In the world of NPACE

This week has been about photos for me. I’ve been finishing up pictures for the Sports show intro. I’m excited to see the finished result. I wish I hadn’t taken video production so long ago that way Final Cut X would be fresh in my mind. So I’ll leave that task to the pros. I did get to make the layout for it, so I hope that helps whoever gets to make the video.

I’ve also been editing some pictures and freshening up on my photoshop skills. Design and editing are things that I really enjoy, and it’s nice to get see some of the things I have done get put to use.mic

I hope that one day soon, I can show people what I’ve done for NPACE. Every little bit helps!

Hey everyone! My last few days are here and I’m feeling a little bittersweet. Especially since I passed my exit yesterday, things are finally starting to sink in. I was stressed over that for no reason. I’ve had to do presentations way harder than that, so this one felt like a piece of cake. I’ve been applying for “big girl” jobs and its definitely becoming apparent that I don’t have the experience that employers want. If I had been a little more gung-ho about NPACE, I’m sure it wouldn’t be a problem. So take my word….get involved as much as you can.

I’ve been taking a few photos for Matt this past week and working on things in photoshop. This one below is a possible cover photo for the NPACE facebook. It is simple, but alright for a cover photo, don’t ya think? The one I made for the comm dept. page is a bit more eccentric so I’ll wait and see if they decide to use it. Some people have seen me working on my computer in the conference room, and I promise that I’m not just playing around on Facebook or getting lost in the interwebs. I try to learn photoshop through tutorials online. Makes the process a bit easier if you aren’t  that great at photoshop.


Starting over

As I am nearing completion, I still feel like I have so much to do. My internship at Columbus Regional Health ended so I’m trying to do some things at NPACE before my time is up.  One thing I was asked to was to think of some ideas for the cover/profile photos of the NPACE and department’s Facebook pages.  I’ve been playing in photoshop, and I think that I may have some good cover photos. I hope you’ll see them soon!

My next week will include taking tons of pictures. But that is alright with me because that is what I love to do! I will be going to some classes and getting some shots, hopefully here at NPACE of people working and of good ole Columbus.



The end is the beginning

For most, the semester is almost over. My internship is just getting started. I bet you want to know why. Well my internship is with the Columbus Regional Healthcare system’s communication department. When I met with them at the beginning of the semester, they had to do some paperwork with the legal department for me to begin working. Well 3 months later, we found a way around that so I could get started.

Also in the past 2 months, I’ve decided to join the Air Force. So I was faced with the dilemma  of whether or not I should graduate before I leave for basic training or stop after this semester and finish my degree later. Well I found out that I’m only 6 credit hours short of graduation, SO it seems silly to stop now, right? Through the efforts of Dr. McCollough and Dr. Gibson, I’m using some of the extra classes I’ve taken to count for some hours I need so now I just have to finish this internship and take my exit exam then I’m DONE! It feels good but its been a long semester.

So my internship so far is pretty great. The lady I work with is super funny and easy to talk to. Anne deals with a lot of media and marketing so I find it very interesting. We are about to start planning an organ donation event within the next week so I’ll keep everyone posted with that!