my experience in WCUG.

Caleb Janney

Week 11

This week required a lot of maintenance on Arena. I had six house churches I had to add to the Arena including their leaders and other general information. I also had a few leaders I had to switch out within current house churches. After updating all of our house church information I compiled our weekly newsletter. This week we had only two main things we were trying to focus on. The first was the young couples dinner that took place on Thursday April 7 and then also the fireside chat that is taking place next Sunday.

For the young couples dinner this week I sent out three different emails through different groups of people within the house church network to communicate the details of the dinner. I was fielding a lot of their RSVP information and updating the Google spreadsheet that I made and shared with the individuals hosting the dinner. I was doing the all the up until 9pm on Wednesday night to which I then closed the registration for the event. In the future I will make sure we create a better way for everyone to RSVP without it having to go directly though me.

For the fireside chats I had to double check our calendar and make sure that we had indeed acquired the space that we will need for the event. I have checked the RSVP for this event isn’t quite where it should be but we are now the week of the event. People tend to respond for events when they are a little bit closer. I plan to send an email each day this week highlighting the event so that we will get the right amount of people that we are hoping for.

Amita Lee

Mother of Rain

This was a great week in my internship. We got to put the final touches on the video for the grant we are trying to get this month and, if I say so myself, it came out great. I am so thankful for the people I work with at Ferst. I have been given an opportunity to make better material because of all the help I have been getting. When this video became something that I could not handle on my own, the CAT team stepped up and gave me help so that we could have something that will be useful and portray what we want them to get from our presentation. We also had a partner with Ferst foundation open the stage adaptation of her book this week at the Springer Opera House. Karen Spears Zacharias opened “Mother of Rain” this week. She has worked with Ferst the last year to make sure that we get the message out about the importance of reading to children when they are young and why she is in support of Ferst so it is great that we get the opportunity to show our support for her and her success.


All in all, this has been a really good week for Ferst!!

Brandi Phillips

Blog – April 10, 2016

Over the weekend, PMB Broadcasting hosted the Frogtown Hollow Jam, a music festival and food carnival. The two-day event took place in Woodruff Park. My responsibility for this was to take a lot of pictures and to update the social media pages for Kissin’ 99.3 and PMB Broadcasting. The weather was perfect, the food was good, and people enjoyed a night under the evening sky. Did I mention they brought a recording artist to perform? Recording artist and country star, Mo Pitney, came to Columbus, GA and performed his hits that you may have heard on the radio. The Frogtown Hollow Jam was a success and I was glad I could help spread the word for it.

Ansley Phillips

Internship Blog Week 10

Like I mentioned in my initial blog, my internship was going to be something different every single time I went into the office. Other than basic office work, there were two main projects I was a part of this week that opened new experiences to me that benefit me in a public relations/marketing aspect.

The first thing I got to be a part of this week was a meeting with Laura Ann Mann who works with the Muscogee County Library to discuss their event in November called “Wine, Women, & Shoes.” This will be the second year that the event is held and they are looking for ways to expand their marketing and public relations to build this event bigger than what it was its first year. Essentially, the fundraiser will consist of different food, wine, clothing, and accessory vendors where patrons can shop and donate to the library. We met with Mann to discuss some ideas for public relations for that event. “Wine, Women, & Shoes” is a national group that host allows different groups to host events under their organization as a fundraiser. It was neat to see all that the “Wine, Women, & Shoes” organization does for the group holding the fundraiser and how they suggest that the event should be ran to be as successful as possible. When choosing to do this event, you are assigned a team from their main office that works with you on designing different print materials, things for social media, etc. They also include a timeline with suggestions of when to have certain tasks done by, like sending save-the-dates, sending formal invitations, and sending out “week of” reminders and e-blasts. It was interesting to see that they already have a plan in tact and just expect you to follow it to a certain extent. They are very organized in passing down information in order to make each event as successful as it could be.

The other cool thing I got to work on this week was developing the guest list for the opening of the “great room” at the Marriot and Houllihan’s in downtown Columbus. Part of Pezold Management Group is Valley Hospitality Services and the Marriot and Houllihan’s downtown are one of their properties. The great room is a new addition to the lobby of the Marriot that will include drink specials and small plate foods during certain hours on weeknights. My task was to help create the guest list for their grand opening.

Raigan Smith

Week of April 3-April 9

This week I continued to learn details of my gained responsibilities. I continued to create and practice digital boards, learn the steps for different publications, and attended a media visit.

The media visit was my favorite thing I did this week! I got to accompany Jessica to see the way the media gets everything they need to craft a story from the interview to B-roll and I even got to be included in this. By that I mean that I was a “patient” in the ER while one of the doctors who was interviewed was “helping me”. It was awesome to not only see the process but also be included in it.

Escorting the media is a very important job of our department. Because of privacy laws, hospitals like Columbus Regional have to be very careful when the media is on campus. Any patient information, actual patients, or any confidential information cannot be videoed. This is where we come in, as the marketing and public relations department. We are to ensure patient confidentiality and make sure the media does not stray from the goal of the shoot.

This week I also learned more about the processes of different publications. Anna made a step-by-step guide to what roles she does so I am able to take them over during the absence of a writer/editor in the department.

Something else I have been able to experience during my time at CRH has been an in-house interview. This was done in our studio. It was with a local EMT about stroke awareness, the topic awareness of May. Nick is making an awareness video for our website and social media so we obtained footage of a local EMT that was generous enough to speak about his experiences dealing with stroke victims. Below is a behind the scenes photo of what I got to experience.


This is a picture of the EMT being interviewed by Jessica while Nick shoots and monitors the video and audio. I got to sit in on the experience and watch the set up of the set, the equipment and watch the interview being conducted. It was an incredible experience.

Raigan Smith

Week of March 27- April 2

This week was a shift in the department dynamic. One of the employees in the department accepted another job and will be leaving at the end of April. With the writer and editor leaving, the department has decided to start to give me more of that responsibility. This week was dedicated to training to do these responsibilities. This week was focused on finalizing the Columbus Regional Medical Group (CRMG) newsletter and digital boards.

The CRMG newsletter is a publication that goes out monthly to all patient’s of CRMG specified doctors. Anna gave me the articles that were sent to her by the doctors and told me other items that are typically added and let me take a stab at creating this from scratch. This included editing the articles sent by the doctors, deciding what corresponding pictures to add, how to format the articles to make the flow make sense, and putting everything together. Overall, it took about two days to complete. It was a great sense of what an average day would be like.

The digital boards are something that I have created but have never put up. This week I was trained and was able to put them up. I was given five different boards to create and place on the boards. The digital board process has many steps involved. First, creating the message on the template for the boards takes time. From the flyer or materials given to me, I had to prioritize what was most important to go on the board. Creating the messaging is a lot like a social media post. It has to be short, sweet, to the point, and also engaging enough for consumers (either patients, employees, or physicians) to respond to the call to action. After creating the board, I have to upload it to the system that is used. Then I have to go to the website designed to uploading the picture from the first system. When at the website, I first use the marketing test board in Anna’s office to make sure the digital board slide I created looked good enough to post to the specified boards. After uploaded, I can choose which boards the slide created goes onto. It is a lengthy process but a necessary one. It was a thrill to learn a new skill that I can add to my resume and discuss. This intern process has been one that has been very rewarding and I know that I can take this into my career when I graduate in December!

Krystal Ketcham



There was a time where I didn’t take criticism well. I use to think criticism was a nicer word for bashing. Interning at WTVM I see the value of criticism.  I realize criticism will only help me grow and perfect my craft. I did an interview yesterday and had someone critique my performance. Their criticism really helped me! Getting someone else’s opinion helps you to see things you would not. Criticism is a learning process , you learn what works and what does not work.